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  1. Preaching ????? I thought that ""metaphysical realms or occultic subjects""" were not allowed here. Seems now you are breaking your own rules, but then again that's how "leader-ships in today's world seem to work lately." Preaching to my knowledge stands for someone whom is speaking on the behalf of a higher celestial entitie's fantastic rules on humanity....Don't even try, you went there too! I have already admited that I need help understanding this, I did not pull those numbers out of nowhere, because obviously this thread has had the most replies in probably any other thread here....I may be confused on my finds, but I am not dumb and neither are any of you. I am onto to something incredible. TEST , my number out on something, use it as a delta x, look at the results and tell me what you think about what you found. This is give and take here, I'm not going to do all the work!!!!!!!! DON'T BE SELFISH!!!!!!!!!
  2. Your math has been falsified? I beg your pardon? This is very bold you! Especially in a public forum.... If it has been falsified, then why not sue me then?????? If you ever get a chance to read what I just explained to mooeypoo another staff here, then I am sure I will receive an apology from you on behalf of your accusations towards me. If I do not, then I will leave and take my story to another forum..-----> how about that! You see this is why "humans" never advance to higher levels, its because of your ego! and this is why "your" world is what it is today, no math, science, nor intrigals, pure empirical observationb of your world!
  3. Good someone whom thinks! Yes this is exactly what I am saying pi ratio is not the circumference to a diameter it represents the "radians" of the number you multiply this with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a super pseudo vector!!!!!!!!Now I am talking too much... For instance 2x + delta x / delta x = some derivative right? What really is going to boggle your mind is this.... The co-secant line and secant line are this 2x deal, their position vectors are what ever their values are on the y and x axis in relation to the "slope." When divided by delta x, you thus take the derivative from these two, secant and co secant lines put together. When divided by delta x you thus then are using a different method for pi ratio. THUS! [co-secant+secant] = vector = magnitude , velocity or etc! It was already there to begin with! Look, the same works with my number accept I take the derivative of pi ratio itself and end up with the negative of pi ratio, here it is found in the exponent of 14. The number 8 here is an arbitrary number " I pulled out of my hat. 3.14*8 = 25.12 Same method only now we replace 3.14 with my number of: 94277083333321 94277083333321*8 = 754216666666568 25.12/754216666666568 = 3.33060791549775e-14<--------THERE IS 3. 14. Thus pi ratio is the number 3 to the 14th power! Notice in my number of 94277083333321, there is no tenths place, making this a "free number." But of coarse its cloaked for now. Again the regular pi ratio is a number 3 to the 14th power, it is compleatly backwards! Mine is not, but I still need help understanding what it is in relation to the main stream physics world. Hmmmmmm.... Notice the triples of 333? Could Max Planck known all this too?? Let us use some numerology now to see if this could be the case shall we: PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE 'YEAR' 1.986! 6.626e-33 / 3.33 = 1.98978978978979e-33 1989 / 6.626e-33 = 3.00181104738907 1 / 3.00181104738907 = 0.33313222724987 6.626e-33*299.792458 = 1.986424826708 1.989-1.986 = 0.003 1 / 0.003 = 333.3333333333333 1986-1989 = -3 Even works like this too: 6.626e-33 / 3e14 = 2.20866666666667e-47 33-47 = -14 But of coarse let us remember that numerology has no merit in main stream science.....HEY! 1986 was the Southern Summer Solstice Position Of Uranus! Look Here! :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranus Winter solstice1902, 1986 Summer solstice
