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  1. The only thing which I have not disclosed is about the actual overcommable resistance used,but used water as example for overcommable resistance.I have Discussed the basic idea here with the equation and comparison to quite similar phenomeneon of creep. A commutator controls one cycle(supply and recovery) and the other process is the downward process of overcommable resistance.In the present example,the energy gained and consumed by such overcommable process is converted to electricity through a turbine.Actual engine would not be using turbine but the Concept still will work on the same principle/analogous principle. It is like removing some upward resistance and hence you do not find water in left semi bowl in the analogous example.(The resistance system is water in Rightside of semi bowl coupled to a energy converter water turbine.)Now a "commutator" is not a new thing,neither Motor Cum Generator setup.Using commutator is very Importent to control the whole process. The idea in my invention Analogy is to extend time spent by gravity to act on a heavy object by a few nanoseconds due to the slowing down of the heavy ball speed due to resistance offered.The more the time gravity acts at a particular height(H=H1),the more the gravity energy gained to overcome resistance (splashing the water resistance in analogous example given) as well to rotate the half cycle generator rotor. For example,If there is a 1 kg of solid powder to be lifted upwards,I need X amount of work done upwards.If I have to push 2 Kg of solid powder downwards,I need to consume X plus X (2X)amount of Gravitational energy. Net energy consumed = 2 X -X =X Which is then converted to Net electrical energy Output.This is what one of the way of satisfacting the Principle, Mostly,Gravity engines should work on the principle that the Gravity engine/Gravity wheel systems are innovatively designed to take in (consume) much more Gravitational energy than what energy needed to lift heavy ball upward. Now notice that this cannot be achieved when such a overcommable resistance gradient occurs only with respect to time vertically.In other words,you need your system to be in a cyclic circular path OR in other words the gradient should occur in a circular cyclic path. NOTE: 1)Notice that there are two generation outlets at downward process.One is though Water turbine example which converts energy needed to overcome resistance into electricity. 2)The other is downward energy supplied Recovery process through Half cycle generator located at the red Pivot.
  2. It is a system where in more resistance has to be overcomed in downward motion and less resistance has to be overcommed in upward process with respect to analogous sketch.That is done by Downward Overcommable resistance system.(water is just an example,actual system uses other resistance system)This is one process.Other simultaneous process is controlled through Commutator through motor cum generator(half initial cycle motor and rest half cycle generator).Also the resistance system I have used has to be OVERCOMABLE (that is it should not be fixed and rigid,I believe I discussed this in my first comment in this thread.).Two different Downward processes takes place simultaneously.May be you haven't read the long explanation in this thread completely.
  3. Yes,that is about frictional losses.Even in the actual engine which uses solid elastic type resistance(not to be disclosed until patent is published in official gazette),frictional losses would be there obviously.Whenever friction is there,heat losses are obvious.
  4. My simple experiments have proved that I am on right path. I was confussed with impulsive energy component of gravitational energy,but I latter realised that my Non-Perpetual Gravitational energy powered engine runs on concept of overcommable resistance and not on impulsive energy component. Hence I want to share the exact easy to understand proof example / Analogy of my engine. With reference to the sketch on: http://flic.kr/p/bycsbo Here is the analogous example of a very heavy weight red ball hanging,to explain a single cycle of the proposed gravity engine working principle. Energy is only supplied here to lift the ball upwards and recovered when ball comes downwards.This comprises of half cycle motor and half cycle generator controlled by a commutator in the original engine design at the red pivot. A commutator reverses the direction of flow of current,changes motor mode to generator mode. The splashing water on right side indicates how gravity is used to overcome resistance,and convert gravitational energy in to splashing of water which is analogous to converted net electrical output of the engine concept. The more the weight of ball,the more the resistance overcomed. Here,two downward processes occur simultaneously:1) recovery of supplied energy to lift the red ball. 2) The conversion of Gravitational energy in to electrical usable energy due to Overcommable weight obstacle resistance by the gravitational energy acting for more time by slowing the downward process. This is just an Very similar analogy,actual engine will be actually completely different but will work on same principle.The resistance element in actual concept is like elastic solid body which can store sudden impact impulsive energy,but not fluid. This resistance occurs due to weight of the fluid.This type of resistance can also occur due to solid body weight. Because less gravitational energy is available to push the water/fluid,the gravity pushes the water/splashes fluid,a little bit slowly(9.8 m/ second square minus a tiny value