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  1. I tried to remove the limit on my bittorrent, while downloading, and it showed the bittorrent client taking up to 50% of the CPU. Another 10% went to my firewall, and up to 10% went to "systeminterrupts". qBittorrent: 40-50% Zonealarm: 7-10% Systeminterrupts: 5-10%
  2. My bittorrent is reduced to max 50, which often gives low DL speed. Any lasting solutions?
  3. No. It's the same when I drink water, coffee, red wine, whisky and gin.
  4. I've been having a persistent problem for over a year now. Every time I download something from multiple (40+) peers, my whole system starts lagging fiercely, the cooling fans run berserk and I can hardly control my mouse. It only happens when there are many connections, like in Windows Update or when I download bittorrent files/content (all legal of course!). I've tried updating my LAN and mouse drivers many times. Doesn't help. I've also googled it countless times, but no help there either. Is there any system files, that manages connections, that could be corrupt? I run Windows 10 Home on a Lenovo 81HN V130 i5 laptop.
  5. Yes, I know. Like the surface of a balloon. But once that balloon was small. Once everything was located in a singularity. If you look at this simulation of our universe, there is a place in the middle, where the distance to the furthest away stars is equally long in all directions. Right?
  6. Isn't there a location in the universe, that everything is moving away from? Sort of an expansion "ground zero"?
  7. It looks to me like they have explained complex macro phenomena with a quantum sized starting point. They just scale it up, and it works (they say). I, for one, am looking very much forward to getting more details!
  8. I guess we'll have to wait till more details are made public.
  9. The finer details are behind a paywall, so it's not easy to defend. I'm not sure it it helps, but they do offer a glimpse of the math: The math should cover the definition of "energy that flows". And their conjecture does rival GR's ability to explain the bending of light and the slight rotation of Mercury's orbit:
  10. https://theconversation.com/fragments-of-energy-not-waves-or-particles-may-be-the-fundamental-building-blocks-of-the-universe-150730
  11. I didn't imply that they required ID. I just said it's a better place to make the argument.
  12. He's right, but making a poor job explaining it. Before there could be stars, there had to be atoms, and before that a big bang. Everything can be traced back to a more primitive state with potential for the next step.
  13. It was a potential with mammals millions of years ago. The Homo lineage came from that, and resulted in us. If you're looking for ID in nature, there are better places to look. Like the fine tuned elementary particles, and the cell's ability to reproduce itself. Those two things are great mysteries, how they came to be.
  14. Icelandic ice cave (I use this image as background of my lock screen) , Dripstone cave in Germany
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