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  1. Hahahahaha Its One Hundred One and not one hundred and one!
  2. Counting up from 1, the first number that will use the letter "A" is "thousand"!!
  3. I did see the movie, it was not as bad as you all saying. i kind off liked it.
  4. Merry christmas all..have lods of fun
  5. Thanks Phi..That sounds really intresting[]
  6. @devrimci_kürt: thanks, but that comes under creative writting club. @JohnB: Thanks, but Its a cultural fest not a technical one.
  7. I have to submit a manifestio for the cultural fest organised by our college as beeing the cultural deparment head. I wished to do something unusual apart from the regular stuff which we have beeing doing from past many years. Can you all sugesst me some events which i can add. Its a Engineering college's cultural festival. The events that i have already put in the manifestio are: 1. Main Activities · Debating society · Painting club · Photography club · Dance club · Music club Ø Vocal music Ø Instrumental music · Creative writ
  8. I was recently working on a light sensing robot. Some how i managed to come up with it. I programed the robot with following program. I just wanted to know if there is some better way of doing the same, or is it fine when it comes on good programming. #define F_CPU 12000000UL // define cpu frequency for delay function #include <avr/io.h> // includes input/output header file #include <util/delay.h> // includes delay header file //#include"lcd.h" //#include"lcd.c" /* Program for Line follower */ //*************************************************************************
  9. I'm finially done with "Two states" n started "lost symbols".will soon start a book on Robotics, but still confused on which one to take as it will be the first time i'll be reading a book on that topic. so any suggestion??
  10. nothing as such. It was working really nicely. I restarted my computer because it was hanging on so much and after that it din't work.
  11. I have chrome, but how do I replace nssutil3.dil?
  12. When i open my Firefox, it gives me an error "Entry Point Not Found" followed by "The procedure entry NSS_GetAlgorithmPolicy could not be located in the dynamic link library nssutil3.dll." How can i fix the problem?
  13. I have two semester this academic year.It will include Semester-1 Engineering Mathematics-I Basic Mechanical Engineering Environmental & Civil Engineering Applied Sciences-I (Physics, Chemistry) Engineering Graphics Basic Electrical Engineering Communication Skill (English / French) Elements of IT Workshop Practice-I Semester-2 Engineering Mathematics-II Engineering Mechanics Basic Electronics Engineering Applied Science-II (Physics, Chemistry)
  14. those were nice questions. pretty thing was best. I guess answer of this question should help me. which field has more money in it?
  15. If i go for engineering it will be for avonical engineering.I got 150/170 in test for aptitude for architecture and 180/200 in engineering exam.
  16. I have to join college for my higher education. I gave exams for both architecture and engineering colleges. Luckily I'm getting scholarship in both the fields and that too from the most reputed institutes of India.I'm just too confused about what should i do. Can someone guide me on this?
  17. I'm bored because I have nothing to do!
  18. I cleared the engineering exam that too with scholarship...what can be better than that?
  19. I don't have any best moment rather I don't even have good moment of the day! I messed up my AIEEE paper(Its for admission in national institute of technology)! I did all kind of stupid mistakes( like 2*6=8 and what not!) and now because of my idoitism i'm getting hardly any marks! i worked so hard for it whole year and now what i get is nothing!
  20. thanks for the reputation point ;)

  21. Hot winters... interesting:rolleyes:
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