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  1. In Denmark, hand sanitizers with ethanol, are being used with great effect in all areas of health care. I was recently in a Danish hospital, and the sanitizer gel was everywhere, with instructions to use before touching anything. Patients with 'super bugs' had sanitizers at their beds, and cleaning after them was done with chlorine. It works! Now we just need to address the usage of antibiotics in agriculture.
  2. Finally I managed to find a description to the claims. It has a name. Zero Energy Universe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-energy_universe It's a hypothesis.
  3. It seems Michio Kaku agrees. He says* the exact same thing. (* duration 1 minute 16 seconds)
  4. Then I suppose my presentation is correct. The video is only there, so you can 'see it for yourself'. It is only 3 minutes long. This is his claim: Is that correct?
  5. I'm sorry if I presented it wrong, I didn't intend to. But didn't he say that gravity is the counterpart of matter?
  6. Yeah, I sensed there was something kooky about his claims...
  7. Okay, I just saw this short 3 minute video about our universe coming from nothing. In it, the narrator says that gravity is the counterpart (negative energy) that balances the universe to a total value of 0 energy. Is that correct?
  8. Thank you very much, Mordred. So if the wave state is applicable in our reality/world/universe or whatever, does that not mean it weakens the many worlds hypothesis?
  9. https://phys.org/news/2019-09-exotic-physics-phenomenon.html Since English isn't my native language, I have a hard time understanding what this means, practically. Could someone kindly explain it? Thanks!
  10. Should you one day find yourself with too much time in spare, and wanting to try out something difficult and extraordinary, why not build a wormhole? https://www.sciencealert.com/physicists-have-published-instructions-for-diy-wormhole Warning: Gaining the tools and parts for this garage project, might be impossible, so arm yourself with lots of patience and optimism!
  11. According to Scott Denning, prof. of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, we don't need to worry about the world's oxygen supply, despite of the thousands of wild fires in the Amazon and other places around the world. https://theconversation.com/amazon-fires-are-destructive-but-they-arent-depleting-earths-oxygen-supply-122369
  12. Back in the days (80's) we had dynamo lights on our bicycles. Small turbines that rubbed against the front tyre, producing a small current, enough to make light. They stopped making them, because they don't work when you stop your bike. So in a badly lit area, you could get hit by a car. But the general concept is still equally valid.
  13. There you go again. Being absolute. It is not my belief, just my favorite ontology. Or ToE if you will. That quote is not about Strange or anyone here. It is about bias.
  14. Solipsism is an ego-based version of a virtual reality. Just because the idea exists, it should not be used as an excuse to dismiss VR. Using an extreme to exclude the main issue is too easy. Last-Thursdayism is kinda the same, but with an extra layer of problems. Coding false memories in billions of people? Naah... Let's just stick to the basics. What would we do? None of the above!
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