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  1. Lods of work responsibility on your shoulders!:rolleyes:.well i need to perpare 32 units i comming next 3 days Just in maths!I don't know how to do all that.....:doh:my integral calculs is completely left includeing its applications.... just 2 days after i have my physics exam...39 units to do....i'm yet to start my advance physics.:-(

    Anna is learing to play guitar????????Whow...i wish she teaches me when she completely done with it!;)

    Do you know any instrument?i know flute & piano.I want to learn violin..

    hope you get time reply :D

  2. sorry to vanish away. My exams are on and will end after march next year....i have consecutive exams till then.complete textbooks and all practicals....

    i just have no time at all...but i promise ill keep replying to your messages:)ill take out time for that atleast once a weak.promise.

  3. my complete program now works(though i worked on it in tits and bits!) #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<process.h> #include<fstream.h> #include<string.h> int ad=0,ch=0,a2,flight,flag=0,tage,tticketno=200; char tname[30]; class airline { char name[30]; int age; unsigned long int basic,fuel,travelling,total; char flightname[30],flightno[30]; char orgin[30],destination[30],tclass[20]; public: int dd,mm,yyyy,ticketno; void datainput(); void dataprocessing(); void datadisplay(); void menu(); void findlastticketno(); void ticketcancel(); } item; struct date { int day_no; int month; int year; } d1; void airline::menu() { clrscr(); cout<<"WELCOME TO CIS RESERVATION CENTER\n"; cout<<"\n MENU\n"; cout<<"1: TICKET BOOKING\n"; cout<<"2: TICKET PRINTING\n"; cout<<"3. TICKET CANCELLING\n"; cout<<"4: EXIT\n"; } class flight { public: void routes(); void available(); void domestic(); void dateflagchecking(); void feeclass(); } f1; void flight::routes() { cout<<"\n"; cout<<"Ticket Booking\n"; cout<<"Available Destinations\n"; cout<<"1 : INDIA TO BANGKOK" <<"\t"<<"11: INDIA TO LONDON" <<"\n"; cout<<"2 : INDIA TO DUBAI" <<"\t"<<"12: NEW YORK TO INDIA" <<"\n"; cout<<"3 : DELHI TO MUMBAI " <<"\t"<<"13: HYDERABAD TO CHENNAI"<<"\n"; cout<<"4 : BANGKOK TO INDIA" <<"\t"<<"14: CHENNAI TO MUMBAI" <<"\n"; cout<<"5 : MALAYSIA TO INDIAt" <<"\t"<<"15: DELHI TO CHENNAI" <<"\n"; cout<<"6 : INDIA TO NEW YORK" <<"\t"<<"16: CHENNAI TO HYDERABAD"<<"\n"; cout<<"7 : MUMBAI TO CHENNAI" <<"\t"<<"17: INDIA TO MALAYSIA" <<"\n"; cout<<"8 : DUBAI TO INDIA" <<"\t"<<"18: HYDERABAD TO MUMBAI" <<"\n"; cout<<"9 : MUMBAI TO HYDERABAD"<<"\t"<<"19: CHENNAI TO DELHI" <<"\n"; cout<<"10: MUMBAI TO DELHI" <<"\t"<<"20: LONDON TO INDIA" <<"\n"; } void flight::available() { cout<<"FLIGHTS AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS\n"; cout<<"Flight Name" <<"\t"<<"Flight NO."<<"\n"; cout<<"1: Air India" <<"\t"<<"AI 2535" <<"\n"; cout<<"2: JetAirways" <<"\t"<<"JA 4685" <<"\n"; cout<<"3: Kingfisher" <<"\t"<<"KF 2498" <<"\n"; cout<<"4: AirIndia" <<"\t"<<"AI 0787" <<"\n"; cout<<"5: KIngfisher" <<"\t"<<"KF 3245" <<"\n"; cout<<"6: Jet Airways"<<"\t"<<"JA 1868" <<"\n"; } void flight::domestic() { cout<<"FLIGHTS AVAILABLE FOR DOMESTIC DESTINATIONS\n"; cout<<"Flight Name" <<"\t"<<"Flight NO."