subtraction) Gravity is a continuously flowing force from earth,even if it's in graviton particles waves format.So if ball slows down slightly due to water resistance,Graviational continuously acting force is used to splash out the water,this is the key to my concept of energy conversion. So this concept engine taps the energy required to go against the resistance by the gravity. To make sure,you are not confussed,the resistance system or water is on right hand side semi bowl of the bowl and is not on left side of the bowl,as per the above mentioned rough sketch Flickr webpage. Because of inefficiency of water resistance,I am using some other overcommable resistance system which is allmost 10-15 times more efficient quantitatively and qualitatively in actual engine and unlike one single forward cycle as in example,the cycle is repeated continuously in actual engine design.The resistance used is also not very rigid and is not fixed fully and is overcommable,otherwise the system won't work. Note: This is not a perpetual motion machine if Modern "Perpetual" Defination from Wikipedia is considered.Meaning to say this does not produce output from nothing. I am in a very beginning stage in patent application. Everything here in example agrees with common sense. Minor Frictional losses are present. Little minor Energy which is lost in recovery process at pivot carrying rod is provided from energy output of resistance system. My invention converts gravitational energy into electrical energy.It does not produce new energy,and hence complies with laws of thermodynamics.It works on regular concepts of physics and do not violate physics. I was really confussed with "Impulsive energy" and hence I appolosise with all forum members for it. Simple experiments have proved my concept to be correct,only thing left is increasing the efficiency of the engine components. Defination of analogy(from Wikipedia): Analogy (from Greek αναλογία – analogia, "proportion"[1][2]) is a cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target), and a linguistic expression corresponding to such a process. In a narrower sense, analogy is an inference or an argument from one particular to another particular, as opposed to deduction, induction, and abduction, where at least one of the premises or the conclusion is general. The word analogy can also refer to the relation between the source and the target themselves, which is often, though not necessarily, a similarity, as in the biological notion of analogy. _________________ Also,I need a microprocessor control programming to control the activities of my engine which consumes very little power,just like a engine valve timing system in modern Vehicle IC engines. Balanced energy equation of my engine analogy: Energy supplied to lift Red ball through commutator controlled motor mode at pivot + gravitational energy required to push the resistance away + frictional losses + other entropy losses = supplied energy recovered though generator mode by commutator control at pivot(red coloured in sketch) + electricity converted from overcoming of resistance+ frictional losses + Back EMF losses + other entropy losses. The idea is to extend time spent by gravity to act on a heavy object by a few nanoseconds due to the slowing down of the heavy ball speed due to resistance offered.The more the time gravity acts at a particular height(H=H1),the more the gravity energy gained to overcome resistance (splashing the water resistance in analogous example given) as well to rotate the half cycle generator rotor. In other words,take this example: If you hold any object by a hinged support continuously at a height(like a cantilever),will gravity act only for a single pulse on the object???? No No,it will act Continiously and hence there is a continuos opposite reaction force from the holder/hinged support and thus making the net further increase in P.E. to allmost zero. <--------- |— -------->= 0 What if the speed of heavy attached ball to rod reduces for nanoseconds by trying to go against water resistance? The more the time offered for ball to stay at a position,the more gravity acts on it. The key to any gravity engine design is to somehow use gravity as energy input. It's also right if said theoratically that "energy supplying and recovery process "is just like a or analogous to a catalyst,which is used to let the resistance overcomming process through gravity take place without actually any net change of electrical energy form/format from one form to another form of energy.The energy used to overcome resistance is then converted to electrical energy by a suitable energy conversion system. So Efficiency does not exceed the frame of energy which can be processed. 95 percent working Gravity engines should work on the principle that the Gravity engine/Gravity wheel systems are innovatively designed to take in (consume) much more Gravitational energy than what energy needed to lift heavy ball upward. The most problematic thing with many people is they do not think how more amount of gravity can be inputted to gravity powered engine ,than that needed to take ball up. If you substract total Gravitational energy input from the energy needed to lift heavy balls up in a gravity wheel,you get some net gravitational energy which is the net energy input to the system(input after subtraction) which can be converted to electrical energy.This is the scientific basis for any real Gravity engine.And hence real Gravity engines are not perpetual and do not violate Laws of energy conservation. The criteria for resistance system in my engine is: 1) first of all it should be overcommable. 