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  1. Forget what I said, My point is that you can't have an egg omelet with just eggs, now why would I hire a pan and buy frying oil ?
  2. the algorithm is simple then, IF [math]DISTANCE < 120[/math] THEN [math]TIME = \frac{DISTANCE}{SPEED}[/math] ELSE [math]TIME = [ \frac{DISTANCE}{SPEED} - \epsilon \; , \; \frac{DISTANCE}{SPEED} + \epsilon ][/math] END .. where [math]\epsilon \; = \; 0.1 \times \frac{DISTANCE}{SPEED}[/math],
  3. Sorry about that, I've read the post quickly .. and about why would someone hire one, imagine that people use a machine that is formed of four parts, each part is worked on by a distinguish field, what happens if one says I'll just make it by my own. You know the city of scientists that Plato dreamed of, it's actually a logic joke .. because no town can live with only scientists, no home can be build with just rocks, But amazingly some uselessness can have value, like the story of the stone soup,
  4. Mister Sasori tattoo, As a theoretical computer scientist, I can only say you should form your ideas in a formal language Because, What you are implying, is that you can prove that Incompleteness Theory is wrong indirectly, by proving that you can find a formal language that can satisfies anything ... so, good luck with that .. when you do some proof, we hope you share with us
  5. I am a computer scientists, and I disagree that computer scientists are widely required, because of Distributivity Theory, Let me tell you something that some people knows not, a computer scientist is not necessarily related to computers, hardware and software ... computer science have many branches, but mainly: -- Software (Programmers, Developers, Analyzers, Engineers, ..etc) -- Hardware (Circuit Designer, Engineer, Low-level system engineer, Low-level programmer, ..etc) -- Theory (Graph Theory, Model Theory, Game Theory, ..etc) Speaking personally, I'm in the theory category ... Logic + Mathematics = Theoretical Computer Science Logic + Syntax + Structure = Software Logic + Structure + Electrical Circuits = Hardware .. don't take things I wrote literally, consider them as mental equations to understand what is out there ... best of luck,
  6. define "adjusted by 10%", is it that 10% is an error ?
  7. Yes you can, but you see Statement-based languages are based on ordered set of statements, it looks like an algorithm example: C int min_algorithm ( int a, int b ) { if ( a == b ) return (a); // 1. if equal, return any if ( a < b ) return (a); // 2. if a is less than b, return a return (b); // 3. otherwise, return b } Functional Programming on the other hand, you have two-steps behind, you have to use Lambda Rules to form your own Formal Language, which you will use to write the code of your program, usually used for logic ... In Object-Oriented languages, you have an easier way to code Parallel Algorithms, which are non-linear ...
  8. I suggest you don't go too much into theory, because only it's very complex to understand (computer science roots are mathematical logic) Other scientists other than mathematical logic scientists, would find it very hard to understand theories like Incompleteness, and Chaos .. for example Anyway, I suggest you try to use the formal definitions, technical terms .. so let me show you this, Programming Language Types: 1. Expression Languages: (aka Script Languages) the language is interpreted as given, line by line .. evaluation is its key, example: DOS, Bash, HTML, ..etc 2. Statement Languages: the language is written as set of ordered statements (like algorithm) compiled in a code, example: C, Python, JavaScript ..etc 3. Functional Language: (aka Lambda Calculus) it's more like a programming language where you code your language, example: Prolog, Lisp, ..etc 4. Object-Oriented Languages: where code is structured into objects created from classes (blue-prints), example: Java, C++, C#, ..etc Note: Expression, Statement, & Functional Languages have linear flow, but Object-Oriented Languages have universal flow, example: Linear flow is like saying in my universe at a given time, there exist only 1 living creature that progress, but universal flow is like saying at a given time all existing creatures are alive and progressing ! good luck,
  9. If you are going to pay for security, I won't suggest Mcafee because it sandbox your system and it has big update blocks, I wouldn't suggest Norton, because it's system is too complex that it makes your system lag, and its updates take too long if you use low-speed internet. I'd suggest Kaspersky, as you'd know that it's the most pirated AV in the world, because it's light-weight with light weekly updates, and a smart system that asks you for any event that occur in your system, instead of sandboxing your whole system ...
  10. khaled


    Function prototyping are important when: -- you are separating your library into an interface .h and a source .cpp -- you need to use the functions before you are defining them -- when you are using RMI over C++, to offer a Sink -- prototypes are important in definition files (advanced)... -- prototypes are important when using a Dynamic-Linked Library (DLL), where you have to define the function that will later be used as a pointer to the definition within the caller (advanced)...