<<"\n"; cout<<"1: Indian Airlines" <<"\t"<<"IA 2538" <<"\n"; cout<<"2: Spicejet" <<"\t"<<"SJ 5736" <<"\n"; cout<<"3: JetAirways" <<"\t"<<"JA 4485" <<"\n"; cout<<"4: Kingfisher" <<"\t"<<"KF 8498" <<"\n"; cout<<"5: Air Deccan" <<"\t"<<"AD 3517" <<"\n"; cout<<"6: Indian Airlines" <<"\t"<<"IA 0797" <<"\n"; cout<<"7: KIngfisher" <<"\t"<<"KF 3545" <<"\n"; cout<<"8: Air Deccan" <<"\t"<<"AD 1379" <<"\n"; cout<<"9: Jet Airways" <<"\t"<<"JA 1808" <<"\n"; cout<<"10:Spicejet" <<"\t"<<"SJ 2564" <<"\n"; } void flight::feeclass() { cout<<"Please enter in class which do you want to sit\n"; cout<<"1: First Class\n"; cout<<"2: Economy Class\n"; cout<<"3: Executive class\n"; } void flight::dateflagchecking() { do { flag=0; cout<<"Please enter the date you are boarding the plane\n"; cout<<"Date"<<"\t"; cin>>d1.day_no; if(d1.day_no<=31) { cout<<"\n"; cout<<"Month"<<"\t"; cin>>d1.month; if(d1.month<=12) { cout<<"\n"; cout<<"Year"<<"\t"; cin>>d1.year; if(d1.year==2008) { flag=1; item.dd=d1.day_no; item.mm=d1.month; item.yyyy=d1.year; } } } else { flag=0; cout<<"\nInvalid Date ... \nRetry again..."; } } while(flag!=1); } void airline::datainput() { if (flag==1) { cout<<"\nName "; gets(tname); cout<<"\nAge "; cin>>tage; strcpy(item.name,tname); item.age=tage; } } void airline::dataprocessing() { int c; basic=0; fuel=0; travelling=0; total=0; strcpy(flightname,""); strcpy(flightno,""); strcpy(orgin,""); strcpy(destination,""); if(a2==1||a2==2||a2==4||a2==5||a2==6||a2==8||a2==11||a2==12||a2==17||a2==20) { f1.available(); cout<<"Please enter your choice\n"; cin>>flight; if (flight==1) strcpy(flightname," Air India"), strcpy(flightno,"AI 2535"); if (flight==2) strcpy(flightname," JetAirways"), strcpy(flightno,"JA 4685"); if (flight==3) strcpy(flightname," Kingfisher"), strcpy(flightno,"KF 2498"); if (flight==4) strcpy(flightname," AirIndia"), strcpy(flightno,"AI 0787"); if (flight==5) strcpy(flightname," Kingfisher"), strcpy(flightno,"KF 3245"); if (flight==6) strcpy(flightname," Jet Airways"), strcpy(flightno,"JA 1868"); f1.feeclass(); cout<<"Please enter your choice\n"; cin>>c; if (c==1) strcpy(tclass,"First"); if (c==2) strcpy(tclass,"Economy"); if (c==3) strcpy(tclass,"Executive"); switch(c) { case 1: if(a2==1||a2==4) fuel=18000; else if(a2==2||a2==8) fuel=16000; else if(a2==5||a2==17) fuel=14000; else if(a2==6||a2==12) fuel=32000; else if(a2==11||a2==20) fuel=26000; basic=12000; cout<<"\nTotal Cost=\n"; cout<<"\nBasic Fare="<<basic; cout<<"\nFuel charges=Rs"<<fuel; travelling=15000; cout<<"\nTravelling Charges="<<travelling; total=12000+15000+fuel+(8000*ad)+(5000*ch); cout<<"\nTotal Charges = Rs."<<total; break; case 2: if(a2==1||a2==4) fuel=20000; else if(a2==2||a2==8) fuel=18000; else if(a2==5||a2==17) fuel=16000; else if(a2==6||a2==12) fuel=34000; else if(a2==11||a2==20) fuel=28000; cout<<"\nTotal Cost=\n"; basic=14000; cout<<"\nBasic Fare=Rs"<<basic; cout<<"\nFuel charges=Rs"; cout<<fuel; travelling=17000; cout<<"\nTravelling Charges=Rs."<<travelling; total=14000+17000+fuel+(10000*ad)+(7000*ch); cout<<"\nTotal Charges = Rs."<<total; break; case 3: if(a2==1||a2==4) fuel=22000; else if(a2==2||a2==8) fuel=20000; else if(a2==5||a2==17) fuel=18000; else if(a2==6||a2==12) fuel=36000; else if(a2==11||a2==20) fuel=30000; cout<<"\nTotal Cost\n"; basic=16000; cout<<"\nBasic Fare=Rs "<<basic; cout<<"\nFuel charges=Rs "<<fuel; travelling=19000; cout<<"\nTravelling Charges=Rs."<<travelling; total=16000+19000+fuel+(12000*ad)+(9000*ch); cout<<"\nTotal Charges = Rs."