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  1. a tree stands vertically on the bank of the river. from a point on the other bank directly opposite to the tree, the angle of elevation of the top of the tree is theta.from a point x meters behind this point on the same bank, the angle of elevation is 30.find the hight of the tree and width of the river. pls try solving:confused:
  2. what does these line mean? "child is the father of man"
  3. i went through it again i got a better understanding of it now thnx 4 taking pains, pls post more questions like this.they r very intresting!
  4. very funny.how do u know that moon is she?
  5. hi! moon is going away 4m earth!a time will come when there will be no moon revolving around earth.how strange?isint it? can any one explain what will be harmfull effects of that? i know only one that is we'll not have any tides! pls rply:-)
  6. discover india on discovery channel
  7. everyone at ur home, ur frnds call u cloud mi right?
  8. ur right most probley, im not sure but its some where around that only.
  9. according to u what is the population of india?
  10. chitrangda


    udita u blame pakistan 4 every thing. i know pakistn is playing the role of a devil just because it wants kashmir which is not its part, is killing many people on the border. i can understand ur feelings abt pak but take it pakistanis have same feelings 4 us, 4 we indians.
  11. who told u that people have 6-8+ children in india.? u r talking abt may be a century old realty which is only a nightmare now. only 12 to 15% population is below poverty line not whole country.
  12. when u hold a magnet freely it points to wards the north.this is because earths south is what we call as north and north is what we call as south. we know that opp poles attract and alike poles reppel each other.hence south of the earth attracts the north pole of the magnet and vise versa
  13. light travels in straight line. when u see any straight object from front u can c it where as the angle change with side viewing simmilar is the case with light.
  14. venus will not take much time to drop ot its temp even though it has huge no of greenhouse gases venus will be cold planet within few mints only not days or years.
  15. it wil start droping after 8 mints. day wil be no more life will be destroyed.
  16. im 4m jammu. nice to meet u. ur name?
  17. any body seen india??????? or 4m india?
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