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  1. QuantumT

    Machines made by DNA

    Article: https://techxplore.com/news/2019-04-dna-lifelike-machines.html Paper: https://robotics.sciencemag.org/content/4/29/eaaw3512 Engineers at Cornell have successfully used DNA to make tiny life imitating machines. That's how I read it. Could this be one step closer to understanding the mechanisms that resulted in life itself?
  2. I know we are at the dawn of black hole exploration, but if (when) we advance at it, should we not be able to see if black holes can generate an Einstein-Rosen bridge? If such a bridge is possible, should we not one day be able to see matter jumping from hole to hole? Or would we have to test it ourselves, by visiting a black hole, and taking the leap?
  3. QuantumT

    Decoherent wave collapse?

    I never got an answer. Maybe because I asked the question wrong. So here we go again: Could quantum decoherence be the cause of duality? The reason I ask is not because it's an idea that I have, but because I've seen others postulate it elsewhere. I just want it confirmed or denied.
  4. Even if there was, we must assume they had seen it coming a long time, and that they were "technologically mature" enough to escape. If not... bummer!
  5. That's exactly what I thought! Almost...
  6. QuantumT

    AI sentience

    The beginning of consciousness is preference. Input or no input. Light or dark. The next step is additional information. Something in the light or nothing. Then comes the definition of something. Recognition. Learning. We could go on for hours! You see, there's no magic in consciousness or intelligence. It can be broken down to simple data.
  7. Yeah I know the Planck scale and particle and atom sizes. I used to have fun by explaining it to my friends. Their jaws would drop. But it is new to me that so much matter can become so dense in a singularity.
  8. So let me rephrase my question: What is the size/volume of the mass that powers the M87 black hole?
  9. QuantumT

    AI sentience

    I would argue that gravity is a force, and that consciousness is data. But we'll not know for sure, until it's tested.
  10. So you're telling me that the very "thing", that powers a black hole, isn't physical at all? Has no volume?
  11. Even if it is incredibly small, it still has volume, right? Just not something tangible.
  12. Yes, I've also read that. But what about the volume/size of the singularity itself?
  13. What is the estimated size of the M87* singularity?
  14. QuantumT

    AI sentience

    I hope I live long enough to have that tested. My money is on the puter.