<<total; break; } } else { f1.domestic(); cout<<"\nPlease enter your choice "; cin>>flight; if (flight==1) strcpy(flightname,"Indian Airlines"), strcpy(flightno,"IA 2538"); if (flight==2) strcpy(flightname,"2: Spicejet"), strcpy(flightno, "SJ 5736"); if (flight==3) strcpy(flightname,"3: JetAirways"), strcpy(flightno, "JA 4485"); if (flight==4) strcpy(flightname,"4: Kingfisher"), strcpy(flightno, "KF 8498"); if (flight==5) strcpy(flightname,"5: Air Deccan"), strcpy(flightno, "AD 3517"); if (flight==6) strcpy(flightname,"6: Indian Airlines"), strcpy(flightno, "IA 0797"); if (flight==7) strcpy(flightname,"7: KIngfisher"), strcpy(flightno, "KF 3545"); if (flight==8) strcpy(flightname,"8: Air Deccan"), strcpy(flightno, "AD 1379"); if (flight==9) strcpy(flightname,"9: Jet Airways"), strcpy(flightno, "JA 1808"); if (flight==10) strcpy(flightname,"10:Spicejet"), strcpy(flightno, "SJ 2564"); f1.feeclass(); cout<<"\nPlease enter your choice\n"; cin>>c; if (c==1) strcpy(tclass,"First"); if (c==2) strcpy(tclass,"Economy"); if (c==3) strcpy(tclass,"Executive"); switch(c) { case 1: if(a2==3||a2==10) fuel=1800; else if(a2==7||a2==14) fuel=1600; else if(a2==9||a2==18) fuel=1400; else if(a2==13||a2==16) fuel=3200; else if(a2==15||a2==19) fuel=2600; cout<<"\nTotal Cost\n"; basic=1200; cout<<"\nBasic Fare=Rs "<<basic; cout<<"\nFuel charges=Rs "<<fuel; travelling=1500; cout<<"\nTravelling Charges=Rs "<<travelling; total=1200+1500+fuel+(800*ad)+(500*ch); cout<<"\nTotal Charges = Rs."<<total; break; case 2: if(a2==3||a2==10) fuel=2000; else if(a2==7||a2==14) fuel=1800; else if(a2==9||a2==18) fuel=1600; else if(a2==13||a2==16) fuel=3400; else if(a2==15||a2==19) fuel=2800; cout<<"\nTotal Cost=\n"; basic=1400; cout<<"\nBasic Fare=Rs "<<basic; cout<<"\nFuel charges=Rs "<<fuel; travelling=1700; cout<<"\nTravelling Charges=Rs "<<travelling; total=1400+1700+fuel+(1000*ad)+(700*ch); cout<<"\nTotal Charges = Rs."<<total; break; case 3: if(a2==3||a2==10) fuel=2200; else if(a2==7||a2==14) fuel=2000; else if(a2==9||a2==18) fuel=1800; else if(a2==13||a2==16) fuel=3600; else if(a2==15||a2==19) fuel=3000; cout<<"\nTotal Cost=\n"; basic=1600; cout<<"\nBasic Fare=Rs "<<basic; cout<<"\nFuel charges=Rs "<<fuel; travelling=1900; cout<<"\nTravelling Charges=Rs "<<travelling; total=1600+1900+fuel+(1200*ad)+(900*ch); cout<<"\nTotal Charges = Rs."<<total; break; } } if (a2==1) strcpy(orgin,": INDIA"), strcpy(destination,"BANGKOK"); if (a2==11) strcpy(orgin,": INDIA"), strcpy(destination,"LONDON"); if (a2==2) strcpy(orgin,": INDIA"), strcpy(destination,"DUBAI"); if (a2==12) strcpy(orgin,": NEW YORK"),strcpy(destination,"INDIA"); if (a2==3) strcpy(orgin,": DELHI"), strcpy(destination,"MUMBAI "); if (a2==13) strcpy(orgin,": HYDERABAD"),strcpy(destination,"CHENNAI"); if (a2==4) strcpy(orgin,": BANGKOK"),strcpy(destination,"INDIA"); if (a2==14) strcpy(orgin,": CHENNAI"),strcpy(destination,"MUMBAI"); if (a2==5) strcpy(orgin,": MALAYSIA"),strcpy(destination,"INDIA"); if (a2==15) strcpy(orgin,": DELHI"),strcpy(destination,"CHENNAI"); if (a2==6) strcpy(orgin,": INDIA"),strcpy(destination,"NEW YORK"); if (a2==16) strcpy(orgin,": CHENNAI"),strcpy(destination,"HYDERABAD"); if (a2==7) strcpy(orgin,": MUMBAI"),strcpy(destination,"CHENNAI"); if (a2==17) strcpy(orgin,": INDIA"),strcpy(destination, "MALAYSIA"); if (a2==8) strcpy(orgin,": DUBAI"),strcpy(destination, "INDIA"); if (a2==18) strcpy(orgin,": HYDERABAD"),strcpy(destination, " MUMBAI"); if (a2==9) strcpy(orgin,": MUMBAI "),strcpy(destination, "HYDERABAD"); if (a2==19) strcpy(orgin,": CHENNAI"),strcpy(destination, "DELHI"); if (a2==10) strcpy(orgin,": MUMBAI"),strcpy(destination, "DELHI"); if (a2==20) strcpy(orgin,": LONDON"),strcpy(destination, "INDIA"); ticketno++; item.ticketno=ticketno; } void airline::datadisplay() { int p; cout<<"\n-------------------------------------------------------"; cout<<"\nticket no."