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  1. I agree, What if, n = 1661521 And condition is- use only simple calculator. Try to find sqrt of n. By the time you calculate or by guessing. Using my explained method and formula. I can get the two factor of n in less then 1 minute. No matter how big is n in digits, calculation time is less than 1 minute. If you give me n by simply multiplying p×q Then the only way i can find p & q is by sqrt method. It will take some time or lot of time for me to factor using sqrt method by simple calculator. Addition 72 series
  2. Prime numbers differ by two is called twin prime numbers. This method works only if you get 'n' by following repeated 72 additon series. If you give me any n this method doesn't work. Any how, i have found a new method where, If you multiply any of the below following p & q and give me n. Twin prime × Twin prime = n Prime number × Composite number = n ( not divisible by 2 or 3, having a gap of 2). Composite number × Composite number = n ( not divisible by 2 or 3, having a gap of 2). Then i can factorise it in few minutes. Even if the n is 1000+ digit
  3. Prove whether the below statment is true or false. Statement - 1) Calculate 72 × 1 + 36, 72 × 2 + 36 ......72 × n +36. 2) Add all the sums e.g 108 + 180......+ 35 = n (along with 35 once to get total sum as 'n'). 3) The total 'n' must be p×q= n. Where p and q can be, Twin prime × Twin prime. Prime number × Composite number ( not divisible by 2 or 3, having a gap of 2). Composite number × Composite number ( not divisible by 2 or 3, having a gap of 2 ).
  4. There is a paper at vixra (dot) org Number theory, citation 2103.0181 Instantly Factorize Any Product Of Two Small Or Large Twin Prime Numbers. Simple Method - 72 is the constant integer used in the process to find repeated addition in the series. First Step – Repeated Addition Series. Following the steps ask your colleague to add 72 and 36 as show below. 72 * 1 = 72 + 36 = 108 72 * 2 = 144 + 36 = 180 72 * 3 = 216 + 36 = 252 72 * 4 = 288 + 36 = 324 ......... 'Last Sum Of Series' Counting can be done as many times like 72 *5 , 72 * 6, 72 * 7 ....
  5. There has been some correction made. As explained in the plane effect theory(attachment) note that the force is created from all three dimension of space but mass experience the force only from one dimension i.e up&down forces from other two dimension is cancelled out due to gravity force.
  6. Hi to every one, No one knows how the virtual plane effect take place out in the astronomical space where all the astro body orbits in the given virtual plane. there are many theory that trying to explain the gravity at astronomical scale,about the atoms at subatomic scale but there is no standard model that could explain the plane effect in perfect way. reason, only that theory, the correct theory could xeplain this little wonder &phenomenal effect. My theory(sphere theory) trys to explain such phenomenal effect in a purely machanical way. see attachment.plane effect sphe
  7. It is not necessary that all the spheres should be so closed packed that there would be no gap in between them, gap is required is so that mass sphere would be placed . it doesn't require that all each sphere should get attached by all the neighboring spheres from all the sides. if attachment is there even on one of the side then that will do. We have to consider one thing that the mass should imediately put the disturbance on all the spheres to reduce their speed, this could happen only if the spheres are atttach to gether on any of the sides if the spheres are not attach say they are
  8. hi tar here is the answer for your puzzle. see the attachmentarrangment of constons 3.doc tar and daedalus both of you have got realy confused you are looking out for what is imposible. the dig which you have seen before doesn't means three or four or five or six spheres attatch together you already know three of the spheres won't be able to spin but a set of four spheres can spin.set of four spheres if you make them adjust in two clock & two anticlockwise then they can spin. take four pionpong balls attach two balls eachother mark them clock wise other one anti clock wi
  9. olvine's sphere theory.docsphere theory mass proportion.dochi this olvin look out at this theory that explains gravity a push force it discribes an un seen particle out in space Introduction Space as we called it empty, is not empty, it’s full of conston( graviton particle). Conston might could be a particle having spherical shape .but un seen It could have diameter smaller than quarks. It spins in its own axis. They are un bond but are in touch with each other just like the solid states of matter are close to each other. They all spins together This
  10. hi, daedalus this is olvin. i ll be back soon with full explanation about sphere arrangement. hi, this is olvin. i will be back soon with in two or three days . and explain the sphere arrangement
  11. hi tar, the spheres which i said is not spinning in same direction or the way you are trying to explain.you are right that six gears can spin but if we put one more gear in centre the whole set will not move. but the spheres out there in space spins in different pattern, the pattern that stricly follows the law of physics. this can be explain with the help of demonstration or with the help set of equations.i have the 100% proof that spheres can spin freely in clockwise and anticlockwise together but following a pattern.two way pattern theory it is some thing like in one dimension two
  12. each constons having sphere shape spins freely at constant rate. this happens due to the clock wise and anti clockwise imbalance process which i am not able to explain it in writting. you are in the right point that three gear cannot spin in same direction at same time.so conston are not spinning in same direction but in a pattern of clock & anti clockwise
  13. hi tar, thanks for taking intrest great question ,it is assumed that if one conston(graviton) spins at clockwise then other one spins at counter clockwise.from the source(mass) first distance conston spins at clock wise,second distance conston spins at counter clockwise again the third distance conston spins at clockwise and so on.
  14. hi, to all scientist, physicist. my name is olvine dsouza .I have founded a new theory on gravity that explains gravity in mechanical way. this theory has solved the elliptical effect that happens between stars & planets. so if any needs more explanation please contact me on email removed .
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