  4. My ratio represents the opposite of pi ratio. The only thing I can say is treat the number I found as if it were pi ratio. Until I get an article that will "show the math" then I will disclose this information as per previously advised from other " sources" please don't ask. The ball is in your court, if you would like to see how I found this then help me get this out in a "published article and get credit as the person whom will re-define the math for me, into the standard "traditional mainstream ways." I learn from history here. If you would not like to, then I respect that. Thank You For Your Time, WOW! I feel somewhat honered really I do. I know the field of entertainment and fame trust me, been there done that. Can't get back into this loop again, if I had my math stolen then this would be three strikes against my produced music that "too" was stolen. I just cannot bare anymore losses...sorry..Plus I want to enjoy life too
  5. Please go over the "You have a theory" thread. I am quoting it for your reference here. You REALLY have to follow these guidelines, or we're not going to go anywhere with this: Whose we're???? Its been only " you " looking at this. My intuition suggest that this may not be the right area to further disclose anymore information, because " as you can already see", I pull numbers out of nowhere....remember? So why should it make any difference to you as how I found this pi twin?????? Also if Albert Einstein did not get this I doubt you would too. Remember ""you"" said you hate quantum mechanics and this is "space time." Where I got the position vectors from???? ARE YOU OK?? Seriously??? Here it is for the 4th time now! 8*3.14* [ G= 9.8 m/s squared]3.04763462485999e-8 To this: 8*94277083333321*[G= 9.8 m/s squared] /8077608713.062491 = 915038.5461701907 The Coordinates of the twins! Twin #1 [X, 3.04763462485999, Y, 3.04763462485999,Z, 3.04763462485999] Twin #2 [X, 94277083333321, Y, 94277083333321,Z, 94277083333321] DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE ORIGINAL PI RATIO CAME FROM??? WHY DOES NOT ANYONE ASK ABOUT THAT? WHY DO THEY USE IT AND NEVER QUESTION ITS ORIGINS????? Oh, I forget, it just works. For what it is worth: The point of interest is the x y z positions and the positions only, and still you have not even tested it nor anything else. You just want to know where I got my number from this is why I cloaked it. Also the example of the animals?????? Animals,, also have souls, where did these souls come from? do you know???? Stop being so dogmatic here. I am sure "others" may see what you do not. But of coarse this is in the speculations, and out of my control, but my math is not! And you do not control this, so HA!!!!!!!! WAYY-------------->Too anylitical "almost much suffocation here!"
  6. I GOT A GREAT SOLUTION HERE. Yes I know my method of explanation is quite (reverse) let us "for now" concentrate ""ONLY"" in this area. To add, they are not vectors, they are " positions only." Now, within the formula of the fieldequation, I have replaced pi ratio In other words pi ratio’s“twin.” The following explains this: Together in the Einstein’s FieldEquations of: 8*3.14*[G= 9.8 m/s squared] / 8077608713.062491 = 3.04763462485999e-8 To this: 8*94277083333321*[G= 9.8 m/s squared] / 8077608713.062491 = 915038.5461701907 These are the twins, These positions were used as 6 position all together within the x y z rotations only, they are not used in the methods of A->B, these are not vectors, they are "only positions for vectors static I assume." What Vectors?? I do not know. I only understand where these are located at. These are two twins, that form 1 all together.
  7. seems like you have "much knowledge in this great!" I recommended you view my model and explanation I placed up here earlier, the model image links to a blog, NUMEROLOGY is used with a combo of theoretical math.... thanks! Hope to speak soon!
