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  1. brother sisyphus is right. u cant draw analogy of universe with a soup i suppose. & i thought the universe was expanding so all galaxies r moving apart............. by the way what are the decelerating bodies in the soup? some leaves you eat?
  2. for question no. 2 shouldnt it be C? if it was a solid there could be lattice energy release but for liquids?
  3. great! have been long i watched MAGIC.
  4. can anybody atleast explain why the effect of Coriolis force is considered here at all? i think it happens as in case like a bead rolling from the edge towards the centre of a rotating disc.
  5. cant the mathematics be done without the coriolis effect or atleat the physical interpretation? but why does the precession occur at the rate of 24/sin(latitude) hrs & not 24hrs?
  6. yes the earth is non inertial frame of reference so if we look from outside we'll observe the earth roatting alone & not the pendulum? but that also doesnt answer that why the effect of coriolis force is concerned.
  7. i had read the article before. what i dont understand why the pendulum plane should rotate wrt the earth, and if it does why not at the equator. the sine of latitude comes by doing some mathematics considering coriolis force. but why the question of coriolis force comes at all for the rotation occurs at same latitude.(dr/dt=0). can the expalnation be given considering from an inertial frame of reference? if so please give me one for its easier to understand. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedi know i dont owe any response but generally someone tries to answer.
  8. complaint for negligience to the moderators. i think i get least no of replies. WHY?
  9. i didnt understand the reason in books why not?
  10. where does the sine factor come then? & why?
  11. if the pendulum is kept vertical & the earth rotates the direction of swing of bob is not influenced by the roattion of earth. so the angle the earth rotates in time t should be same as traversed by the pendulum in same time t. why then omega/sin(of latitude) is the time period of oscillation? can anybody please expalin me that cosidering an inertial reference frame? pls reply.
  12. swaha

    sir i didnt understand the calculation on ur on black hole entropy. could u pls explain me that?

  13. pls refer me the text book regarding that. our books dont have it. anyway the book just needs to be available in India.
  14. regarding the equations of bending moments in elasticity suppose we have a beam of length l fixed at both ends. at a disttance x from a fixed end o there is point c. regarding equilibrium of the length x ie oc we ignore the reaction force acting at the end other than o. why? if the beam is fixed rigidly at both ends then we take the reaction couples into account but if placed on knife edges it is not taken into account why? can anybody suggest me with books on general properties of matter in university level, bachelor's honours. thank you in advance. Merged post follows: Consecutive post
  15. regarding equations of anharmonc oscillation while solving we 1st ignore the anharmonic term say ax square. then we put that solution in the equation and try to solve it again. i dont understand how it reduces the error? please explain.
  16. i can prove all them with 2 by 2 & 3 by determinants. 1. this would also be true if no signs needed to be considered. dont know how to proceed wid signs. 2. no idea for this one. 3, 4 i did them, so not reqd any more. got another prob if the elements of a row be multiplied wid cofacors corr to some other row th result vanishes. cant prove it beyond 3 by 3.& dont know how to apply induction here.
  17. 1. prove that the value of a determinant is unique? ie the ans is same whichever way we expand it starting from whichever column? 2. det(AB)=det(A)det(B) why? where A,B r determinants of order n? 3. for a matrix to be orthogonal (A transpose)(A)=(A)(A inverse). again if AB=AC we cant say that B=C. so how can we say in the previous case that A transpose=A inverse? 4. is identity matrix unique can be proved? ie if AB=A can we say B is unique? if yes how? thanks in advance.
  18. regarding all relativity problems we find that experimenters are talking of clocks synchronised when they have a relative speed between them. if we synchronise two clocks at rest and one pf them starts to move, attains a velocity near about that of light then will light have a constant speed with respect to those two clocks?
  19. i didnt understand one thing ideal car, ideal roads should have only one point of contact. to measure the distance shouldnt we consider 2 points 1st???!
  20. if we always collapse the wave function while measuring it how can we say that it was at the superposition of some states & not that state themselves?
  21. ok if the cat is both alive and dead y cant we see it that way? y do we only measure after opening the box that its dead or alive? i asked something like this regarding photons where Mr swanshot said that this is how there trajectory is defined. but my question is if something can simultaneously be in two states or places how can we say it's the same thing which is present? whenever there is a difference in position at the same time how can we ever consider the things same? please reply.
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