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  1. The only thing which I have not disclosed is about the actual overcommable resistance used,but used water as example for overcommable resistance.I have Discussed the basic idea here with the equation and comparison to quite similar phenomeneon of creep. A commutator controls one cycle(supply and recovery) and the other process is the downward process of overcommable resistance.In the present example,the energy gained and consumed by such overcommable process is converted to electricity through a turbine.Actual engine would not be using turbine but the Concept still will work on the same pr
  2. It is a system where in more resistance has to be overcomed in downward motion and less resistance has to be overcommed in upward process with respect to analogous sketch.That is done by Downward Overcommable resistance system.(water is just an example,actual system uses other resistance system)This is one process.Other simultaneous process is controlled through Commutator through motor cum generator(half initial cycle motor and rest half cycle generator).Also the resistance system I have used has to be OVERCOMABLE (that is it should not be fixed and rigid,I believe I discussed this in my firs
  3. Yes,that is about frictional losses.Even in the actual engine which uses solid elastic type resistance(not to be disclosed until patent is published in official gazette),frictional losses would be there obviously.Whenever friction is there,heat losses are obvious.
  4. My simple experiments have proved that I am on right path. I was confussed with impulsive energy component of gravitational energy,but I latter realised that my Non-Perpetual Gravitational energy powered engine runs on concept of overcommable resistance and not on impulsive energy component. Hence I want to share the exact easy to understand proof example / Analogy of my engine. With reference to the sketch on: http://flic.kr/p/bycsbo Here is the analogous example of a very heavy weight red ball hanging,to explain a single cycle of the proposed gravity engine working principle.
  5. Wow!Fantastic,I liked this comment. I hereby request everyone to read my comment no. #98 as well as do read my whole blog, http://blogs.science...realfreeenergy/ and then ask questions only after reading each and everything patiently slowly, on my blog as well as #98. Thanks,John.I fully agree with you!!!
  6. May be you really misunderstood something. I used the word Idiots for those people who tried to create non realistic Perpetual motion machines and those people who can't think out of box:conventional.I didnt told that scientists are idiots. I used the word idiots for Some class of people,not for scientists. A persion trying to make Perpectual machine is definately an idiot.See,my engine is not perpetual. I would have named my topic as Real Gravity Engines.The reason why I had to add the words"Non perpeual" is that people assume that gravity engine is perpetual and cannot run,with
  7. Well,yes, 1)Suppose you place any object on a table top,the object will transfer it's gravity potential energy to table top.the table top will be full of internal vibrations on atomic lattice scale. 2) Similarly,suppose you have an elastic net with hole at bottom,ithat object/ball will transfer its potential energy to the net.The elastic net will be strained (related to material science) and will elongate causing vibrations which can be tapped by piezoelectric effect.This will increase the time taken to ball to come down by miliseconds to let the elastic material strained but at the end w
  8. Well,disagreeing this means disagreeing laws of nature.I thought ,The example I used would explain you 70 percent of the concept,but unfortunately has not explained to you.Have you considered the stress which I have talked about in the elastic net?The actual concept would not use any net but will use distribution of both energy needed to lift heavy piston (recovered) PLUS energy output on one shaft from the centre which is then transferred through a secret confidential technique for best efficiency.Sorry,I don't agree with you.Read the same last Flickr post once again.May be you understand.
  9. Let's take an another example to understand how my engine basically works.I have posted this example on Flickr. http://www.flickr.co...N07/6854088744/
  10. Reference to thread removed. According to me,real Gravity engines are possible,but Perpectual engines are Impossible .You can't go against law of thermodynamics.You cannot make energy from nothing. The only ways to use gravity as fuel are1) using proper force distribution technique with Impulsive energy component of gravity2)weight shifting intelligently with proper force distribution.3) mix of both. Note that there are only few real gravity engine inventors,there are thousands of cheaters on Internet and idiots trying to make PMM. For more information,please visit my Facebook page,htt
  11. I think the modified description on first Flickr post may explain this.Or else I request Hypervalent iodine or any other physics experts to read and study post 66 fully along with first Flickr post and comment on this,if he/she points out something interesting.
  12. Agreed that Gravity acts in one direction but the effect of gravity can be extended to other direction.For example,a weight on left side of a rotary fan(vertical) will cause a movement of other fan blade on right side in opposite direction.The acted gravitational force can be diverged to any other path by designing the mechanical elements accordingly.I have an example of one part of my engine which explains your doubt about two components very well,but I cannot disclose that due to patent processing.
  13. The fact in case 1),that you can convert more energy into usable energy at both the generators compared to only one generator as in case2) shows the evidence of additional gravity potential component in addition to the potential energy component achieved while lifting the heavy ball.If you have still not understood this,imagine how cricket ball is being pushed by a bat which not only displaces the ball with the bat,but also it gives additional momentum(impulse).The 1st case proves that this concept is also valid for gravity.It's better that you make the models as illustrated in case 1) and 2)
  14. I am finding difficult to explain this to you,because I think you are confussed.Yes,I might make a better detailed vector diagram to show you soon.The vector diagram for the first Flickr post is complicated to draw!The last diagram I posted was only a simplified version.Till now,if you have not seen this few sentences on Flickr,then see this carefully once more. Now assume that you place one electrical generator at each wheel both in case 1 and case 2 ,then energy produced in case 1) is more than that in case 2),only due to weight force and implusive force distribution. So if you spend so
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