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  1. students is generally not maintain their time table and lethargic in complketion of home work what to do they always try to escape from writing work how the students can be motivated ? Bipin

  2. So can you show me how to get the final answer to this problem? I understand what you mean but I still don't get how to apply it properly
  3. I really still don't understand, mainly due to the set out of the explaination... I apreciate the effort but I can't make sense of it.
  4. I'm bored because I have nothing to do as well....
  5. Hi everyone, I'm bored so I just thought I would say so!!! haha:D
  6. How do you expand using square roots? I haven't come across that before
  7. How do I differentiate this? (x^2-3x+2)(sqrt x) What i did was this: (x^2-3x+2)(1/2x^-1/2)+(2x-3)(sqrt x) But what is the next step?
  8. How do I prove that: (cosx-cos3x)/(sin3x-sinx)= tan2x?
  9. What are matrices actually used for practically? (if at all)
  10. What sort of things do radiographers acually do?
  11. Hey cn u help wth chemistry

  12. hey try to break the compound to CuSO4.5H2O-CU+SO4+H20 N TRY TO ASSIGN THE OXIDATION NUMBERS

  13. woops i mean 13^(4x-5)=6 so would i go log(4x-5)13=log6?
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