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  1. curious layman thanks for the help and dw its fine mate
  2. Right ill type up a bit more info So I wish to make energy from the water falling down a drainpipe im not sure how to do this because I have never really done this before so I was thinking about putting a small turbine connected to a small dyamo?
  3. If anyone has any clues or hints (but no answers) that would be lit
  4. Hey Ghideon I havent tried so far because as you can guess I have a small budget I have bought a small dynamo to experiment with and done some sketches but i need to know in more detail what im doing
  5. So what machines/tools would i need to convert rotational into electrical
  6. Thanks guys for your help but I was more thinking about the drainpipes leading down from the gutter to the Drain Also guys another quick question How do I turn rotational energy into Electrical Energy
  7. So as my tech project for my GCSE I was given a problem. There isn't much point going into huge amounts of detail but essentially what I need to do is to create electricity from drainpipes. I do not know how to do this I know it would involve dynamos and such but if someone could give me a more detailed explanation that would be great Thanks in advance, Lewys
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