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  1. according to euler, the infinite series 1+2+3+4+5.... = -1/12. the "proof" is a bit complex, but basically revovles around letting the series 1-1+1-1+1-1 = 1/2 here's my problem with this. let S = 1 +1/2 +1/3 +1/4 +1/5 +1/6 ... multiply S by 2. 2*S = 2 +1 +2/3 +1/2 ++2/5 +1/3 ... subtract S 2*S -S = 2 + 2/3 +2/5 +2/7 +2/9 ... subtract S again 2*S -S -S = 1 +2/3 -1/2 +2/5 -1/3 +2/7 -1/4 +2/9 -1/5 0 = 1 +1/6 +1/15 +1//28 +1/45... which aproaches a finite value greater than 0.
  2. there are already 5 dan cpus but making a 9 dan one would be quite hard
  3. this is a cool idea i found over at xkcd forums. for a number n, if n is composite, break it into its prime factors. if n is prime, place '<' '>' around the number and determine the n'th prime its is. then the first 20 numbers are... 1 <> 2 <<>> 3 <><> 4 <<<>>> 5 <><<>> 6 <<><>> 7 <><><> 8 <<>><<>> 9 <><<<>>> 10 <<<<>>>> 11 <><><<>> 12 <<><<>>> 13 <><<><>> 14 <<>><<<>>> 15 <><><><> 16 <<<><>>> 17 <><<>><<>> 18 <<><><>> 19 <><><<<>>> 20 a symmetric number is a number that can be written symmetric about the middle. the first few are 1 <> 2 <<>> 3 <><> 4 <<<>>> 5 <<><>> 7 <><><> 8 <<>><<>> 9 <<<<>>>> 11 <><<>><> 12 <><><><> 16 <<<><>>> 17 <<>><><<>> 18 <<><><>> 19 <><<<>>><> 20 <<<>><<>>> 23 <<<>>><<<>>> 25 <<>><<>><<>> 27 <><<><>><> 28 <<<<<>>>>> 31 <><><><><> 32 <><<>><<>><> 36 <<><<>><>> 37 hypothesis: 1) numbers that differ by true value of 1 won't differ by number of backets by more than 2. 2) symmetric numbers follow a logrithmic growth rate similar to the primes. 3) there is no general algorithm for adding recursive numbers.
  4. I ask this in the most serious way possible: what drugs are you taking? nothing that hasnt been perscribed to me. i've taken abilify to combat some earller bipolarism. i'm currently on some medication to fight any voices which i seem to now sometimes hear since atempting suicide. the medications im on are ripisadol a divaporeox. the reson i bielve in the supernatural is it seems to be not just me but things outside myself acting oddly as well. such as people know things about me that i didnt tell anyone, or people acting in a bizzare manner.
  5. so here is a small list of some of the experainces i had. when i went into the hospital, there were two weman there who i had never met who seemed to know exactly why i was there. one seemed to want to help me the other to condem me. after i got out, in the morning i woke up, my whole body seemed full of light. i dont know how else to describe it other than that. lightr radiated through out my skin. i read the bible and it said my word was truth. i condemned the world by saying one lie, one cheat, one steal is worth a pushment of hell. i went online and people were begging to be realased on a chat sever i regularly visit. i freed everyone, by freeing the worst person, krossos, who i later remembered from a book i read a long time ago is the god of death and destruction. he struck deals with people for their release. he had aparently had aleady been freed 7 times. the bible continued to communicate with me. jesus said he was the true god of isreal and that i should know that becuase he sent me two helpers. after a couple months i experanced a sort of 4th dimential reality. seasons shifted rapidlty, flowers grew and wilted in rapid succession, people scrabled for basic food. shortly after, i had a sensation of my head dissolving in acid, after it was over, i read the bible and the apostle paul said i was sentanced to satan to atone. a tv repairman came to my house to install direct tv. after he was done, i said, i leave you to your work, then he said in a near panic, "no your good your good." then he ran up stair, ran back down stairs, and stepped on my toe. he said i didnt step on oyur toe did i, and i said no as a way of forgiving him. then he said your running the show now. then the television seemed to be commucating with me in a simalar fashion as the bible. i read the bible and it said that i was satan, but that satan cant spit in his own eye. so i spit in my own eye to end it. there's more to it, but just to give you a general idea.
