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  1. u seem a good parent! pls try undrstand me m not against u.

  2. the problem is "you have no problem" because u were not the victim na! even a killer gets a lawyer in its favour but regarding punishments for kids they dont have anything to protect them or say in its favour.locking for few hours in dark should be enough i dont think it requires days. if doesnt work try something else. true there is difference between smacking & beating but wont reasoning be better? good behaviour is required from everyone both from kids & parents especially parents towards kids. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedcorporal punishments/ physical tortures requires ban because people are loosing their own patience. when all supported it it was the time the parents inflicted corporal punishments out of sorrow. today its a question of ego. "why wont he listen to me?", "why wont he go for tuitions?". i remember when i used to be beaten up i hardly understood why what i did was wrong. i was once harshly beaten up for not going to bath. at a far later date i understood that they had some important work for which they were in a hurry. what i still dont understand is why they couldnt have told me or did their work in which i was never involved. in 11th standard i got beaten up for asking a teacher why she was angry with a friend of mine whom she wanted to turn out of the class for she didnt respond to the attendance being called when everyone was talking. infact it was the tecaher's fault not to have mede them quiet before attendance. none of us who werent taliking heard her start the attendance registration.
  3. pls answer me on ething. when u use corporal punishment on ur kids did u remember that the rule she broke was for her good all the time or u just expressed ur anger on her explaining urself why did she didnt listen to ur rules? if u did remember the 1st point all the time u r a good parent, u may choose punishment for ur kid for sure. but today u cannot put it to a general case because people have lesser patience & love. u may disagree with me for sure & i am not against all kinds of punishments but certainly against cruel irrational ones. there are other ways to treat children. the problem with the child torture cases is that when any race / community gets tortured they have to learn their rights to protest but regarding child tortures actually parents & teachers should learn it before & go against it. pls do give ur views but do think of my point.
  4. i agree with u. i am sorry for ur case. this is just a cruelity.
  5. i am not a parent or a teacher, but have faced & seen some horrible things personally & believe all should come forward to stop these. i think corporal punishments is required to be banned due to the fact that people are putting their frustrations on kids in the name of corporal punishments & parents are trying to pressurise them for being the topper in schools......... a friend of mine when i was in school had got beaten by her mother with a rod on her head for not being 1st in the class but third. a teacher from our school killed a kid of 8years for not doing her homework. she got away by paying rs 2000 fine. a fathe killed his 14yr old kid trying to make him a table tennis champion from my city. he got only 5years jail. if u think these should be stopped pls come forward and along with giving the kids education about giving respect to elders also tell them the limits where all should stop & donot scare them by punishing often. people teach children to respect their elders for they are always right & whatever they do is good for them which is a pure myth of today. & when such "goods like i posted are happening in this world their limitations should be taught to the kids also so that they may be safe. & such inhuman people should be punished in such a way that they dont dare ever think of doing such things ever. i have a small request to the moderators here to please keep this thread though it may not be exactly a religious topic, yet sometimes people(specially parents & teachers) get support from their religions regarding myths like they only know the highest good of children. pls brothers & sisters come forward to stop this mistreatment to chidren & give them their happy childhood. & remember children r the best gift of God. God bless.
  6. i havent told anything as good or bad. there are 4 books in our religion called vedas. composed over 3500years ago. the people didnt have any script that time in our country. the whole books went on for ages through hearing. u would object that there must be mistakes in those. but when we find the same words, same phrases & same sequence in the same book over a whole country (7th largest) which totally have different cultures in various parts we have toadmit their memories & concentration power. one of the most imporatnt reasons of people's concentration stated in the vedas is celibacy. sacrificing pleasures & control on ourselves can give us patience, tolerance, concentration. if u say i am claiming something impossible all i can say is i am a girl of 19 has been able to memorise a lot of scriptures of our culture of the language i dont understand. we didnt have mnemonic science at that time, atleast no proof of mnemonic science existing in india. god bless u.
  7. thank u but i was wondering if there is anyone from islam having similar views.
  8. yes i can. actually are we not animals too? what makes us different is we think of ourselves, our community, our world actually we need to. to do so we have to sacrifice some pleasures. having control on ourselves is not so easy for us so those who do so is called great. celibacy is something that we have to practise for we have other important things. if a person at young age starts doing sex wont it become like addiction & by any chance a person becomes a parent how is he/she to sustain the child? anyway see the danger involved also like AIDS. my point is not only fr sex but control over ur senses is necessary in al cases. God bless u. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedi really meant it, dont be an ant but do learn from an ant!
  9. would there be problem in colonising a planet full of trees?
  10. @brother willing to be ants! would u like to become an ant then? after knowing so many facts i think if u have love fr nature & world should become an ant! pls dont mind! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedby the way ants cant go to moon learn so many things & protect their own rights being insulted by me. its only u can do. not ants! so pls dont be ants. be humans & learn the good of ants!
  11. better than physical torture i think.
  12. swaha


    if the child learns it from another souce the result may be bad, parents should tell him when he becomes matured enough.
  13. how much respect & independence does ur religion give to girls? in my religion sanatan hindu dharma girls are given the highest respect. "naryastu yatra pujyante ramante tatra devta" where girls are worshipped god stays there. please reply.
  14. does ant save trees? does ant save tigers? does ant save other groups? does ant pet dogs? does ant live in the era of science? we have other works than eat sleep have shelter & have sex. okay? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged how much is that work compared to us?
  15. actually human being is the only organism who has been designed to work not only for themselves but for others. so if u spend ur time without having conrol on sex u shall spend a life not doing many things required. by the way tobacco also gives hormonal pleasure but is it good?
  16. swaha

    What is a god?

    But I am not immortal, I am not all powerful, I am not even "most" powerful than others. If god is us, then we have a suitable definition for "us" - humans, society, people, person -- we dont' need "god" as a definition. Does that mean that by that definition, God does not exist? ______________ u think so. u have to stop ur thoughts before realising god. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedGod cannot be defined by our preconceptions......... he is unconceivable. thats the problem of getting definition. he can only be realised.
  17. world i dont think can be better without religion. because then people will feel free to do anything they like may cause troubles for other. but with a uniform religion which everyone accepts. world will surely be better.
  18. if u forget the essence and practise the customs then no religion is right all are wrong. all can be questioned. shall i put examples? (if no one's feelings are hurt.).
  19. swaha

    What is a god?

    God is u, me and everything. no outside entity. you are yourself God. so ask what am i? not what is God? you will get answer easily.
  20. swaha


    why are u quarreling? give me reason dnt ask why not?
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