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  1. oh yeah! i have progressed!
  2. Its just a matter of saying! I always wished that school should blast of so that we could get hollidays>:D but now when i'm home i'm growing waky!:mad:hmmmmmmmm Japanese sounds interesting! and if im not wrong then the languages you know are english and portugueses:D

  3. so is it that when some one gives you reputation points the satus changes....or i should say improves;). whos Sadako Yamamura?someone fictious?
  4. chitrangda


    hey all, i was wondering that their are green boxes which in my case say i'm a decent person.Different users have different status.how is this done?
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acid_dissociation_constant#pKa_of_some_common_substances it has some pKa values of common substances but not of tetrahydrofuran. I could't find that.
  6. que devo eu dizer?:eyebrow:

  7. it only sounds so good...its worst to experince!just imagine that you are house arrest for 3 months and then ask your self how good it will be!

    I know approximately six languages,one of them is Portuguese. The building that you asked for is "vijay joti" ; this means that it is a tribute to all those that had given there life's for the country. It has a flame that it burns 24X7.names of ppl who have sacrifiesed their lifes in war between India and pakistan

  8. why don't you try doing. but i think not a good amout of charge will be produced. what is the size of metlic strip?
  9. capacity depends upon the conductivity of metal but you can use any metal
  10. survay about religon..sounds really interseting. i do get a bit of portuguese.but not the tipical words.life's really out of course here..no school scince past 3 months is making me crazzy!

  11. But cookies are itself deleted when i log out...dont they?
  12. Songs were really great...i loved it though i din't get them completly. 2nd one really rocks!

    Whats happning in life these days??/

    what do you mean by ALALA??:eyebrow:

  13. "Since GPS signals at terrestrial receivers tend to be relatively weak, it is easy for other sources of electromagnetic radiation to desensitize the receiver, making acquiring and tracking the satellite signals difficult or impossible. Solar flares are one such naturally occurring emission with the potential to degrade GPS reception, and their impact can affect reception over the half of the Earth facing the sun. GPS signals can also be interfered with by naturally occurring geomagnetic storms, predominantly found near the poles of the Earth's magnetic field.[44] GPS signals are also subje
  14. hello. this is chitrangda beter known as book worm. peculier dp.

  15. general term reffers to an common expression used. middle term reffers to the centric term for a particular expression. reffer this for greater explanition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binomial_theorem
  16. Is it true that Proxima centauri is often called Alpha centauri? an't they different stars?
  17. yes, i'll surly do that>.But dont you ppl think that it will effect the base transmition?
  18. Even we do have technology week as per as he same pattern.what's indie,Klaxons and CSS? i'm totally clue less about it!Do send me few song links of these i'll love to listenNopes i havent been lucky enough to go abroad but i'll surly do. I'm sending you links of few hindi songs(I know you'll not even get a single word but do listen them they are really cool).




  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random-access_memory
  20. chitrangda


    To all, I was just wondering that if there is an earthquake in an area and a plane is flying over it.Will earthquake have any effect on the plane?
  21. after every 5-10 min i have to relogin. Its really irretating:mad:
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