  8. OK HERE IT IS. The following information has been previously recorded on a radio show and the following unit of 94277083333321 is notarized and copyrighted. Your Time Is Much Appreciated!!!!!!! The model image positions. http://gravityhasatwin.blogspot.com/2011/10/gravity-has-twin.html The following image reveals the vector positioning of the units of measure I have found in relation to Einstein’s Field Equations or EFE. The arrows in red are where I believe the twins of gravity locate at. ALSO!!!!!!!!!! The vector position in the image model, are used as x y z “rotational axis only” in relation to torque speeds for both – and + directions for the twins. Also!!!!!!!! The vector positions are 3 for twin 1 and 3 for twin 2. Making these 6 altogether!!!!! Or a 180 *2 = 360 Full Sphere Dome! This part is “very crucial!” In the number of 3.04763462485999e-8 the exponent of -8 cancels out, due to its twin’s involvement “now.” In other words this is the constructive and destructive interference model in quantum atom theory. When positioning the vectors as such, the later model thus is constructed. Most notably I used a 3d program in where I used “flat disc” polygons! Sorry, secant lines and curves just don’t do it for me anymore….. The Coordinates of the twins! Twin #1 [X, 3.04763462485999, Y, 3.04763462485999, Z, 3.04763462485999] Twin #2 [X, 94277083333321, Y, 94277083333321, Z, 94277083333321] Now, within the formula of the field equation, I have replaced pi ratio with its “twin.” In other words pi ratio’s “twin.” The following explains this: Together in the Einstein’s Field Equations of: 8*3.14* [ G= 9.8 m/s squared] 3.04763462485999e-8 To this: 8*94277083333321*[G= 9.8 m/s squared] / 8077608713.062491 = 915038.5461701907 These are the twins! This number 94277083333321 is a “cloaked” version of the absolute decimal form of three things. 1. the speed of light 2. infinity 3. pi ratio All of these three “unify” all together as 1 and – 1. The reason for this cloak is for further private professional use under written non disclosed agreement by the selected individuals. Moving along. What makes the number of 94277083333321 so important is because it is also = to 0.000000011 in angular seconds. And the following reveals this connection: 360*0.000000011 = 0.00000396 log(0.00000396) = -5.40230481407449 1/10e5 = 0.000001 Also the number of 94277083333321 is = to 8.833077969e-15 of angular revolution. And the following reveals this connection with the 2x method of deferential derivatives. 360 / 8.833077969e-15 = 40755895200227230 Log (40755895200227230) = 16.61019043682455 -- note the exponent is a 2*8 = 16 or 2 x. And the following is a 16-17 = 1 in a exponent form “””contained within the precession of base ten.””” 1/10e16 = 1e-17 When the number of 94277083333321 is used as the original pi ratio we see the following connection with its twin. NOTE! 3.69 is an “””arbitrary number””” used for this example. 94277083333321*3.69 = 347882437499954.5 3.14*3.69 = 11.5866 11.5866 / 347882437499954.5 = 3.33060791549775e-14 ---------You see this??? This is the original pi ratio! However do note that the “original pi ratio’s” numbers of interest is only 3.14, thus this is 3 to the power of 14 with a radix precession base of 10 “in between the 3 and 14! It is rather yet known as the radix dot or [.] Making this = to 3.14. All other numbers within the “original pi ratio” itself are non valued numbers, supposedly. As you can see for yourself with the example above the number of 94277083333321 represents all these arbitrary numbers in the “original pi ratio” of 3.1415926535897932384626433832795… These are the twins doing their thing! Like the star constellation of Gemini at 360 / 2 = 180 degrees! Making this system unique and collective metaphors associated with the number 13! Previously I had introduced this find: E= t = the following: 299.792458/144.1994472645505 = 2.07901253220476 m /s sqrd 144.1994472645505/299.792458 = 0.48099758154873 m /s sqrd log(2.07901253220476) = 0.3178571072492 m /s sqrd 1/0.3178571072492 = 3.14606776816854 = PI RATIO! m /s sqrd You can now see the same process and relation as there is also an infant number of pi ratios “original numbers as well!” And they all work the same, dis-cluding the number of: 94277083333321 Conclusion: Within the limits of my theoretical mathematics, this is strong evidence that support this claim of gravity’s twin in relation to Einstein’s Field Equations, and more that I have found within normal physics itself. Yes there is numerology involved in this coupled with the theoretical math, a science which is based on empirical observation. Coupled with both these “ordained orders” of construction twin like patterns of such, they form a hyperdemensional cube which could now explain singularities, but I am not too sure of that due to my un-accessibility to the science world up until now “I hope.” What are singularities? They are: The paths of light and falling particles where they come to an abrupt end, and geometry becomes ill-defined. As per wikipidia. I am a big believer of this! This can also be a connection to Dark Matter and the god particle coupled the Theory of Everything. I do hope I have explained this to a degree of understanding, and although this may sound a bit confusing to “some” I rest assure when understood for what it is with an open mind your methods of research may now be “more clearer” to you. Especially those darn secant lines that don’t really tell you anything. Thanks To All!
