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  1. True. There are quite a lot. Countless. This time, I would intend to make it a bit different. Looking for the reason behind one's intention to create geometry and the reason that geometry is of vital importance. Euclidian geometry is already interesting but the way it is taught in school sucks. Very few people are aware that the geometry of a protein makes it vital. Not all of us are biologists... Unfortunatelly, even fewer have noticed the fact that a straight piece of cable can carry electricity but spiraling it (altering its geometry), will make it capable of storing energy. I want something different, something out of the ordinary. I do not intend to change math books in school, I just want to attract people to mathematics. I say to people around that I like mathematics and they think that I am doing calculations... And I have never accepted the miserable fact that in order to pass my exams in calculous I had to calculate integrals but not even one of my professors had any single idea about the idea behind integrals... This I must try to change and I need help!
  2. - What is matter? 

    - Never mind. 

    - What is mind? 

    - No matter. 

    1. Raider5678


      "What's the matter?"

      "Never mind"

      "What's never mind?"

      "Doesn't matter."

  3. Greetings lads! I am looking for a mathematician to assist me with geometry. I am running a project in order to promote the greatness of mathematics and more or less I would like to have euclidean geometry "re-written", in a way that it will be more approachable to school students as well as adult students. I am currently trying to write down 50 simple questions to establish the project upon. If there is any mathematician willing to assist me, that would be outstanding! Regards
  4. What is the name of this last hermit?
  5. Around Heraklion things are better regarding lying... Epimenides would have to recall his statement! The stories you hear probably have to do with Malia, I used to work as a lifeguard 12 years ago there and I can guarantee that the awful stories are true! Even during daylight... Why "illegally" stayef? What did you do? Were you condemned for any mathematical fault? Classical era had a lot of land unoccupied, offering spectacular views and intriguing one's imagination, and too many slaves to take care of the boring "daily" matters and hard labour work... thus, ancient greeks had plenty of time to occupy themselves with philosophy and mental work...
  6. Sometimes, we do isolate bits and parts and unfortunately we induce that "generally" the world works like this. Some other times, we look the same thing from different points of view but our vanity does not allow us to accept "alien" opinions or facts someone else has discovered(Leibniz vs Newton, Einstein vs Schroedinger, etc). We are only humans... As for the second part about reality, it reminds me of matrix. Reality has a lot to do with perception... I suppose a fly with so many eyes and sucha a small size would have a different opinion than most humans have of how an elephant looks like...
  7. Hahaha!!! I am not cretan, I just reside here. Not many things have changed since though since the time of Epimenides especially here, on the western edge of the island!
  8. Uhm, I have to rephrase the question... but it seems that I must dig deeper into history of physics in advance... I must keep in mind the last sentence. Roughly, the question is that physicists require a mean, either a field or ether or vacuum... Why? And there is something I still do not understand. The MM experiment proved the inexistence of ether or the invalidity of ether theory(which still is unclear to me of how it proved it). Proving that something is invalid, does it make all the rest valid? Ether theory and field theory are the only two theories that making one false forces the other one to be true? Have we proven that field theory is valid or we accept it just because ether theory is not valid?
  9. I am familiar with Epimenides paradox. Everything became clear to me about such paradoxa(including "inclusions" like all, uni, co) when I came across a story with uncle scrooge called "the collection of collections". Would the collection of all collection include itself? And of course when reading "logicomix". For all you said, I have fallen in love with mathematics. One can take something for granted(axiom) and build an entire entity on it. And it is equally valid to all, noone can defy it unless one changes the axiom. Philosophically speaking, the world seems to be like this, it started axiomatically from something... Give me an example where self-contradiction is produced.
  10. Wandering around the forum I read a moderator's(swansont) thread which included the following words: "You are contradicting accepted science. Accepted science has a large amount of data supporting it, so if your thesis runs contrary to experimental results, you have basically pre-falsified your work. If you are proposing a new theory, it has to do better than the one it's supplanting. Remember, you have to be consistent with all of what has been observed, not just some small subset of it." I cannot understand the reason that we still have all science based on maths to "be accepted" by scientific community. A new discovery backed by mathematics should be ultimately accepted as a valid fact. Noone should have to convince the rest of the community for one's findings. Why is science to "be accepted"? Either it is or it is not. Accepted science existed in medieval times when priests were afraid of losing their priviledges, it should not be like this nowadays... We are spending time and money in conferences in order to demonstrate the obvious when we should spend time trying to apply new discoveries in improving our world(consequently, our lifes and ourselves). PS: I have in mind two disputes, the famous ether vs field theory about 12 decades ago and a non-famous one, the one between Godel and Einstein.
  11. Why do you consider alaskan water as a different entity than mediterranean water???
  12. Is this called self consistency?
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