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  1. Not stating - suggesting! I'm suggesting that there might not be any gravity in QM, because it operates under different rules than the macro/relativistic world.
  2. Very interesting discussion! Would it be totally wrong to consider QM as a singularity, and thereby accept that it might be incompatible with relativity? Then gravity becomes an exclusively relativistic issue.
  3. Drainpipes are made to lead water away as fast as possible, so if we attempted to gain energy from them, it would slow the draining, thus defeating their purpose.
  4. Obviously I have no evidence to back the following suggestions up, but neither does other more or less accepted hypothesis, like the 'inside black hole' one, or the 'multiverse' of M-theory. Suggestion 1: Could a new big bang have occurred 5 billion years ago, inside our universe, causing our universal expansion to accelerate? Like a balloon inside a balloon? Suggestion 2: This one should be easier to dismiss. Could the big bang have happened in two stages? Stage one releasing only dark matter, and later the version we know, with both matter and dark matter? In that way our universe would be surrounded by a huge gravitational field, that is only getting stronger as we are catching up to it? I myself lean more towards the 'biased measurements' solution, but until we're sure, I take the acceleration very serious. I apologize if you think this is a complete waste of your time.
  5. So they entangled two particles while they were hundreds of miles apart? Mind blowing! But hey... it's from 2017! Why address this now?
  6. Are you suggesting a big bounce? By asking that, I also bring this thread back on the intended track
  7. There are two reasons I thought of an "outside". Mainly because I've seen universe simulation videos, where you actually look at it from beyond. And secondly because of the multiverse model, where our universe is just one of countless neighbor universes in an endless vast vacuum.
  8. I get it now. But it wasn't Hilbert's Hotel that helped me. It was a name I gave it. I call it: "Does not exist"
  9. So, you're saying that "everything" (spacetime) grows bigger, but there is no place to grow in? Doesn't that defy logic? Edit: Unless we name the place it's growing into: "Does not exist", of course.
  10. But if the "hot dense state" was the universe (spacetime), then the nothingness around it was not, I assume. Or do we count the "place" that spacetime is expanding into as a part of the universe?
  11. I only know one sentence in latin. And it fits this forum well: Finit Hic Deus
  12. Kanske det är Gud som besöker honom...?
  13. This is important information, that you really need to tell your doctor. He will know what to do.
  14. Those words were spoken long before the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment was done, or the recent Wigner's friend experiment. Both experiments point to the observer, not the equipment, as the culprit for quantum change. What is your personal - not professional - opinion about this?
  15. Thank you very much for un-wooing that! And for widening my horizon!
  16. So it will not prove parallel universes, even if they succeed?
  17. I don't think this about mirror particles. Here's a quote from another article Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/parallel-universe-portal-mirror-world-science-stranger-things-oak-ridge-a8987681.html
  18. You may have chosen the wrong forum. This is a science forum, not a bible study.
  19. Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/scientists-are-searching-mirror-universe-it-could-be-sitting-right-ncna1023206 I don't know about you guys, but my money is on "a waste of time". If she succeeds it's gonna literally change the world.
  20. It was the general concept of the dimensions I was asking about. I did not mean to start a hair-splitting about the amount of them. I do know there are some theories that have more than 11.
  21. Of course. My inquiry was, if it had any foundation in science.
  22. I believe it is a general misconception deriving from sci-fi authors and Hollywood. But it is something millions of people has accepted as science fact, unfortunately.
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