<<"\t"<<ticketno; cout<<"\nFlight name: "<<flightname; cout<<"\tFlight no. : "<<flightno; cout<<"\nOrigin: "<<orgin; cout<<"\tDestination: "<<destination; cout<<"\nName :"<<name; cout<<"\tAge :"<<age; cout<<"\nday "<<dd; cout<<" month "<<mm; cout<<" year "<<yyyy; cout<<" --- Class "<<tclass; cout<<"\nBasic Rs. "<<item.basic; cout<<"\tFuel Rs. "<<item.fuel; cout<<"\tTravelling Rs. "<<item.travelling; cout<<"\tTotal Rs. "<<item.total; cout<<"\n**Happy Journey**(Note:Charges depend on Class in which U Travel:-)"; tage=item.age; } void airline::findlastticketno() { fstream filfltn; filfltn.open("airline.dat",ios::in); filfltn.seekg(0,ios::beg); do { if (!filfltn.fail()) { if (!filfltn.eof()) { filfltn.read((char*)&item,sizeof(airline)); tticketno=item.ticketno; } } else { tticketno=200; item.ticketno=tticketno; /*cout<<"\n File is Empty..."; */ break; } } while(!filfltn.eof()); filfltn.close(); } void airline::ticketcancel() { fstream tfilin; fstream filin; filin.open("airline.dat",ios::in); tfilin.open("tairline.dat",ios::out); filin.seekg(0,ios::beg); cout<<"\nEnter the TICKET NO. to Cancel :-"; cin>>tticketno; flag=0; while (!filin.eof()) { if (!filin.fail()) { filin.read((char*)&item,sizeof(airline)); if (!filin.eof()) { if (item.ticketno==tticketno) { flag=1; cout<<"\n TICKET No Exist.... Details are:-"; item.datadisplay(); cout<<"\n TICKET No. Has been CANCELLED..."; } else tfilin.write((char*)&item,sizeof(airline)); } else break; } else { cout<<"\n File Fail to open..."; cout<<"\n File is Empty..."; break; } } filin.close(); tfilin.close(); if (flag==1) { filin.open("airline.dat",ios::out); tfilin.open("tairline.dat",ios::in); tfilin.seekg(0,ios::beg); while (!tfilin.eof()) { if (!tfilin.fail()) { tfilin.read((char*)&item,sizeof(airline)); if (!tfilin.eof()) filin.write((char*)&item,sizeof(airline)); else break; } } } else cout<<"\n Sorry TICKET No. Does Not Exits..."; tfilin.close(); filin.close(); } void main() { int c,p; char choice; clrscr(); do { item.menu(); cout<<"Enter your choice\n"; cin>>c; switch(c) { case 1: cout<<"\n"; cout<<"\nPlease enter the no. of persons boarding\n"; cin>>p; if(p>200) { cout<<"\nSorry!seats are not available\n"; cout<<"\nPlease book in other classes"; break; } item.findlastticketno(); fstream filin; filin.open("airline.dat",ios::app); while(p!=0) { f1.routes(); cout<<"Please enter the code no. of the routes\n"; cin>>a2; f1.dateflagchecking(); cout<<"\n"; item.datainput(); item.dataprocessing(); filin.write((char*)&item,sizeof(airline)); p--; } filin.close(); break; case 2: ch=0,ad=0; fstream filre; filre.open("airline.dat",ios::in); filre.seekg(0,ios::beg); while (!filre.eof()) { if (!filre.fail()) { filre.read((char*)&item,sizeof(airline)); if (!filre.eof()) { item.datadisplay(); if (tage<=12) ch++; else ad++; } } else { cout<<"\n File Fail to open..."; cout<<"\n File is Empty..."; break; } } filre.close(); break; case 3: item.ticketcancel(); break; case 4: exit(0); } cout<<"\nDo U Want to Continue.... Enter[Y][y] or [N][n]: "; cin>>choice; } while(choice=='y'||choice=='Y'); cout<<"\nNo. of persons boarding"<<"\t"<<ad+ch; cout<<"\nadults :"<<ad; cout<<"\tchildren :"<<ch; getch(); }
  4. now i have Windows Movie Maker but dono how to use it! any help please!
  5. i can see the angle!loooking like she is sleeping!
  6. i made few videos of my school function in my mobile and then trasfered them to my computer.I wish to edit them.i also wanted to join few videos. can anyone tell me about any sofware which can do this and how to use that software.
  7. how was the time spent with your brother???i hope you had a blast!;)

