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  1. we have more sever winters and we get only 1 week holiday that too followed by exams! I'm loving Brazil for this:D
  2. we just have 4 weeks holiday in summers, and 1 week for winters, and few( I really mean few) on major festivals (and they are not more than 5-6 put together).
  3. that's my brother's daughter and she is just 10 hours in this picture..she is shooo sweet.:P


    How are you doing dear??:)

  4. I was just wondering that why doctor's work is known as "practice"?
  5. Any one has read "The name of rose" by Umberto Eco? I just wanted to know how is it? I saw it in library, should I read it?I have heard it has lot of semiotics stuff in it.
  6. naaa..leaving it is better:-p
  7. I'm over with my high school..what can be better than that?
  8. "Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt".
  9. I prefer phpBB as it is user-friendly.
  10. Until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds in the world (Source: Gemological Institute of America).
  11. Good night dear, I'm going off to sleep now.

    Get well soon:)

  12. I did my JOB!! Din't I?xD

  13. all i'll say is

    "people please drop some messages as you browse this chap's profile..He loves them(rather wants them)" ;)

  14. from where do you get all these eyes from?:)They are simply awesome!

  15. cold or fever? take rest instead of sitting on your favourite forum;)

    Get well soon

  16. i'm great!

    so how's your school going?

  17. Y every one's poking me these days?LOL

    how are you dear?

  18. Another multicoloured eye!!which nebula is this?:rolleyes:

  19. the picture is not very clear though,but something like this. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged
  20. Yesterday as I was walking during night, though it was cloudy,I saw that a perfect circle of clear sky formed around the moon.I was wondering that if that is some physical phenomenon or just coincidence?
  21. Oh man..thanks for poking me;)

    how are you?

  22. Bravo...titles like this one do catch attention...
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