2) it should be present only downwards and not upward. 3) The resistance system should be highly/reasonably efficient(output by input) 4) Amount of overcommable resistance should be reasonably large enough. If the resistance cannot satisfy these conditions,then it cannot be used in my engine. The splashing of water resistance (overcomming of water resistance)is quiet similar to the Overcomming of cantilever beam resistance by the central weight loading.The machenism of failure of two column supported beam(Simply supported beam) works similarly.Let weight W be loaded at centre.The overcomeability of a good beam should be less at initial stage.Initially there will be allmost an equal and opposite reaction from the beam for the weight loading,with little energy spent for deformation.Slowly ATOMIC Dislocation takes place(slippage of atomic planes/slippage of grain boundaries)and a point reaches where stress become unbearable(stress is resistance to deformation).As the stress become unbearable,there will be minimum equal and opposite reaction for the weight loading and then the most amount of continuous gravitational energy will be used to overcome this beam resistance/stress and finally the beam breaks.This is analogous to what happens in my engine with the exception of the speed at which all this happens.This is what I learnt in Material Science subject.No good material science Professor in machenical engineering would deny this. The speed of this similar process is actually relatively fast,occurs in extended nanoseconds time in my engine whereas in beams it is very low speed [it occurs in beams due to mainly Creep http://en.wikipedia....p_(deformation) ] So my engine does not go against laws of physics.In fact what I have told here in this comment is the backbone of structural engineering and the first question for an interview could be "how beams fail under self weight load and external weight load."My technology does not bend physics but uses it in a altogether different way. Limitations of the engine :1)Can it produce enough power to use as a car engine? Ans:Never with the present design,because of the higher weight to output ratio and higher dimension to output ratio.2) Can it be used as a home energy generator or electric car chargers for advanced electric cars like the new Tesla Model S?Ans:Yes,but the system is bit noisy and a bit bulky. The problem is the dangerous cancerous virus called "Perpetual". Real Gravity engines are not perpetual and PMM(Perpetual Motion Machines) do not exists and cannot ever exists. People falsely stupidly relate Perpetual motion machines with "Gravity engines" without understanding about PMM (Perpetual Motion Machines)and how gravitational energy can be used to run a gravity engine. The problem with most people is they do not think properly about the fundamental Principle involved in any Gravity engine which needs little Electrical energy supplied initially. There are 95 percent chances that working Gravity engines should work on the principle that the Gravity engine/Gravity wheel systems are innovatively designed to take in (consume) much more Gravitational energy than what energy needed to lift heavy ball upward. Offcoarse this needs Innovative and detailing thinking power to design such a engine. If you substract total Gravitational energy input from the energy needed to lift heavy balls up in a gravity wheel,you get some net gravitational energy which is the net energy input to the system(input after subtraction) which can be converted to electrical energy.This is the scientific basis for any real Gravity engine.And hence real Gravity engines are not perpetual and do not violate Laws of energy conservation,simply because these gravity engines will use gravitational energy as net input, for a balanced Energy equation. Idiot People who do not believe in Gravity engines say that since you get more energy than supplied it violates physics and hence Gravity engines are impossible. But the most worst thing is they do not consider the freely available hidden energy source in nature itself :The amplified larger quantity of gravitational energy used in innovative way than that of energy needed to lift heavy object up. NOTE:According to what I learnt from our Value added Subject named "Intellectual Property Rights" in my third year of engineering in india,is that;a patent document is published in Official gazette for public Opposition and further legal processing ONLY if the idea is novel AND it is never and not at all published anywhere else.Not only this,any body can copy the invention and patent it before you if you disclose it without publication in patent office. This is the only reasion I have given Analogous Example in my thread as proof of the concept with a related Sketch on Flickr website and not the detailed mechanism.I am applying for the patent now. Limitation of the example/Analogy discussed here: The analogy only explains a single complete cycle of the engine in comparison to Continuous repeating cycle of the actual engine. Water is not used in actual engine due to efficiency problems of water turbine energy conversion processes.Water splashing is turbulent and blades opposite reaction of blades to the water striking offers lot of losses.So some other much much more efficient Solid elastic type resistance system is used in actual engine.
  5. Wow!Fantastic,I liked this comment. I hereby request everyone to read my comment no. #98 as well as do read my whole blog, http://blogs.science...realfreeenergy/ and then ask questions only after reading each and everything patiently slowly, on my blog as well as #98. Thanks,John.I fully agree with you!!!
