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  1. I would boot it up the ladder. The only time I have ever completely abdicated responsibility was - in what I see as a similar situation but in business rather than academe - when I uncovered some internal corruption. Things like this can taint the blameless - and sometimes the first person who sticks their head above the parapet gets shot.
  2. That the individual medical practitioner should, even with suitable training, sometimes would be in a position of seeker of consent, provider of information, confidante/advisor, and executor of the procedure; it seemed to me that a division of powers was necessary. Even with an enlightened and purely honourable Doctor the possibility of well-meaning paternalism is difficult to avoid; any latent or subconscious foibles, fears, and preconceptions of the physician would be imparted to the patient even if without knowledge or intent; and that a more robust, external and non-arbitrary system woul
  3. ! Moderator Note Exactly what Area54 said. First thing draw a diagram, mark off what you know about the figure, think about what else you can tell, and do make sure you have read the question properly and understand. If you quickly list you ideas about how to approach then members will help
  4. 8.3Mpix for normal shot + 8.3Mpix one stop below + 8.3 one stop above. And the phone has variable shutter speed and of course a pseudo ISO - if iso is set to auto I think it changes both, if manually set it changes just speed. The bracketing is nice for HDR compositing. To be honest most of the time I use the bog standard app which came with the phone - but you do get nicer results with thrid party apps which let you play with settings ie opencamera
  5. Firstly - the inhumanity that we visit on our fellow man is quite frightful and shaming. From a perspective grounded in English and Welsh Law (and I expect Canadian law will be broadly similar) I would claim that not only is the consent claimed by the hospitals in this case not informed consent but that it was obtained under duress and in circumstances under which true consent cannot be given due to lack of capacity. I am not sure that this is a good example of informed consent or the lack of it due to the catalogue of malfeasance and malpractice - bullying a woman just post partum like
  6. It has all got a bit silly with resolution - my phone takes 3840x2160 with 1 stop exposure bracketing - giving a grand total of 25megapixels captured every time I hit the button.
  7. Heaven only knows - it was twenty years ago I was there and I head to the islands most years so lots of place/names/people only poorly remembered. I would have a note of it somewhere if I could find my map - but very very unlikely
  8. If we were going round in circles then it would be a constant angular velocity - but as we are going round in ellipses then it isn't.
  9. Aha - Strange's Internet Law of Quoting Competence strikes again!
  10. I used to spend hours cropping, warping, and matching to make panoramas. Now I find that if I take a few pictures with my Android phone Google makes a panorama automatically and asks me if I would like to keep it (and it is really well done). The Barf panorama is an oldish one - using one of the microsoft tools which took much of the graft out of the job. It is quite amusing when you realise you are attempting to upload a hundred MB picture to be a cover shot - fired up gimp and lost 399 out of every 400 pixels and it still looks good
  11. Maybe not illegal - but dodgy; it was a bit of a shrine and place of pilgrimage for many years as the last hermit who lived there was very revered locally. But it was clear that the locals had stopped coming regularly so I decided to use it. Will see if I can dig out my snaps - unfortunately before digi-cameras so many fewer photos taken.
  12. They keep on being suggested but I think they are a novelty item rather than a replacement (or even partial replacement) for the motor. The consensus is that for very small ships they might make a tiny saving in fuel - but would require extra crew/officers (you don't just assume automatic systems will work in the deep ocean), provide a significant extra danger (super hi tension steel wire rope anyone?), and are untested in real world situations. BTW - my company currently shells out about 30-40000 dollars a day per ship on fuel; we would happily adopt a decent technology which cut 5% off tha
  13. ! Moderator Note I have edited to move your response out of Strange's quote.
  14. Haven't been to Crete for many years - the whole island was pretty quiet when i was last there; apparently the area around Heraklion is quite ridiculously busy now. When I was there it was mainly for people wanting to see Knossos - but now I hear awful stories; almost as bad as Rhodes I stayed (illiegally) for a week in a cave on the coast of Tilos (I think) that had been inhabited on and off for about 3000 years. It was basically a hermit's cave which had been walled in the 19th century; it was two hours hard hike from the nearest road and three hours to the nearest shops. After a
  15. Panorama shots work rather well don't they
  16. Delta Aquarids are at peak tonight - if cloud clears look after moon has set http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide#delta-aquarids
  17. Without getting too mutually congratulatory - I really liked your write up of the Cavendish Experiment and it was the fact that this had fallen on deaf ears that made me a little waspish
  18. Ok - didnt know that. But just to check was it pronounced "wown" or "own"
  19. Orbiting at a radius of 404km? - that's a neat trick around a planet with a radius of 6300km. You mean orbital height That measure you give would be the orbital decay - which is caused by friction from the very rarefied atmosphere in the lower orbits. If anything it is a measure of the tiny amount by which the ISS is not quite in free fall - but the size of the adjustments required mean that we are safe in saying that ISS is in freefall. Alternatively: Can you not just look up freefall on wikipedia, read that it is the state when the only force acting on an object is gravity, th
  20. ! Moderator Note moved to speculations because it is more based in imagination than grounded in science. Please try to move to an empirical science based argument with your next post or we may lock the thread.
  21. I might claim that consciousness and self are ongoing non-repeating processes - but not linguistically that they must be thought of as verbs
  22. Just in case you are missing the button - it is so easy to not see something right in front of one's eyes; the arrow to click is about a third of the way down on the right hand edge of the screen shot. In parallel will investigate if this is a staff only feature or weather it can be unlocked for vveryone
  23. I am changing the way my bike changes gear using my desktop pc - is there a possibility we have become a little silly in our uses of technology? 

    1. StringJunky


      I see it as enabling you to do things that you otherwise couldn't have contemplated. You never know, one of your flights of fancy might end up in the corpus of bike knowledge because you can disseminate it at the push of a button.

  24. Don't think of it as stolen - think of it as pissed away against a wall; hmm - that doesn't help much does it?
  25. "Indeed, a common thread in religions is forgiveness, which is would be a pretty decent position to hold; but for some reason very few of them do." FTFY Not even sure how common it is in religions. Xty espouses a weak form but for lots of the others lex talionis applies
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