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  1. Thanks for accepting ;)

  2. i was awarded title "miss simplicity"!!!!!!!!!! unexpected and shocking!
  3. can you list few institutes which offer astrophysics after school..\/ i mean at undrgraduate level.
  4. i dint find sfn in my network list. which network should join then? IRCnet?
  5. Net reactance at resonance will be zero. X=Xl-Xc=0 i.e; circuit will be resistive and there will be no phase difference between voltage and current. => [math]\phi[/math]=0
  6. If aliens were to visit earth, they'll at least not kidnap me! so what ever they would do be fun...at least no researches
  7. when are you online on msn?

  8. astronomy???????????????gosh! what are your subject combinations????????/ chemistry gradu studying astronomy is weired!

  9. long time no see?

    how are you doing?

  10. I din't get that. I'm talking about collages in India.
  11. I'm giving exams for admission in collages.I'm not able to decide whether i should go for collages offering masters in science(Msc.) or bachelor's of technology. I want to take up astrophysics as my career, so which one will be a better way to reach my destination?
  12. Blue works great but Black can be another choice
  13. "book worm" and me are not even close to each other.I love to be away from books as much as possible.chemistry and rest are just necessity.

  14. nothing else could strike my mind. I can't even think of thinking!
  15. instead of searching online if you try to concentrate a bit that can give you answers...i think all are easy but i dint get the last one.and if you are not able to get them just rewrite the keywords on Google...i tried you get answers that way also;)
  16. as you have been given limited space and have to use same for maximum profit,therefore it is a maximization problem.I think its enough hint to solve the problem.
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