  6. May be you really misunderstood something. I used the word Idiots for those people who tried to create non realistic Perpetual motion machines and those people who can't think out of box:conventional.I didnt told that scientists are idiots. I used the word idiots for Some class of people,not for scientists. A persion trying to make Perpectual machine is definately an idiot.See,my engine is not perpetual. I would have named my topic as Real Gravity Engines.The reason why I had to add the words"Non perpeual" is that people assume that gravity engine is perpetual and cannot run,without actually reading the description.I know this psychology of people. In fact when I started inventing my engine,I was not knowing meaning of perpetual 4 years back.You can call this engine as gravity resistance engine.The resistance is realised by centralised (point weight) point loaded shaft. For understanding the concept fully,ou can log on to, http://blogs.scienceforums.net/realfreeenergy/ Or same description is available is available just below the image upload on last post on Flickr, http://www.flickr.co...N07/6854088744/
  7. Well,yes, 1)Suppose you place any object on a table top,the object will transfer it's gravity potential energy to table top.the table top will be full of internal vibrations on atomic lattice scale. 2) Similarly,suppose you have an elastic net with hole at bottom,ithat object/ball will transfer its potential energy to the net.The elastic net will be strained (related to material science) and will elongate causing vibrations which can be tapped by piezoelectric effect.This will increase the time taken to ball to come down by miliseconds to let the elastic material strained but at the end what we have is usable output. 3)Well,if you hold a object in air,you are going against the gravity as equal and opposite reaction producing zero net gravity. So gravity energy can be a fuel,but it should not be wasted simply.What my engine does is something similar to Case 2).The problem is we have gravity as fuel,we simply waste it. In my actual engine,I am using heavy pistons,gears,central shaft force distribution technique,etc.Actual engine will not use balls and net,which was just a very good analogous example Well,someone asked me whether I am here to learn or not.My answer is Yes,I am here to learn.But not blindly,first I will validate the comments here and then learn surely if anything is told which I don't know. Well what I have learnt from few forums like this is amazing!Infact,2-3 experts on other forums like this agreed that my idea works surely with no doubt. But they made me realise one thing:My idea works because of strained gravitational energy in material over a period of time,not beacause of impulsive energy. Since my idea is derived straight away from nature,there is no doubt my idea works. One more thing:My machine is not perpetual.Perpetual machine don't exist. Cases 1),2) and 3) I discussed are common sense to anyone.If someone is disagreeing to existance of elastic material,stresses,resistance and these three cases,it might mean that her/his basis in physics are not clear. Iwill give two examples how nature inspires and converts it in to inventions: 1)See how a fruit falls over a leaf attached to a leaf and sets the leaf in vibration,because of elasticity and resistance to fall of fruit causing stress in leaf. 2) see how MIT scientists made Artificial leaf which involves artificial photosynthesis.(A competition to gravity engines)The Artificial leaf is an excellent invention.We could have vehicles carrying a water tank which supplies water to this device which then converts water into H2 and O2 which can power a compact fuel cell for vehicle power train.I think this device is one of the most promising device.It is even better than having an electric car with expensive batteries such as tesla model S having a range of 480 Kms per charge. http://web.mit.edu/n...-leaf-0930.html I think we should learn from nature and ,my engine is inspired from nature.
  8. Well,disagreeing this means disagreeing laws of nature.I thought ,The example I used would explain you 70 percent of the concept,but unfortunately has not explained to you.Have you considered the stress which I have talked about in the elastic net?The actual concept would not use any net but will use distribution of both energy needed to lift heavy piston (recovered) PLUS energy output on one shaft from the centre which is then transferred through a secret confidential technique for best efficiency.Sorry,I don't agree with you.Read the same last Flickr post once again.May be you understand.
  9. Let's take an another example to understand how my engine basically works.I have posted this example on Flickr. http://www.flickr.co...N07/6854088744/
  10. Reference to thread removed. According to me,real Gravity engines are possible,but Perpectual engines are Impossible .You can't go against law of thermodynamics.You cannot make energy from nothing. The only ways to use gravity as fuel are1) using proper force distribution technique with Impulsive energy component of gravity2)weight shifting intelligently with proper force distribution.3) mix of both. Note that there are only few real gravity engine inventors,there are thousands of cheaters on Internet and idiots trying to make PMM. For more information,please visit my Facebook page,https://www.facebook.com/truegravitymagneticengines Thanks! Disclaimer:I am following forum rules strictly,so want to suggest that visiting my forum is only a suggestion,not advertisement.
