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  1. If the results of this experiment holds - if it can be reproduced with even higher certainty - does it not mean that a particle's superposition returns, after the measurement stops? In other words: That the particle only has a fixed spin direction, when it's measured?
  2. Basically it just means that Schrödinger's Cat's life depends on who's opening the box. If it's dead when Alice opens it, it will be alive again when Bob does it shortly after. Good for the cat, bad for objective reality.
  3. Full summary: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613092/a-quantum-experiment-suggests-theres-no-such-thing-as-objective-reality/ Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1902.05080
  4. Love is a description of the feeling best defined as "yes". Yes, I accept you. Yes, I want you near me. Yes, I like what you do. Sex is the the most intimate version of yes, but not the strongest.
  5. I wouldn't call them crises, but disasters. And IMO WW3 started in 2001. We call it the war on terror. It's global.
  6. My knowledge is not sufficient enough to elaborate on the Higgs yet.
  7. Science can only "see" back to the point immediately after the BB.
  8. The ISS is mainly a place for space research. If they added artificial gravity, they could not do it. It would be pointless. Artificial gravity would only be beneficial for long term space travel.
  9. Concur. Although the majority of today's theists are more bound to religion by tradition than lack of knowledge.
  10. I always thought I was more or less an average semi idiot. Someone who could understand little and achieve less. But then the internet came and after a few years I built a business. By 2002 it had turned into big business. Apparently I was smarter than I thought. But science was still not a thing I considered within my reach. One day I decided to watch the docu series 'Cosmos - A spacetime odyssey' with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Much to my surprise I understood it all, and it gave me an urge to learn more. So I watched 'Through the wormhole'. Very enjoyable, educational and thought provoking. They left me with a desire to learn the sciences behind the facts and amazing stories. And that is where I am today. Trying to get the details straight. It sometimes gives me a headache to try to grasp especially the math behind the facts, but I am beyond being the hopeless fool I once thought I was. Now I believe I can learn it. That I am capable. It might take a while, but I will eventually get there.
  11. I hereby withdraw the above statement. It implies a notion that I regret. Besides that, "grooming" is an awfully poor choice of words.
  12. https://news.sky.com/story/black-hole-radio-jet-pointed-almost-directly-at-earth-11614684
  13. Theoretically. It's just math and presumptions. What we really see is just a dark circle with stars disappearing into it. And to make it all even more obvious, the massive BH in the center of our own galaxy sends out a signal, a narrow one, that only a very small part of the galaxy can receive. And we just happen to be among the very few to be receiving it? C'mon. "They" are grooming us to think we are real! Mods, please don't move this to speculation. We are just exploring the philosophical prospects.
  14. We can't assume anything really. But I consider black holes as a possible sign of limitations to their technological capacity. From our perspective, they (BH's) take a lot of matter out of the equation. Almost like deleting it. But that's speculation of course.
  15. Are you saying that the hypothetical makers of this simulation also have quantum mechanics? If so, research has determined that you can't simulate a quantum based universe from a quantum based universe. They attempted to make their finding disprove us being simulated, but all it proves is that they (the makers) do not themselves have QM.
  16. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound like a fact. I have just been thinking a lot about how quantum phenomena and the simulation conjecture can fit each other, and wanted to explain some of those thoughts. I have edited the mentioned statement. If however you choose to move this thread to speculation (not that I agree!), I am ready to defend it.
  17. Yes, it explains why the wave collapses, and why there even is a wave. A quantum computer could be explained by it actually tapping directly into the CPU that runs our universe. That is how it becomes crazy fast. I also have a theory about entanglement, and what relevans it has in the simulation.
  18. On wikipedia science is strictly physics. No philosophy or existentialism is included. Yes, it explains matter (particles) as holographic voxels. When the GPU is handling data, and sending it to the "screen" (our mind), the wave function collapses. Technically it means that when matter "knows" it will be seen/measured, it becomes "real" and tangible. Does that mean everything not seen is halted? No. But it only happens in the processor, not on the holographic screen. Like a movie running on a DVD player, but with the screen turned off. Although I find solipsism silly, I do think that they (whoever made the simulation) did fast forward most of the universes span, to get to the interesting stuff, here on Earth. Note: This is not my conviction. But I favor the concept a lot. It makes so much sense to me.
  19. True dat. But if you ask me, it's an emotional, and not a rational preference.
  20. The more gravity you are exposed to, yes. But on Earth it's a matter of milliseconds at best.
  21. You just need to be near a black hole. Then your local time freezes. You will not feel the difference, but a distant observer will see you as frozen. You will see them a moving rapidly. When you go away from the black hole, after maybe hours, many years will have passed for everyone else.
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