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  1. The whole premises of this thread is based on the 2016 Asimov debate, where the conclusion, of us being simulated, ended up way below 50%. In that debate Tyson was acting as a host, and only commented on the statements made. He was being funny and tried to entertain the audience. We need people like him in science, if we want the public to engage. And we do!
  2. You are so wrong it's becoming ridiculous. Don't you have any pride? If you do you should stop.
  3. Before we can talk about what is real, we must first agree on how reality is perceived and measured. Do you know how?
  4. You are letting your personal feelings getting in the way of facts and learning. And in that process you wrongfully degrade good people.
  5. The research in that link only proves that you can't simulate a quantum based universe from inside a quantum based universe. If we are simulated, I find it likely that QM is a biproduct of it. An area they either failed to see us discover, or an easter egg for us to find. Either way, they do not have QM. That at least we can learn from that article.
  6. QuantumT

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    What would it take to get a visit from E.T.? Before we can determine that, we need to know what is required for intelligent life to emerge, and get here. - A rock planet with a magnetic core - A large neighbor (like Jupiter) to shield against most large object impacts. - The right distance to the star - The right elements and circumstances for life to start - Preferably a moon to make tides. - The right timing to make thousands of years of space travel coincide with arriving in our time. Right now! - Stumbling upon Earth as a one in a gazillion chance. Literally a needle in a huge stack of needles. - After beating all the odds, being unwilling to show you presence to the general population. Playing hide and seek, despite being superior.
  7. Evidence of what? All it shows is "something" in the air! And that something must be extraterrestrial according to you?
  8. Conclusion without evidence is superstition. And there is zero evidence of extraterrestrial visitors.
  9. QuantumT

    Was Jesus and Muhammed the same person?

    No. He was just a radical jew, who was executed. If he existed at all.
  10. Sorry for not replying. I was not notified about your message, and you were (previously) quoting the article, not my words. I'm just the messenger. My interpretation of this, is that it confirms "the observer effect", just like the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment does. So we have two different experiments that contradict the "measurement effect". Two different experiments that shift the culprit from the instruments to the scientists themselves.
  11. QuantumT

    What is good about golf?

    I knew a hairdresser like that once.
  12. QuantumT

    What is good about golf?

    You don't have to break a sweat, and you can still call it a sport.
  13. Might I suggest a digital science section? One that addresses reality as virtual. Many might not like it, but it's come to stay, so why not talk about it openly?
  14. QuantumT

    Oh no! Not another conjecture!

    Yes, that's what I meant. Although it is sad to be proven wrong I am grateful. So thank you! Now I can move on.
  15. QuantumT

    Oh no! Not another conjecture!

    What is that? The energy from the big bang?