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  1. I heard recently that directional speakers already do this. The difference frequencies make the target sound to be heard. I wonder if the speakers could be made portable so one could have a personal ventriloquial device.
  2. Ultrasound lasers (sasers?) work because the frequency is high enough to keep sound from spreading out much. I was wondering what would happen if two sasers were pointed at the same spot on a rough but non-absorbing surface? Could the interference patterns of two ultrasonic waves create audible sound from a distance?
  3. The promise of reversible computation is that one-to-one logic gates don't have a theoretical minimum amount of energy they have to expend, lowering heat generation and thus allowing more operations per second safely. The problem with one-to-one logic gates is that they quickly fill memory. What I was wondering is if reversible computers could be feasible if information that needed to be erased were 'transported' by a series of gates to a certain part of the computer. All heat from erasing memory would be generated in one place that could be designed for efficient heat exhaust and wouldn't int
  4. Carbon nanotube spring batteries are a technology waiting for mass nanotube forest growth methods to become consistent enough that there are no major defects lowering their combined tensile strength. They have the potential for an energy density ten times that of the best current rechargeable batteries. Unlike current batteries, and even upcoming batteries like lithium nanowire batteries with the same potential tenfold increase, they can also have flexible and amazing power density, can be cycled infinitely without wearing out, are insensitive to environmental factors like temperature, can sto
  5. No, that excerpt is correct. The article I linked to explains many of the reasons why the Book of Mormon is often considered non-canonical, but one main point is whether revelation from God, like the Bible, has stopped. The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder-day Saints believes that God is "no respecter of persons" and continues to reveal His word to peoples in all times and places, such as the Americas. In fact, we believe there is more besides the Book of Mormon that will eventually become available. Maybe that'll be about people in Asia?
  6. Hi. My real name is Joshua Olson and I am someone who mostly looks to the future. Some really amazing things are just waiting for certain technologies to advance enough to make them possible. Science, rationality, and understanding and three things the world really needs.
  7. "There are a number of arguments used supposedly to “prove” that we are not Christian. It is important to recognize that none of them have anything to do with whether or not Latter-day Saints believe in Jesus Christ. Rather, what they basically boil down to is this: Latter-day Saints are different from the other Christian churches. (We understand that these differences exist because traditional Christianity has wandered from the truth over the centuries, but other denominations see things otherwise.) Their arguments against the Latter-day Saints being Christian generally fall into six basic ca
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