  9. LOL, thanks I read it all, and yes you are every correct "and" to the "point" Need I Say.... I will need to formulate a "FULL" MODEL For you guys, and will place this up ASAP here. However the model ""images""" I will need to place these " photos" on a blog site to show you the "position vectors" for the twins of pi ratio in relation to space time. Unless I can place them "here" by any chance, then I will do so as well with a url address in standard ways. And yes, quantum mechanics is crazy! But never underestimate the power behind it....It goes much further believe me. In the mean time, look up singularities, they are known to be " walls" in outer space or areas of space that come to an end.... Yes I know, do not even comment I will be here soon again, thank you so much for your time!
  10. "they" are the people from news paper publication. They have stated due to the issues of the scientific field's chronological truths, they wouldn't want to embarrass "themselves" if this was not a "legitimate find." I found this odd, but other publications have told me also as well. I am also a well known music producer with news paper article credits and very well respected so I know what public confirmation is all about trust me, it is a pain! Is there any method to discuss this in a closed setting with the staff only? Do you have a place here to speak about my finds in where only "the staff have access", at-least for now? I am being very "wise" with this, the music business has taught me much, and I do not want any issues with "drama" jealousy or etc if this proves to be what I know it is. I am sooooo excited!!!!!!!! In short also, pi ratio is this twin! It is found in the star constellation of Gemini the "twins" at 360 degrees / 2 = 180 degrees! Who would have known!!!!!!! I want to live a peaceably life and not cause envy in this field as I have in the music fields. I am sure you know what I mean, The challenges in today's world in regards to fame is very ill fashioned. Thank You All, I have read your comments, and it seems that you "may" be the people I need. I hope this to be true... HENCE: Review should be done by multiple people, yes I agree. ---------->>>>>OH! I almost forgot, What type of knowledge do you all have in the fields of "Space Time Geometry???" I really need to know please....THANKS! Review shouold be done by multiple people. Unless you just want to test your mathematical model on an expert for feasibility, you should show your model and have lots of people try to falsify it. If it stands up, even more people will be interested. Who are "they"?
  11. Hello, I have found something remarkable which explains the unification of mass acceleration and energy. The confusion behind this is because gravity I have found has a twin! The relation in philosophy is the Yin and Yang, Negative And Positive, Good And Bad etc... I am looking for someone whom I can "show" through theoretical mathimatics that this relation holds true. As I am about to go "public" with my find, they have told me that I need "physical" legitimacy by a "certified individual" within this category and subject. The selected person will get credit for this and shall benift from this as well. If you are interested to see this and test this in your field please let me know. I assure you, you will be quite amazed.
  12. i always thought that the square root of -1 was 3600.......but i "may" be wrong....
  13. yes! this is exactly what I wanted you to notice, it is this error. And in this we get the famous round off errors in computers. This is why my findings are looked at as pulling numbers out of no where where in fact I am manipulating them to satisfy the logic behind infinity and the loops of 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Any and every log style always is used again and again within a base ten numeral matrix. It is like a constant we use somehow. The ponder to your question of: I am typing this on one computer. Not an infinite number of computers. Clearly 1 does not equal infinity. This is how I look at this, although you are typing on 1 computer, many people will assume to read what you are typing in this forum. So technically, what you are typing may converge to infinty depending on how many people are reading your 1 typed message...And hence in vertual paralleled times zones all over earth converged to a 0 = 24 on line service server.
