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  1. I don't know about your code, but I've built several optimal structures on Java as a library ... They're in my blog .. Check them: Blog:Java The first is optimal binary tree which is a hash structure of binary trees with O(log(N/K)), Blog:OBT The second is Insta:Associative Array which is an associative array with O(1), Blog:Insta good luck
  2. \ in ASCII is used to represent a special character, since C\C++ have ASCII as their default character-encoding We've \n (new line) \r (line break:win) \t (vertical tab) ... And to represent \ in output, it's considered as a special character .. so we write \\ which represent a single \ take this example, and check what happens: void main () { printf ( "hidden\b\b\b\b\b\b" ); } you will see nothing printed, but actually .. the console first print the characters: h, i, d, d, e, n .. then every special character \b (backspace) removes a single character
  3. You have to study both Discrete and Continuous Signal Processing .. because waves in reality are continuous, but you cannot model them on the computer as a continuous, you have a bit-rate on which you model that continuous signal as a discrete signal on the computer, continuous (real) signal have many properties that are modeled through BLUE matrix, Continuous means it covers all points through an interval, Discrete means we have a value on some (discrete) points One example as mentioned, is a sound file .. the sound is stored on the hard disk as a discrete signal with its properties, when played .. a complex analysis-based transformation rebuild a continuous signal that is not the exact as the original, but close enough
  4. check: Wikipedia:Smart Client It is simple, you can build an OS for anything, and at any level .. you just have to make sure that it can operate what it is built for, and that it can handle all of its aspects (all outcomes, states, risks, problems) with some exceptions to the last point (ex: most Operating Systems doesn't handle a dead-lock) .. but if the system builds a virtual framework for some work, we don't call it an Engine (a virtual engine) ... If you are a programmer, or a computer scientist .. you'd know that it's not impossible to build anything over technological systems .. do you know that AI scientists have talked about how to make more human-like robots, with their feelings, dreams, ..etc they even can propose and get married, they say it's a luck-based trial-and-error experiment
  5. I know that calculating Pi requires more complex mathematical operations, as we go farther away from the decimal point, I'd ask .. is it true that [math]\pi = \frac{22}{7}[/math] I mean, is it only true for number of digits after the decimal point .. or is it the exact answer ?
  6. It's simple, because everything you are browsing is filtered, but that's not all .. you browse in an anonymous way, because they can't see where you are from, ..etc
  7. Corel Draw is the best vector drawing software, especially if you are using Windows, because it's lighter than Adobe Illustrator,
  8. We will not solve your problem, you have to work something up .. and we will help you Here is a reference on Radix Sort: Wikipedia:Radix Sort Your alphabet is { 0-9, a-z, #, * } which you need to convert into numeric form { 0-9, 10-35, 36, 37 } And then you simply sort using the condition [math]\{ \; \forall x, y \in A \;\; | \;\; x < y \Rightarrow index(x) < index(y) \; \}[/math] .. good luck
  9. Provide the following information, if you need a banner .. i can make you a simple one, 1. Hight and Width of the banner 2. Title of your website 3. Description of your website (what is it for) 4. Selection of colors (general, ex: red to gold) About you question, you can use a drawing software (such as Photoshop or GIMP), or draw online at Slimber:Paint
  10. A network based OS, started years ago with the beginning of thin clients (a thin client is a device that only have memory and processing for a session), it loads the bootstrap (the bootstrap is the data needed by an OS to load into the device) and works on files over network (check live-ftp, FTP is File Transfer Protocol) ... Then Distributed systems were there to design a system including machines directly, coordination are done manually or through a software ... But new ideas came in, for more virtualization degree, Cloud Computing was introduced, where you don't look to devices, but instead you look to middle-ware, a Cloud of elements, elements of processing, storage, internet access, ..etc If you look, nowadays, Cloud computing is the nowadays technology .. as Apple introduced their iCloud service, There is a new framework higher than Cloud, known as Network Object Framework, the name might change, its idea is that elements in the cloud are blocks that can be arranged in an object\objects, in the future you can see the whole internet as an Object Framework, where servers are big Objects, applications are small objects within, ..etc There are also, Virtual OS .. which is something built over systems, sometimes it can be built as an application, website, ..etc, it simply have a high middle-ware to far hardware and more support in a different way .. the idea of an operating system, is that it operates something, what is that thing, it can be a device, devices, network, a cloud, ...