  6. so, let's start from the beginning. the harmonic series: 1/1 +1/2 +1/3 +1/4 ... grows indefinitely. however the series 1/1 +1/2^2 +1/3^2 +1/4^2 etc. aproaches a value, specifically pi/6 (or was it pi^2/6? well the point is its finite) in general 1/2^s +1/3^s +1/4^s ... aproaches an interesting value (something in terms of pi.) whenever s is even. now if we modify the equation in a few ways: first well do 1- each term. 1- 1/2^s +1-1/3^s +1-1/4^s... then we'll take the reciprical of each term. 1/(1-1/2^s) +1/(1-1/3^s) +1/(1-1/4^s)... then we'll multiply rather than add. 1/(1-1/2^s)*1/(1-1/3^s)*1/(1-1/4^s)... and finnally we'l exclude any non prime power terms. 1/(1-1/2^s)*1/(1-1/3^s)*1/(1-1/5^s)*1/(1-1/7^s)... it turns out this is exaclty equvalent to our original equation 1/1 +1/2^s +1/3^s... (its possible to prove this but admittedly i don't know how, im not expert. although this looks ugly, this multiplication means that if we can get the right side to be non-trivally zero we have information we can use to estimate the gap between primes. all trival zero occur whenever s is even. all non-trivail zeros occur when s = a +1/2*sqrt(-1) where a is some unkown value. or at least this is the hypothesis, its never been proven.
  7. so, on my 31'st birthday i tried to commit suicide. i survived, but after which over the course of the next 3 months i had a bizzare set of experances, that let me to believe that there is a supernatural element to the universe. i can't prove this of couse, all i have is alot of allegation about my experiances, but it is enough to make me believe. i chose christainty admitedy becuase it's what i grew up with. had i beem born in the middle east i'd probalby would consider myself muslim. but regardless, i truly believe that there is an element beyond what science can explain.
  8. if you need any help i am available to go over most of the basics. email me at phillip1882@yahoo.com
  9. if the number of paths at each split is fixed, then the general equation is... r^(n+1) -r ------------- +1 r -1 if not then I'm afraid you'll just have to add. lets say number of paths at each split is 5 and you have 4 levels. 5^(4+1)-5 -------------- + 1 = 781 5-1
  10. it doesn't matter, so long as all cases are covered.
  11. i'm afraid your question is too poorly worded to really give an adequate answer. the best i can do is try to explain what i THINK you're saying and then answer that question. what you have is a pathing question, and you want to know how many different paths you can take. lets take a few examples and see if we can come up with a general formula. its always good to start with the dead obvious cases, to make things clear. A 1 path A B 2 paths (A, B) A->(1) B 3 paths (A, A:1, B) A->(1,2) B->(1,2,3) 7 paths (A, A:1, A:2, B, B:1, B:2, B:3) A->(1,2) A:1->(1,2,3) A:2->(1,2) B->(1,2,3,4) B:2->(1,2) B:3->(1,2,3) 18 paths (A, A:1, A:2, A:1:1, A:1:2, A:1:3, A:2:1, A:2:2, B, B:1, B:2, B:2:1, B:2:2, B:3, B:3:1, B:3:2, B:3:3, B:4) is this correct?
  12. umm, that doesn't quite make sense. if row m column n = n*m then row 3 column 4 = 12 and row 2 column 6 = 12 and row 1 column 12 = 12 do you see the problem? i believe the standard algorithm is something like the following: linear value = row*total columns +column.
  13. phillip1882

    2 @ 2 = 4

    while somewhat interesting in the sense that 2 is the only number with this property, (2+2 = 4; 2*2 = 4; 2^2 = 4) it's not much challenge to define a growth operator where this is not true. for example, let's say # is 2*a +b -1. any number can be reached with smaller values, assuming 1 is given. 1 # 1 = 2 1 # 2 = 3 2 # 1 = 4 2 # 2 = 5 and so on. if you desire the commutative property this is only slightly more challenging. let # = (a << 1) x b |(b << 1) x a -1 where << is left shift, x is xor, and | is or. 1 # 1 = 2 1 # 2 = 4 1 # 3 = 6 2 # 2 = 5
  14. one of my personal favorites is the subtract multiply method. 89 * 97 ------- 100 subtract from each. 100 -89 = 11 *100 -97 = 3 ------- subtract one the two numbers with the cross wise multiplication value. (ie. either 97 - 11 or 89 - 3) 89 11 * 97 3 ------- 86 multiply by the amount subtracted. 89 11 * 97 3 ------- 8600 multiply the two subtracted values, and add. 89 11 * 97 3 ------- 8600 + 33 -------- 8633 unfortunately this is sort of a special case multiplication, and can only be effectively done when the two numbers are fairly close together,
  15. okay, i think i understand what you are saying. let's say there are 200 boxes; our population. each box has several features: size, material, wieght, shape, packing, and wrapping. each feature can have one of several values. to accurately represent a box, requires a random string of data; lets say 30 bits long. with 200 boxes, that's 200*30 bits; plus an error correction, requireing 200*1.3327 more bits. however, becuase we dont care about the order of the boxes; only thier identification, we can reduce this by 200*lg2 200; and likely are able to reduce it further for any rare or unused features. makes sense.
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