  11. I think the modified description on first Flickr post may explain this.Or else I request Hypervalent iodine or any other physics experts to read and study post 66 fully along with first Flickr post and comment on this,if he/she points out something interesting.
  12. Agreed that Gravity acts in one direction but the effect of gravity can be extended to other direction.For example,a weight on left side of a rotary fan(vertical) will cause a movement of other fan blade on right side in opposite direction.The acted gravitational force can be diverged to any other path by designing the mechanical elements accordingly.I have an example of one part of my engine which explains your doubt about two components very well,but I cannot disclose that due to patent processing.
  13. The fact in case 1),that you can convert more energy into usable energy at both the generators compared to only one generator as in case2) shows the evidence of additional gravity potential component in addition to the potential energy component achieved while lifting the heavy ball.If you have still not understood this,imagine how cricket ball is being pushed by a bat which not only displaces the ball with the bat,but also it gives additional momentum(impulse).The 1st case proves that this concept is also valid for gravity.It's better that you make the models as illustrated in case 1) and 2) with weight at the top of the rod and attach generators at each wheel and see how much electrical power each case makes.Compare the power conversion efficiency.No,this is not the exact mechanism used in my engine.This is an analogy. If these is not true then the rod in case 1) should have partially come towards downwards,not touching ground,because it shouldn't have been attracted by enough gravitational pulling energy to help it touch the ground because of the resistance of two wheels instead of one wheel.This do not happen at all and hence proves the existence of two components of gravity.
  14. I am finding difficult to explain this to you,because I think you are confussed.Yes,I might make a better detailed vector diagram to show you soon.The vector diagram for the first Flickr post is complicated to draw!The last diagram I posted was only a simplified version.Till now,if you have not seen this few sentences on Flickr,then see this carefully once more. Now assume that you place one electrical generator at each wheel both in case 1 and case 2 ,then energy produced in case 1) is more than that in case 2),only due to weight force and implusive force distribution. So if you spend some energy to lift a ball up,you can recover it through one of the generators and take additional impulsive energy as output power though other generator. Now,when the rod falls over the floor,the vibration (bouncing) in case 2) is more than case 1) because impulsive energy turns into output more effectively in case 1)So the additional energy in case 2) is converted into inter material vibrations (Phonons)in the rod and more bounces compared to than in case1). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonon That bounces will still be slightly converted to little useful energy but not as much as that in case 1). I use similar analogous concept in my engine Plus one more simple secret concept.
  15. Oh,I am not calling Science as "idiot"!The idiots are many of those who definately are idiots!How can science be idiot.Science is a subject ,not a living being. Wrong,I thing you have not understood what I have described in the first Flickr webpage post.I also told that I have also added some more description 2-3 lines on the first Flickr post(diagram is still the same)
  16. This is your thought,not mine!Because you have believed in those idiots who told you that gravity engines are perpectual and cannot be made.I don't know how many have a workable gravity engine,perhaps very few including me.May be only me-one only. You have to combine/correlate this with the old Flickr post including both the descriptions on Flickr.Remember,gravity has two components and components are not exactly distributed in a particular channel!Both the vectors flowing away from each other ,away from the origin should be actually mixture of Impulsive potential and other component ,which I have showed a bit wrongly!
  17. Based on request, Velocity diagram for the weight and impulsive potential energy distribution can be found on, http://www.flickr.com/photos/59145126@N07/6985212845/in/photostream
  18. You have misunderstood,I have added slightly more Description info on Flickr,just look once again.
  19. I will suggest look at the Flickr website sketch I posted!There you will find the answer!It shows the proper Weight and impulsive force distribution over same shaft through the centre.It won't bounce much if you extract the impulsive energy through the special mechanism I have made.But if we don't extract that impulsive energy,it will bounce very much.Remember Gravitational energy has two components which I have discussed,not one.
