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  1. Estrogen...interesting...I might be trans so this estrogen idea sounds pretty good to me especially if it can extend life. Ok maybe that wasn't a very scientific response but I had to say it.
  2. I just thought I'd open this to a discussion about anybody who knows more details about the subject. So I just found an article from a couple days ago that scientists have found a molecule in the brain that trigger aging. Here is the link - http://www.nature.com/news/molecules-in-the-brain-trigger-ageing-1. Here are some interesting excerpts from the article: "Further tests suggested that NF-κB activity helps to determine when mice display signs of ageing. Animals lived longer than normal when they were injected with a substance that inhibited the activity of NF-κB in immune ce
  3. Close your eyes and picture blackness in your mind and your closed eyeballs. Picture that your eyeballs don't exist. Picture that their is no noises or feelings. Picture that the blackness turns into nothing. WTF it's still black unless for some odd reason you decide to picture white instead of black. I say odd because white is something. And you are even more odd if try to picture pure invisibleness of matter and energy. Because... what you must realize is this: Realize your mind is doing the Picturing and your mind is something. So now Picture that you have no mind to Picture no mind
  4. History + Science Documentary series - What the ancients knew - What the Ancients Knew (TV Series 2005) - IMDb Unearthing Ancient Secrets - Episode Guide : Unearthing Ancient Secrets : Science Channel Any other series or single documentaries that you know of that combine history and science? (not cosmos stuff(since that is history technically))...I've seen plenty of those.
  5. Any scientific articles or scientific documentaries that you have heard of about this subject, especially more current ones? http://www.huffingto..._n_1495791.html http://www.scienceda...20504110504.htm http://www.livescien...ifferences.html http://www.scienceda...00802091205.htm http://www.scienceda...10609084808.htm Examples:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/3350010/Dogs-have-a-sense-of-right-and-wrong.html http://englishrussia...cow-stray-dogs/ <---this article is amazing http://www.pbs.org/d...es/dog-science# http://email.eva.mpg...Tomasello05.pdf http://
  6. Space A question from someone else on Ask.com that I've wondered about.... If vast areas of outer space contain nothing, does that mean those areas contains no atoms either? Best Answer - Chosen by Asker The "vacuum of space" refers to the relative lack of material in space. The Earth's atmosphere doesn't really stop at a certain place and then "space" begins. The air gets thinner as you go up from the surface and the farther from Earth (or the Sun) you get the thinner it is. It gets thinner still if you leave our solar system and even thinner in intergalactic space. But it is alway
  7. Any videos, articles, ideas, on solar cells or solar panels post here. 1) Any DIY guides, articles, videos, etc. for building of Solar cells?.... 2) Any DIY guides, articles, videos, etc. for building of Solar panels?.... 3) Any guides, articles, videos, etc...on more efficient solar cells/panels?....http://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/2012/06/breakthroughs-the-revolution-in-3-d-solar-cells/ 4) Any new chemistry/non-chemistry related ideas for the materials used in solar cells?....http://dvice.com/archives/2012/06/navy-designs-sp.php 5) Anything else to do with getting energy fr
  8. Any good TV shows, documentaries, or movies you know of. I have seen the universe, NOVA, many good universe type shows on the science, history, and discovery channel, how it's made, modern marvels, stephen hawking shows, a show on the history of chemistry, some interesting chemistry shows, many black hole shows, shows on CERN, social sciences(History, anthropology, psychology, autism, antisocial personality disorder, human geography(good one is guns, germs, and steel), dissociative personality disorder, Schizoid personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Histrionic personality dis
  9. ok maybe that last post negated my point..... after re-edit... Atheists muslims and hindus rejoice Merry Muhammad Ali Jinnah-mas!!! Actually it didn't negate my point :.... atheists, muslims, hindus, christians, jews, wiccans, etc... rejoice!! Merry Muhammad Ali Jinnah-mas and Newton-mas and Christmas!!!
  10. Most certainly not that's why I said I betcha instead of I know:)! http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2010-06-05/people/28299315_1_vinayak-damodar-savarkar-hindus-and-muslims-common-nation atheists muslims hindu's and christians rejoice!! Merry Muhammad Ali Jinnah-mas!!!!
  11. Merry Ibetchathroughoutthe8,000yearsofhumanhistorytherewasprobablyatleastoneimportantpersonfromeachmajorreligionandnonreligionthatwasbornondec25th-mas! and a Happy New Mayan Apocalypse Digits!
  12. That’s the skepticism that has reached us through the Enlightenment. Those that refuse skepticism in the realm of science then, and denigrate it, and recklessly rely on an “Unquestionable Authority“, they are ultimately placing themselves outside of Science itself, and outside of nearly four hundred years of philosophy if not more. I am skeptical of both god and “absolute nothing" ....that doesn't mean that I don't believe god or "absolute nothing" could exist... Actually it is exactly the opposite..I believe that god and "absolute nothing" could exist... TRUE science(being open to ANY
  13. Merry Ibetchathroughoutthe8,000yearsofhumanhistorytherewasprobablyatleastoneimportantpersonfromeachmajorreligionandnonreligionthatwasbornondec25th-mas! "Happy holidays" is just getting old
  14. Merry Ibetchathroughoutthe8,000yearsofhumanhistorytherewasanimportantpersonthatwasbornondec25th-mas!
  15. I have searched google for this but cannot find... is there a video chat site that lets you communicate with random people like chatroulette but by subject.... Kind of like a subject based forum like science forums..but once you click on a subject you are sent to a video chat instead of a forum?
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