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  1. Klingon is native to which place?
  2. कोई नहीं बोलता हिन्दी
  3. english,hindi,urdu & Portuguese
  4. But the future of the slum is uncertain. The government has provisionally approved a plan called 'Vision Mumbai' -- to create a world-class city by 2013. But internationally renowned architect Charles Correa, who has worked in the city for 50 years, says: 'There's very little vision with this plan. They're more like hallucinations.' Demolition work has begun and police are forcing out inhabitants, leaving thousands homeless. Author and architect Neera Adarkar is among hundreds of activists who see Vision Mumbai as impractical and inhumane because it ignores both the industry and hope of the sl
  5. If you have the patience to look closer, you will find here one of the most inspiring economic models in Asia. Dharavi may be one of the world's largest slums, but it is by far its most prosperous -- a thriving business centre propelled by thousands of micro-entrepreneurs who have created an invaluable industry -- turning around the discarded waste of Mumbai's 19 million citizens. A new estimate by economists of the output of the slum is as impressive as it seems improbable: £700m a year!
  6. remade my program but still not working.. #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<process.h> class airline { char flightname[30]; int flightno[30]; public: void inter(); void domes(); void inter_print(); void domes_print(); void air_cancel(); }; struct date { int day_no; char month[30]; int year; char day[30]; }d1; void airline::inter() { int a,n,i,j,ch,ad,age[30],a1,a2,b; char name[30]; char monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday,sunday; cout<<"\n"; cout<&l
  7. hello Riogho what do you do?

  8. hello every one this is chitrangda and im from india
  9. no dharavi is still the biggest Orangi is Asia's largest squatter settlement.recently i visited dharvi n really got suprised!
  10. sure. why not.

    i'll be really welcomed.

  11. Dharavi, Asia's Largest Slum. what is the frist thing that comes to your mind when you read some thing like this?
  12. hope this helps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IUPAC_nomenclature_of_organic_chemistry
  13. i experience pain in my chest with rear numness in my left arm followed by anzyity. i got my ecg done but no problem was there
  14. Is it allways important that chest pain is releated to heart related problems??????
  15. can nyone tell me that which disease has following symptoms? pain in left chest,left arm becomes num some times and high b.p...
  16. The end is near countdown has begun plan the next 4 years of life may it be an happy ending................................. ....................................... view this link http://www.greatdreams.com/2012.htm http://www.astro.uu.nl/~strous/AA/en/2012.html
  17. its biography of shahrukh kan.
  18. to find amperage of 5 caps lined up in parallel find the total capacity of the system...say you have five cap of c capacity the net cap will be 5c.now say u are supplying 250v to it. find the total charge(q=cv) and differentiate w.r.t time you will get amperage. amperage of a charged cap: differentiate following equation w.r.t time Q=EC (1-e-t/cr) colored text is in power. here t is time E is battery emf C is capacitance r is the resistance of the battery and connecting battery taken together.
  19. any one read "still reading khan"??
  20. when i book any ticket say ticket no. 1 from first class, then i want that next time when user runs the program, ticket no. 1 should not be dispayed as unreserved. i'm really not getting how to do that. please help me to fix this problem. can you also tell me that how to insert graphics in c++??? please give the procedure.
  21. :confused:please help me out...i was working on a c++ programming on air ticket reservation but its not working properly...please tell me where im wrong and how to make it better.. #include <string> #include <iostream> int main() { int c, s[10]; int i, j; string name; cout << "Welcome to Airline Reservations System!\n"; cout << "Please enter your name: "; getline(cin,name); cout << "Choose a class: "; cin >> c; for (j=0; j<10; j++) switch© { case 1: cout << "First class" << endl; cout <
  22. well i got 17 right before i saw the answers...i probly think that few answers are ment for americians!
  23. well you might be correct! here the link... http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Big.../9780007162208 forgot to give it before.
  24. im sorry for not mentioning the link it actually went out of my head at that time...im extremly sorry for that no offence ment.
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