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  1. First of all, it's a theory, but it's supported by many theories .. Quantum theory, Singularity, String Theory, and Super Symmetry which tell us that all matter in the universe sums up to Zero, since every matter has an anti-matter, where I think that the creation operator in quantum theory takes energy and should create the exact amount of matters opposed by anti-matters, in order to preserve the symmetry, Now you can imagine that if everything was taken into a single point at the universe, all matters and anti-matters will collide back into energy, and back to the Zero. I've learned all of that from a talk given by Lawrence Krauss 1. do you really know what 'everything' and 'nothing' really means in "everything from nothing", hint: it's related to matter 2. Multiverse theory, String theory, .. they are theories that discuss the probability space of a quantum state (not real state) in the future (not the past) There is only 1 universe, that was created from a specific amount of energy from the big bang .. the next moment you think they become more, that even break the principle of Energy Preservation
  2. Let's simplify it to this, implement this algorithm Source: http://people.math.sfu.ca/~pmenz/thesis.pdf
  3. I think your programming challenge is "implement the Riemann [math] \zeta [/math] function", Implementing a Riemann Zeta function is not a simple challenge, Analytical models require Combinatorics when it comes to Computability unless if one would implement an existing computational algorithm from papers .. like this one
  4. That is a theory known as "A universe from Nothing" about a universe that was created when the big bang occurred, the creation operator was activated which have created all the matter the universe started with .. Creation operator in Quantum theory
  5. I agree with BigNose, actually higher numeric variable precision than the standard are possible, and if you do arithmetic operations over them, unlike standard ones that would work directly on on the ALU itself, they will be done on a virtual dynamic ALU that can work on any numeric precision but based on that precision, there will a price to pay on the side of processing power needed
  6. Java: public class Ternary { private String num ; public Ternary ( ) { num = "0" ; } public Ternary ( String n ) { num = n; } public void set ( String n ) { num = n; } public String get ( ) { return new String ( num ) ; } public parseDecimal ( int d ) { num = "" ; if ( d == 0 ) { num = "0" ; } int m = 1, b = 3 ; while ( d > 0 ) { num += ((d%10)*(b^m)) ; m++ ; d /= 10 ; } } }
  7. that's history, in the future we will have a city of data centers in the size of your hand palm
  8. I think mister Dekan have done something wrong in his earlier argument, By using real numbers in a discrete way, I think he should've used the set of natural numbers, which is basically the set of all positive integers that are greater than 0
  9. I forgot to mention that data storage units (traditional architecture) in computers are [in ascending order for access speed, and descending order for cost]: - Registers (highest access speed, most expensive) - RAM - Cache - ROM - Hard disk (SATA, Solid State, ..)
  10. I agree with CaptainPanic, Computer scientists build models that approximate the systems of ants, bees, ..etc models that approximate, but are never the exact .. in-between Soundness and Abstractness
  11. I think a proper answer is to understand .. now any data is encoded using a standard such as ASCII, UNICODE, ..etc at the low level, all data are just series of binary digits (0s and 1s), 0 and 1 are represented in the physical level as two levels of electric charge (current computer models), which may change in the future to different quantum states (Quantum Computer) To study all about computer and technological hardware (including microchips) .. you need to study Computer Engineering, which includes advanced mathematics and physics good luck
  12. If you are a bachelor degree I think you will most likely study Calculus, Probability & Statistics (Intro), Linear Algebra, and Discrete Mathematics If you are master degree I think there'd be Probability & Statistics, Multivariable Calculus, Real Analysis, Advanced Discrete Mathematics .. and maybe others
  13. First you have to calm down, your chances with Computer Science are still the same in Computer Science studies, it doesn't matter how fast you type on a keyboard by the way, have you ever heard about those who type using only 1 finger of each hand, some are pretty fast as far as I know
  14. HTML is a markup language that is used to build web pages for internet clients, Java Script is a Client-side script in HTML you design how the web page looks like to the client in Java Script you can do some simple programming .. and you can use both inside HTML page, like this example: <html> <head> <title>HTML\Java Script Example</title> <script> // Java Script Code var Hi = function ( ) { return "Hi" ; }; </script> </head> <body> <p> <script> document.write( Hi ( ) ) ; </script> </p> </body> </html>
  15. I'm not good in Networks, but I think you should learn more about the philosophy of Network models and the Internet Because Computer Networks are built based on concepts such as Layering Concept (a concealed layer that offer services), Encapsulation Concept (information are manipulated directly only through inside methods), Communication Theory (how humans communicate and its randomness), Entropy Theory, Entity Independence Philosophy (building a system where every entity have independency "that it can functions even when it's alone"), and the concept of mono-module entities (something is built just for one single job, in a system of these entities maintenance, performance, and effectiveness can be high). ------------------------ So, what I'm trying to say is, one should understand the ideas behind the technical details of these systems, instead of trying to improve these systems from the technical side which might break its philosophy. ----------------------- So, here is a simple way to try .. Try to design a method so that a group of humans can communicate in an effective way -- Good Luck
  16. I can tell you the hard way to build a Java app with a User Interface, through writing codes The easy way I use to build Java app with a UI, is using Netbeans IDE the Java SE edition It's very simple, just follow the steps in the pictures: Step 1: Launch Netbeans IDE Step 2: File > New Project Step 3: Categories:Java > Projects:Java Desktop Application Step 4: Design your interface using drag-and-drop, and link them using the code Note: the last snapshot is from a project I've finished, in the picture you can see JTable (Java Table UI component)
  17. I think that Energy is like money, an object spend for a work to be done .. that's how I understand it
  18. Our discussion was about the Offline Bootstrap, which is a part of an installed OS There is a different type known as Network Bootstrap, which is a Live System Core that is loaded from a server, to start up the device the reason for that is because this OS doesn't operate any regular device, but actually it operates your thin-client, which in fact works on a super computer (or Cluster) connected through network this type is usually used with Terminals and Light-Clients, sometimes used for Super Computing gates, and Factories terminals
  19. I'm not good in proof, but I know that [math]a \in \mathbb{R}^+ \;\;\rightarrow\;\; \sqrt{a} \in \mathbb{R}^+[/math] is True
  20. khaled