  14. Ok before I explain the 0.5 thing I just wanted to show you something about the random numbers you chose for your find of: 1.21e-64 Here is my dissection of it which relates to e of 2.718: 1.21e-64 / 8.85185438153131e+134 = 1.36694521604938e-199 log(1.36694521604938e-199) = -198.8642488905852 1/10e198 = 10e-200<----------- you notice that? this is the famed n = 0.5 and in this we see where the "loop" in time takes place. This is in the bases of ten! But it is more complex than that. Look here at another find of mine and please "look" at what is going on as apposed to just choosing random numbers here...OK? 8.1802469e-39/8.18024691358027e-39= 0.99999999833987 = Natural anti algorithm = 2.71828182394633 2.7182818284590452353602874713527 My mathematics in this has also calculated the Natural anti algorithm of e to the 9th integer of its natural sequential number 2.71828182 I am not using random numbers here, as this would have taken years to find in the 20 minutes I used to find it just now. My math is a very highly and advanced mathematics of my own invention. They are translation much like the Lorenz Transformations, but I use an infinite demension as a variable as apposed to 3 dimensions of cartesian vectors of x y z. I will explain your request, but really wish I had more time in doing so. Time is a circle which completes something as in x distance or frequency wave. Now, if you think "out of the box" you will ask yourself, where "in" this circle of 360 degrees is the starting point and the ending point logically or where is the origin? But, I still need help in this, as I believe my math proves everything is "truly" and really = 1. I really had issues with these finds and so many others until I was convinced of this and went public. Now a simple explanation as my time is limited at the moment, but I shall respond with more technical explanations later. The answer is in Earths axil tilt. This is so because precession of the equinoxes and time on earth takes place at this location. Now when you notice a right triangle such as in trigonometry, you see that the slope or secant of this "of coarse" is always at an angle.Some never question why this is, they only care for their answer right? However, it is this slope that is in relation to earth's axial tilt and one of my most studied areas. Everybody knows that it is the year 2012 in Australia as opposed to 2011 in or current "Northern American Region" and that Jesus Christ was born twice. This is so because of the Christmas holiday Celebrated twice a year. One in the Northern region and one in the Southern Region. Proof: http://goaustralia.a...a/a/ausjune.htm Looking at how 1 / 2 = 0.5 is an attempt to rectify this obscured way of 1. Thus all known mathematics on earth is inversed which explains why algebra functions much in this same fashion. When working with ratios which are infact fractions of x, we can see how this 1 / 2 = 0.5 belief can be misleading as n = 1. And when not fully comprehended while using e scales of ten, one confuses that this e scale is truly in relation to a 300 degree compleation of time verses a 360 degree """"cycled loop!""" As per the speed of light and the changes in seasons, it all holds in a 2x relation with pi ratio, the speed of light and energy. As earlier mentioned, I shall prepare a better explanation on a later time as my time here is quite limited. Thanks! hope this helps for now! I think what you said was great! It helped me on something look, I followed your order of 2*∞=∞, except I switched them: 1 / 2*3.14 / 0.5 = 3.14 1 / 3.14 = 0.31847133757962 1 / 0.31847133757962 = 3.13999999999998 round off = 3.14 WOW! THIS WAS GOOD! It seems that the only value that infinity has "must be pi." And frequency of coarse must be: 299.792458/ 3.13999999999998/0.5 = 190.95061019108402 4 / 190.95061019108402 = 0.02094782517844 log[10](0.02094782517844) = -1.67886105919081 1 / 10e1 = 0.01 0.01 / 3.13999999999998 = 0.0031847133758 log(0.0031847133758) = -2.49692964807269 1 / 10e2 = 0.001 Notice how the highlighted dark exponents in relation to 10 are forming the natural numbers in sequences of 1 2 3 4... Seems like the number 4 is a divine number. Also looks like the bases of ten = 0 empty space rather known as infinity which has no more numbers! These must be the h constant then! Now it make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is where infinite space switches in a "nullified zone" in relation to e scales and quantum physics! And this is in relation to pi ratio which thus loops this in relation to time and the speed of light hidden in the form of 0.5. Rather yet known as fractions of time in descret values of energy = h.
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