  20. That energy which you are talking of is the main energy output(impulsive energy)!The energy required to lift the heavy piston(here,ball) up is recovered in my engine when the ball is comming down ,not when the ball bounces.Well,how I use impulsive energy is partially kept secret of my engine BUT how I recover both impulsive potential energy and Impulsive energy is Partially explained with a example on, http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream I distribute both impulsive potential energy and energy required to lift weight on the same shaft.( Partially explained on flickr webpage means some secrets are discussed/leaked and some secrets are not discussed at all due to patent processing On Flickr webpage.)The secrets discussed even though analogy here on this webpage as well as on Flickr website should be enough to get a proper idea of the validity /principle of working of my concept.If someone can copy and paste the content on Flickr on this forum with the rough sketch I posted on Flickr,that will be useful!My iPad does not support that without IOS App developed for Science Forums.
  21. Why not do a small experiment to know what is impulsive potential energy?Release quiet a heavy ball on floor from a height and see how the ball bounces?Just analyse,you might get the doubt solved.
  22. Let us Summarise only important things I shared with you:My engine Is not Perpectual and based on the regular laws of physics you read in books,use or see everyday. Why my engine works and why not Perpectual? If it does not work,it will prove the regular laws of physics absolutely wrong! All the laws of physics used in my engine are already validated to be true!and all those theories are used in other devices There are three types of theories which can be proposed by a scientist: 1)theories based on assumptions(assumptions made with doubtable reasons):May be wrong or right:need to be experimentally verified 2) theories based on well known and well established laws:Always right 3)Hybrid of 1st and 2nd type My engine is based on 2nd type! To prove my engine works I have to prove that my engine works on regular laws of physics! Since my engine is based on regular concepts of physics,there is no doubt that it works! To check the validity of my engine,you may check the basic analogous principle of operation of my engine! Now I am going to start making a prototype!I am talking to my college professors for starting this project!And the response is positive! Analogous Principle of working of my Non Perpectual gravity engine: (analogous principle of working means a principle of working Similar to that of the original principle of working) : This is "Gravity-Piston Impulse Kinetic Power Technology". Let's assume that,you spent energy to take object up,and regain supplied energy when object comes down PLUS gravitational amplification occurs when that object (Lets take example of basket ball)hits a basket ball net with small hole at bottom.When the basket ball hits the net,the net sets in vibration due to IMPULSIVE energy(gravitational amplification) .Assume that the net is piezo electric elastic material which converts impulsive energy to electrical energy!The basket ball net is analogous to 4 flywheels I used in my original engine design.(I use pusher rods to transmit energy to flywheels in my original design). Instead of heavy ball,I use heavy pistons and special force distribution technique,not disclosed here. I can't disclose the whole concept to general public because I am applying for patent:There are ready diagrams relating to my idea,but i fear some one could copy.Hence,I am explaining my invention through an analogous Example! My engine design is inspired from nature,hence there are no chances of failure of my Non Perpectual gravity engine. So what's according to me is gravity amplification : Additional gravitational energy stored in a descending body when gravity acts on it! This leads to Impulsive energy transfer! To be more elaborate, gravitational energy which has two components: 1) energy required to bring heavy object down 2) excessive potential energy Applied by gravity which then is converted in to Impulsive energy. Let's put it this way:take an other example not related to gravity engine.Whenever you push door,the door moves further than you intend to!Why?because of excess energy stored!Now,if u keep any ball in front of door on the floor,due to opening/pushing of door,the ball will get impulsive energy to move forward! Yes,that means gravitational energy utilised to pull the ball towards earth by the earth's magnetic field is much much more than energy required to lift it! So gravitational amplification is basically the excess energy gravity stores in a falling body like heavy ball!This can be used as impulsive energy by special and simple technique!Well ifyou are not aware,Impulsive energy is very high integral of sudden energies in a short time! I also use a weight distribution technique to get get back both impulsive energy in the form of electrical output as well as the energy needed to lift the piston up. regarding the analogous Principle in Weight and impulse force distribution,please see, http://www.flickr.co...N07/6829601232/ At first, I intend to produce products only for domestic use and as a camping accessory. I am doing more research for increasing power output so that it can be used in the future in cars. A single cylinder arrangement with 4 flywheels arrangement can produce enough power to power a tube light. What is the energy source powering your engine? The fuel is 1)impulsive potential energy component of gravity stored in heavy object if you lift it to a height as well as 2)the other gravity component needed to pull a heavy object towards the earth.You spent 2nd