  11. I suggest Open Source and Linux (prefer Ubuntu), although personally I have a macbook pro ... Mac OSX price is 129$, Mac OSX Lion only costs 29$ .. and I bought it lately, I agree that I bought a macbook for a reason, otherwise I suggest getting ubuntu, I've ubuntu on my macbook, and I am an open source contributor too ... If you make your software an open source, I can assure you that all academic and researchers around the world will use, develop, test and write researches on your software .. moreover an open source community such as ubuntu community, will help you test, develop, and publish your software, Khaled Khunaifer, A Computer Scientist Blog: http://sites.google.com/site/khaledkhunaifer
  12. Such rates that are considered from a real system .. are not taken by a constant, equation, or a thought They are statistically given based on an existing networks at a given time in history,
  13. This might sound silly, but I recommend that you take a look in a game called Deus Ex, They go through that human can use technology to upgrade his senses ...
  14. Problem: DNA Alignment Type: Sequence Alignment -- see Wikipedia Complexity: NP ? Algorithms: - Heuristic Search - Linear Optimization - Genetic Programming - Probabilistic Methods - Dynamic Programming - Global Optimization You have to specify your needs, do you prefer time over quality of solution, or you'd like a slow method that give good results ?.. the size of the DNA database matter too ! Based on those answers, you will be able to choose the algorithm that fits ...
  15. public void push (T element) { if (size() == stack.length) expandCapacity(); stack[top] = element; top++; } private void expandCapacity() { T[] larger = (T[])(new Object[stack.length*2]); for (int index=0; index < stack.length; index++) larger[index] = stack[index]; stack = larger; } the function top complexity is not O(1), it's O(g(x)) .. where g(x) = complexity of expandCapacity = O(n)
  16. If your GIF image is not animation, then you can save it as a copy in photoshop, it will give you some options .. where you can lower its space, by decreasing number of colors used If your image is an animation, then you have to first crack down your images, lower their quality .. then re-make the animation using the right configurations
  17. This is a scientific forum, we don't use informal language ...
  18. We won't do your homework, here is a reference that explains what is APR
  19. You can check what CNet Reviewer says: CNET:Review
  20. communication data corruption usually comes from how you transfer the data .. if connections are wired, then it's related to the wires, if it's wireless, then it's related to waves.
  21. Take a look at these references: Solution using separation of variables Wilmott PDE Integration with Physics Model Scientific Notes on PDEs PDE Integration using Discretization Wolfram Notes on Numerical Solutions to PDE PDE as a Linear System PDE and Relaxation Methods .. good luck,
  22. no problem to address, not even the author had. this thread is too obvious to be a copy, for him to have a forum rank. not knowing that this forum have a different system of ranking.
  23. Mr. Huda, I've not worked on DNA Alignment problem, but I have experience in algorithms .. if you need any help in forming your algorithms, anyway, you should know that an overall similarity depends on local similarities, and thus you have to plan how your local similarity can lead you to global optima
  24. even when you format your hard disk, it doesn't mean you really removed the data .. formatting a hard disk means that you edit the meta-data of the file system, and cut the ropes that link the underwater crates (cut the links of the files), but the crates remain there (the data remain in the hard disk) ... to completely remove data from hard disk, you do a process called Data Wipe (where you overwrite the data), for security, you overwrite data multiple times, so that you can't read the surface of the disk to know what was written before, some people are over-secure, they simply destroy the hard disks.
  25. It's not a joke, and even mathematicians find it hard to understand theories such as the incompleteness theory,
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