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  1. well we have 2 grades in high school and im in 2nd one..the last. I'll be in collage in the next year{hopefully:)} Chemistry Technician school sounds really interesting..would you brief me about it. i would love to know.I love to read novels esp. by Dan Brown(Deception Point is my favrt) more over i love to read about space science. Music is my life, i really can't spend my time without it.i love to listen Rap, Alternative Rock by Green Day,Sufi songs and soft romantic hindi songs.

  2. hope it helps http://www.pepperjoe.com/sauces/
  3. Try understanding this: let us take a simple 2*2 matrix. [1 2] [3 4] [5 6] [7 8] Now according to the kronecker product we have to multiply: {For first coioum of new matrix} 1)first element of first matrix with the first element of second matrix then the first element of first element with the second element of second matrixi.i.e;1*3 then 1*4. 2)second element of first matrix with the frist element of second matrix then the second element of first element with the second element of second matrix.i.e; 2*3 and 2*4. {for second coloum of the new matrix} 3)now the first e
  4. I'm in high school..12th grade. what abou you..mr decent(lol)

  5. Raksha Bandhan is festival observered in India as a day of togetherness. Sisters tie rakhi(thread) on the arms of their brother for their long and succesful life,studens tie it on teacher's arm for their contribution in theirs lifes. Its a festival of togetherness and love ment for all to enjoy. We also fly kites to celebrate.Its a great day, you should celebrate it...it really enjoyable..
  6. hey guys..happy raksha bandhan to all:-) love chitrangda
  7. so mr. decent pleased to meet you too...thnx 4 complemnting my pics...

  8. chitrangda


    i was working on a project releating extraction of soy milk and its comparision with milk..i really tried to search of their common properties but failed to know some...i wanted to know abt chemical structure of soy and cow's milk.
  9. well pictures are great! i like the one called I'm dead.nyhow you are shoooo sweet.

  10. chitrangda


    what's the best thing that you like about your country?
  11. got caradiac arrest 1yr back..cant really forget that
  12. hey u become a scientist...yeppy..thats kool

  13. so then whom do ya like?

  14. dint get u. im an indian i live in india and hope jammu dosent come in pok...

  15. c++ has runied my summer break..and still my program ant working.
  16. chitrangda


    can any one let me know the chemical properties of cow and soy milk.
  17. chitrangda


    i have uploaded my dogs pics pls tell me howz she... http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/album.php?albumid=23
  18. yeah,kinda crazy abt him...wanna meet him some day.so nice to know that ur so keen to get urself educated at such a higher level.im in 12 grade frm non medical stream(pcmc)and im 4m jammu...

  19. chitrangda


    oh gosh!you can start a zoo at your place! i owned a quale...but now few ants...
  20. chitrangda


    which all pets do you own???
  21. chitrangda

    Music ;D

    green day,akon,u 2,ln'k park,and lods of hindi songs..
  22. nothing else came to my mind at that time!
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