component fully to lift up the heavy object which is again converted to power BUT the other component emerges as the main power output(product). Ok,Let me put the initial basic equation in this form:Impulsive energy converted to electricity by special conversion technique (not disclosed here)PLUS energy to lift the heavy object up recovered PLUS little friction component A=energy given to lift piston PLUS additional potential impulsive energy stored in the heavy body when it is lifted up PLUS little friction component B!Now, The energy to lift the heavy object up recovered=energy given to lift the piston----eq.1) Use eq.1) in previous equation. Also,Resultant friction= plus or minus friction component A plus or minus friction component B. Now, You will get finally as: Impulsive energy converted to electricity by special conversion technique (not disclosed here)=additional potential impulsive energy stored in the heavy body when it is lifted up PLUS Or MINUS Resultant friction You can same equation write in other similar way as: Impulsive energy converted to electricity by special conversion technique (not disclosed here) PLUS Or MINUS Resultant friction=additional potential impulsive energy stored in the heavy body when it is lifted up. As you all know you can't make friction zero!Infact friction is one of the Important cause of increase in entropy. Interestingly ,I had heard of new research about magnetic friction less bearing,but I don't know much about this frictionless magnetic bearing. http://en.wikipedia....agnetic_bearing http://adsabs.harvar...APS..NEF.DB003D Even if I use these bearings,I will not be able to eliminate friction completely! Note that the final equation satisfies all known laws of physics and proves that my engine design is not Perpectual.There are few scientist who don't know the meaning of the word "Perpectual".Very few scientists may have invented a gravity engine but called it Perpectual without knowing that their engine could not be Perpectual.And there are only few real inventors ,not many. Also,note thatthis equation represents analogous principle of my engine.I also use a weight distribution technique to get get back both impulsive energy in the form of electrical output as well as the energy needed to lift the piston up. regarding the analogous Principle in Weight and impulse force distribution,please see, http://www.flickr.co...N07/6829601232/ Note that analogous means similar.Due to patent processing law requirnments ,I am not able to post the exact construction and working of my gravity engine,but it will be available as soon as patent is granted on the Internet. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analogous for more details about analogy. Note that I am only converting a form of energy into other,I am not creating energy. Still some are confused with impulsive energy? Example: Let us consider that a heavy ball is lifted to and kept on a basket ball catching net with a elastically expandable hole at the bottom.The net is elastic material .Due to gravity,the ball does falls and releases energy back,which was required to lift up(which can be recovered by specially designed mechanical means.).BUT the ball will not simply stop.It will use its excess potential energy to bounce back two to three times before it comes to rest.This bouncing back is actually caused due to impulsive energy due to conversion of additional potential energy into pulses(impulse) which occurs when the floor hits the heavy basket ball again and again(based on newton's law of equal and opposite reaction). According to Wikipedia, Impulse (physics), in mechanics, something that changes the momentum of an object; the integral of a force with respect to time According to Wikipedia, In classical mechanics, an impulse (abbreviated I or J) is defined as the integral of a force with respect to time. When a force is applied to a rigid body it changes the momentum of that body. A small force applied for a long time can produce the same momentum change as a large force applied briefly, because it is the product of the force and the time for which it is applied that is important. The impulse is always equal to the change of momentum. More information is also given on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia....pulse_(physics) Sun is a powerful source of energy,probably gravity may be a conversion of solar energy,Not sure at all.Latest physics research may proove or may not prove about gravity - solar energy relationship.
  23. But we need to make easier and more convinient solutions,we cannot make dams everywhere.A suitable location is needed.You cannot make dams in some areas like Rajasthan,India,placed around deserts.And it's so risky to handle dams,can cause floods,also difficult to fight against cavitation of turbine blades.Making dams are so expensive.It has still not completely replaced coal derived power generation plants.
  24. Most people don't believe but there are some intelluctual people who can take interest in the analogous principle of my engine which I have discussed and learn from it how real gravity engines could be made.Well,I am trying to spread the reality to as many people as possible!It depends on people how they except the reality.It is not a dump man's task to make gravity engines.Its needs intelluctual people like me,newton,Galileo,etc.There are only few true gravity engine inventors!The others have failed because they have either tried to create PMM or have tried to cheat society.I don't know why those idiots tried to made PMM.You can't make PMM.My engine is not a PMM.The most funniest thing is this:Most people think Psychologically that a gravity engine is PMM and cannot run.Who told them this nonsense?
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