  8. it has to accecpt date from the user and keep asking the data until the user inserts correct date i.e;number below 31.
  9. code: #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { int date(); int d; int data; cout<<"enter the date"; cin>>d; data=date(); getch(); } date(int d) { static int f=1; if(d>31) { cout<<"enter a valid date"; date(d); } return f; } i wanted that function date should be called again and again until and unless proper condition is saticified.
  10. im busy with my all india test series which is held on every saterday and sunday.whole week is gone in its prepration. from past few days i get merly 2-3 hrs sleep and 2wice i had to skip my regular sleep whch resulted in sleeping maximum of time in school.

    all my exams will end after may next year and till then all i have a very unwanted rutine.

    and hows life going on at your end?

  11. i was working on a project. #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { int date(); int d; int data; cout<<"enter the date"; cin>>d; data=date(); getch(); } date(int d) { static int f=1; if(d>31) { cout<<"enter a valid date"; date(d); } return f; } please help me run this program.
  12. so atlast you are tring to study;)..just kidding.

    it all great to hear you in your best health:)

  13. chitrangda


    i want to know about the %age of following in soy milk vitamin a vitamin b1(thiamin) riboflamin(vitamin b2) vitamin b12 vitamin D vitamin E calcium Magnesium potassium please help someone please... im stuck on it and have tried my leavel best to do some thing but failed:-(
  14. here's mine;) its not working;( one more try...
  15. happy belated eid......i really dint get time to wish on the same day....

  16. just give it a look. http://www.robgendlerastropics.com/M31NMmosaicLL.html
  17. objective exams reffer to multiple choice questions and subjective reffers to therotical questions. i'm a bit comfortable with all sort of derivations at home but problem arises during exam times.
  18. last sunday i had my test of physics.All day and night i keept brushing up my concepts.i was all prepared but when i sat down for the examination i got lost in the paper.my objective was all good(i scored 100% ) but in subjective exam i was blank.It happens with me everytime esp when the paper constst only of derivations.No matter how well i do them i forget them during the exam and loose my position. Is there any way to tackel this?
  19. Laderia i think martial arts will be best along with some pepper spray.If you learn martial arts in right way then you can help yourself under any circumstances.there are some tricks in which you can even make someone unconscious so hope situations become better...an't your govt doing anything?
  20. are they advertisments?
  21. thanks dudde your help really counted while reloading my system but instead of repairing i fromated my system completly and now verything seems good.
  22. yeah i do have xp proff. and hp os.
  23. thank you DrP.I'm loading few more so do tell how are they..any how how are you?

  24. hi all im just 2yrs and 2 months old in this form!
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