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  1. the instant data can be taken from both reference frames. there is no c in any of them hence both are equally real. just depends on the observers' choice of rf.
  2. 1. The blood would pool around the legs because of gravity, but my question is aren't we overcoming the gravity force to go up, why would it affect us? Ok the explanation is that upward force from the lift is not acting on the body. But if we are moving up how come it doesn't affect us. which force doesnt affect us i didnt get. 2. Ok what about lift moving down, why don't we feel any weight? Ok the explanation is we are moving with gravity, but if the lift is not accelerating at 9.8 ms2 we should feel the gravity right. who said we dont feel weight we feel lighter if the lift is ac
  3. mass is what matters in gravity not spin. dont know about the 3rd.
  4. thanks i got confused..........
  5. use the baloon & dont allow the co2 formed to escape.
  6. if space is not nothing then what are its properties?
  7. i havent done statistical mechanics yet so pls explain
  8. swaha

    what is this resident expert u have under ur name?

  9. but why cant it be just equal? over unity wont be possible for it would break energy conservation law.
  10. yah but how did theymeasure it? what's the method?
  11. what is over unity perpetual machine?
  12. our teacher was explaining the equivalence of kelvin plank & clausius statement of 2nd law. i would like to know if there is any proof of them individually. thaks in advance.
  13. is it truely possible to measure the size of universe? for even light dont reach us from some parts.
  14. 1. no. 4. it should for i think otherwise it would travel infinitely long distance. 5. not yet got the collapse of wave function.
  15. what if some mass of the fuel gets converted to energy example radioactive fuels!!!!!
  16. swaha


    yes B/E=c2 where B is magnetic & E electric field.
  17. why cant gthey rotate about same centre of mass?
  18. i read about this experiment somewhere i forgot who did it 1st. pls tell me that before closing the thread .cant find it now.
  19. the way the question of a simple classroom demo got compared with 500m bullet it seemedmay be the actual experiment was kind of with guns. dont u think so?.........
  20. dont give guns to ur students in classroom while demonstrating they might miss the target!
  21. next time you pour coffee hold the mug.!!!!........ jokes apart there got to be some incline i think.
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