    Define time

    You're right .. It seems that time is one big question, I've heard many things from media, some: - "in a timeless reality, where 'beginning' and 'end' are meaningless" --Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Game) - "Observers, they exist at all times simultaneously" --Fringe (TV Series) - "What is Eternity ? Define Time." --unknown scientific quote - "Imagine humans are swimming through the river of time, Imagine there is someone who is watching on the riverside." --unknown
  21. Earth is not a perfect sphere, but rather a spheroid .. where lands at northern & southern pole are semi-flat
  22. khaled

    Define time

    Time is simple Let's say we have a particle, If it's timeless, then it just have a position in space (x,y,z), which is the same at all times Otherwise, it has a position (x,y,z, t), which means that at time t its position in space is (x,y,z) You can see from the second line, that particles bound with time, can have two different positions in space at two different times, this show progress
  23. Ok connector let's try this with Logic, [math]a \in \mathbb{R}^+, b \in \mathbb{R}^+[/math] : Your proposition (A): [math]\sqrt{2}[/math] does not exist We know this is true (B): [math]2 \;\; exist[/math] [math]IF \; b = (a \times a) \; AND \; b \; exist \; THEN \; (a \times a) \; exist \; \rightarrow \; a \; exist \; \rightarrow \; \sqrt{b} \; exist[/math] Note that in the above statement: [math]a \times a =b \; \rightarrow \; a^2 = b \; \rightarrow \; b^{1/2} = a \; \rightarrow \; \sqrt{b} = a[/math] Now, let's try [math]b = 2[/math], [math]IF \; 2 = (a \times a) \; AND \; 2 \; exist \; THEN \; (a \times a) \; exist \; \rightarrow \; a \; exist \; \rightarrow \; \sqrt{2} \; exist[/math] If you don't want to use the notion [math]\sqrt{2}[/math] .. you can just use this [math]{2}^{1/2}[/math] It's clear "from the above statement" that your proposition (A) contradicts with truth (B)
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