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  1. feel free to praise about me :D India is indeed a great place..

  2. I don't really believe in rebirth, but according to Astrological horoscope, i was a female lion
  3. I'm being shameless! Will i ever get those 29 points?
  4. YT2095 has 29.:rolleyes:Don't you feel like distributing it sometimes?
  5. Thank you for the friendship request :)

    hope every things going well at your side

  6. Ahaaa i did change that...thank you:D
  7. In Utah, daylight must be visible between dancing couples. Reference
  8. I was wondering which member in this Forum has highest reputation Power? I guess 24 is highest with Sayonara³.
  9. i did update java but it din't help as Java & JavaScript are totally different A Childs Mind : Firefox is also no supporting that web page.
  10. I agree, "having Sex" is not same in all countries, especially in east. In my country its not at all acceptable to have sex before marriage but teens do have it!( and govt. is taking efforts to to encourage condoms and birth control pills). But i think some religions demand Virginity. At least Muslims and Hindu religions do.
  11. I'm using Google chrome.I have to access a web page but it say " This application uses JavaScript Please make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.To enable JavaScript goto: Tools>>InternetOptions>>Security>>Custom Level. Scroll down until you see section labeled 'Scripting' Under 'Active Scripting', select 'Enable' and click OK. Click refresh and do the registration again." But there is no checkbox there to enable Java, only a button to config Google Gears. Any advices on this?
  12. bom dia!!!!!!!!

  13. oh my god! best use of school Pc being done by Mr. decent!..LOL

    I'm all fine. nothing much on my side...sorry for replying late, i wasn't on my PC. sorry.

  14. your new avatar..it looks like an multicolored eye..LOL...

  15. maths is all about how well you can make one crazy!
  16. Beautiful pictures..Amazing...i have not got such clear pictures till date!
  17. hello,

    nice display picture..really lovely

  18. my password is simple "********************". I have used it everywhere..It has every thing from numbers to capital letters and small letters and special characters:D
  19. click on the [math]\sum[/math] sign while you type the reply."Latex reference" will open. do what so ever from there.
  20. I'm the only female in my astrophysics research lab and just 5 of us in total institution!
  21. my exams ended today,after 3 month long period and i have at least 29 days before another set of exams to start!yeppy!
  22. i din't work much on my chemistry exam, did only few topics for my exams and how lucky i got! Got only those topic which i had done!
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