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  1. [ We can be grateful for the existence of greed because without greed, humankind would be living in a cold damp cave .... or less.
  2. Now theres an idea....pay no attention to what socialism really means, just look at it from a utopian perspective....and trust your government to never let it evolve into a full blown economy killing albatross.
  3. Oh.....well from your opening post, I inferred that you wanted to know what was wrong with socialism, rather than wanting to know why the media was upset about the "hint" of socialism being somehow evil....which it ain't. Socialism is not evil, it is just an economic flop however well meaning are it's supporters.
  4. I have thought about it....and that is why I prefer capitalism.
  5. Oh....well I guess that explaines why the average working class Russian has so much more disposable income than the average working class American....yeah right.
  6. Take your pick, but I personally prefer capitalism.....it seems to return more wealth to the proletariat than socialism. My opinion is that it produces more wealth than socialism, hence more to go around.
  7. I ran accross this on another forum I frequent. It was someone's avatar. Got me to thinking, with genetic engineering, maybe we could have this as an option.....might come in handy for those small jobs.
  8. That's about what I thought. And yes, it was NCIS......she says.
  9. Yesterday evening, my wife and I were watching an episode of CSI (crime scene investigation?) and they showed a satellite shot of a girl being kidnapped and the face was recognizable as if the picture had been taken accross the room. I explained to her that satellite photography was probably not quite that good and she said that it certainly is that good as they do it all the time on csi....... Then I got to wondering.......this sort of thing is certainly not in my bag of tricks, so who really knows? Certainly not me. Then I thought of you guys, and I figured that some of you just
  10. I guess I am open to the idea of sexbots, but the idea of child sexbots for peadophiles disturbs me. Maybe it is because I think it would only exacerbate the problem that peadophiles have with their desires......although perhaps not. It is different than virtual pornography in which computer generated images of kids are shown to peds.
  11. I didn't know where this thread would be most appropriate, so I just settled on "general discussions." How many of you guys and gals can see yourself availing yourselves of this new "toy?" http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/main/5414105.html
  12. If gravity is a result of an attraction resulting from mass, then why aren't fat girls more popular than thin girls?
  13. Sorry about that, but I assumed that mentioning than water freezes at 32 would have been the tip-off. If I read a thread here and someone mentioned water freezing at 0°, I think I would know that he was talking Celcius..... But, no matter, the point is that the water is freezing when the air is above the freezing point of water. I think that Swansont probably answered the question....thanks to all.
  14. Well OK, and I would prefer that prefer is spelled with 1 f instead of two, but I had no problem understanding what you were trying to say, so I wouldn't have mentioned it......tolerance anyone?
  15. I suspected that it was something like that. We have had 3 frosts so far where I live and only one of those frosts involved temperatures as low as 31°. The other two, it was 40° and 36°. My thought was that evaporation had something to do with it, but what you discribe makes sense......I guess. I have confidence that my thermometer is not off by anything like 8°, but it is mounter under the roof portion of my back deck and the frost collects on the roof and the windshields of cars and so forth. What still confuses me is how the water droplets are able to lose heat, but the sur
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