  11. Lambda Calculus is based on three rules, as a primitive programming language, since programming languages in mathematical logic are nothing but a State Machines, where you have a graph of the language symbols, such early works by mathematical logic scientists such as Turing, Golden, Post, ..etc
  12. Functional Programming languages are basically Lambda Calculus, LISP is one example ... In functional programming, you don't have operators such as addition, subtraction ..etc, instead you have lambda operator from which you define your own operators, In general, functional programming is used for Artificial Intelligence, and Logic .. Another example is Prolog. On the other hand, we have Imperative programming languages, such as Python, C, C++, C#, Java, ..etc Usually programs that you may normally do in imperative programming, you would die to code them in functional.
  13. -- You can represent a variable of [math]2^{\alpha}[/math] possible values, using only [math]\alpha[/math] bits, where every bit has two possible values (0,1) ... -- 10 minutes = 600 seconds, 10,000 samples/second = 6,000,000 samples total, 256 possible values = [math]2^8[/math] ~ 1 Byte/Sample, Minimum Storage = 1 Byte * 6,000,000 samples = 6,000,000 Bytes ~ 5.72 MB (Mega Bytes)
  14. I think your post should be in Engineering or Physics forums
  15. The equation of the form [math]e^{\beta x} = \alpha[/math] have a real solution of [math]x = \frac{log(\alpha)}{\beta}[/math],
  16. the probabilities in the superposition are based on a model of future expectation, such as Hidden Markov Models, ..etc So, the probabilities in the superposition, doesn't lead much to reality .. but it can statistically lead the way, let's say for example you use a Markov model, if you have never been to the library in years ago, then you still have (0, library) .. because it's based on past outcomes, their distribution and their chain (order). Like saying "how many times he was in the library", "how many times he was in the library on monday", "how many times he left the food room to the library" ...
  17. I thought about, [latex]Speed \;\; = \;\; \pi \; / \; Second[/latex] [latex]c \; = \; \pi \; \times \; n[/latex] for some number [latex]n[/latex]
  18. This the diagram, it's a simple one actually ... You simply start from the highest-priority in the function .. BEDMAS = Brackets, Exponents (NOT), Division, Multiplication (AND), Addition (OR), Subtraction ~ Brackets, NOT, NAND, AND, XOR, NOR, OR ...
  19. Yes, you see in the first interpretation, we have N parallel objects at first that increase exponentially with time .. in the second, we only have 1 object, which have N states paired with their probabilities [math]P_i[/math], where [math]\sum_{i=1}^{N} P_i = 1.0[/math] ... It is very confusing to think about them, actually the second one is very much "the super string theory", to think that I don't know where are you now, you might be in the library, the class, or the food room .. so I might think that you are in [math]\{ (0.4, library), (0.35, class), (0.25, food room) \}[/math] ... But when I go look for you (observe) I will find you at the library, so your position will become [math]\{ (1, library), (0, class), (0, food room) \}[/math],
  20. Group theory is about groups (a mathematical structure), it includes permutation groups, abstract groups, matrices, transformation groups, ..etc They're used widely, from the applications of linear algebra, to abstract algebra .. to discrete mathematics where general and transformation groups are used to build models to solve problems, and permutation groups are used in cryptography and integrity checks ...
  21. A java code is compiled into classes, that are run by the JVM .. Applet is the port of java to websites ... in HTML you can use this: <applet width="600" height="500" style="background:#0C0; color:#FFF;" src="example.class"> You need JRE 1.5 or later ... </applet> where example.class is compiled from example.java which has the code of the form: import java.applet.*; import java.awt.*; public class Example extends Applet { public void init() { setBackground ( Color.black ); } public void paint( Graphics g ) { g.setColor( Color.white ); g.drawString( "The applet works ...", 50,50 ); } }
  22. rapidly Is that enough to say: [math]\sum_{P_i \in P} P_i = \infty[/math] ..? Because, besides Euclid's work, all formula that can be used to generate prime numbers create series that diverges ...
  23. There are different interpretations, take for example Schrodinger's Cat .. when we start the experiment, after a while without observing the cat inside, we have two cats, one cat was alive and became dead, and the another was alive and still alive .. it's just like that the cat have a probability decision tree, where since we don't know which branch it took, we have to assume that we have all those versions in parallel at the same time. another interpretation is that using the superposition, for example the cat have a probability of dying by 1/4, and remaining alive by 3/4 .. so in Time(0) we have a Cat with (1,0) for (alive,dead) superposition, in Time(1) we have (3/4, 1/4) that is interpreted like this "the cat is 25% dead, and 75% alive" ... .. thanks
  24. figure: Spiral-Plot of prime numbers under 2026 I think I can't get it, I'll do the plots later ...
  25. khaled


    If you want to open a company for IT services, starting with just your-self .. you can start up for free, and not under any laws, you just need to open a website on the internet. If you want to make it a real company (rather than a virtual one on the internet), then you have to go under the laws of the place you start up at, and you have to start with a Capital (A decent large amount of money) which can be used to build up and start up the company ... .. good luck,
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