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  1. why? pls explain. i think its so when they are perpendicular not parallel.
  2. probably we added a heat engine in the system. & yes no heat from outside is supplied or rejected.
  3. 3 bodies of equal mass specific heat capacities are at temperature 100k, and two at 300k. they are acted by a heat engine. what is the maximum temperature that one of the bodies can attain?(not mentioned which one?) ans. 400k.
  4. to get some easier formulas.
  5. ctually i saw it in a book, may be a misprint then. shall wait fr a few more negative answers before requesting the moderators to close.
  6. just compare the results. when we take the partial derivative wrt x we cancel out the chance that a function of y & z may remain & similar is the case of y & z partial derivatives. hence the requirement of comparison. the function of (x,y,z) will remain in all three & will be taken once in the phi.
  7. what is A.B.C? where A,B,C are vectors.
  8. if k is scalar then only no 3 is true.
  9. if it doent bounce back the why is it called collision?
  10. where i come from & where i go after death are these truely vital questions in life? one is a past other is a future we arent sure if we existed before & after. so whats the point?
  11. can u clarify me why do u want to fast? if its for health go ahead but if its for religion then 1st watch about yoour health. God wont be pleased to ee His children torturing themselves even while having physical problems.
  12. i was thinking of starting a thread "which God is right?"...........!!!!!!!!
  13. as much knowledge i have christianity teaches people to love everyone as your brother & sister, charity. islam teaches hospitality even in extreme cases. hinduism teaches sacrifice. all basically have same meaning. if u are not eager to sacrifice neither u can share your love nor u can show hospitality properly. all requires selflessness. hence all are right. as far as buddhism is concerned it suggests u to leave family for salvation. i dont say its impossible to attain salvation at home but as long as u are at home u are bound to be attached to your family, habits & work. unless you l
  14. if religion is a belief then science is also a belief. like the way we cant prove any existence of God but with the assumption that God exists we can determine our ways to life science also doesnt prove its assumptions but only through its assumptions determines the way in which nature tries to go. so see both are important. conflict arises due to our ignorance only.
  15. though basically i am a Hindu i respect all religions & i believe all must respect all religions & love his own. all religions are right till they interfere with humanity & doesnt go against science. so this is a very stupid topic.
  16. swaha


    can anybody do the sum please? for i really couldnt do it.
  17. swaha


    i asked the approach. i couldnt get the work done. the temperatures are not constant.
  18. yes effect is before the cause if u go faster than light.
  19. calculate the final temperature attained by the 2 equal masses connected by a carnot engine whose initial temperatures were T & 4T(absolute temp.) and specific heat capacities of both masses are C. pls tell me how to approach the sum. answer is 2T.
  20. it dosnt have enough mass to be called a dwarf star.
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