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  1. every human have their perspective about science it pointless to force someone to accept your perspetive
  2. so you judge people by their diploma not by their brains. this topic is about space dimension and their structures not about pointless talk.
  3. 1.yes that hypothesis is based on gravity carier of interaction,GToR,QM, and i think its key to ToE. 2.i think its only our perspective of view about space time.
  4. 1.yes you can and science works like that 2.- 3.that my question . 4.good example but i wonder how apeard that structure named space-time and how that model influence universe laws? (from image)
  5. if my gypothese its right then space itself it black enegry and i dont see any experiment that contradicted that . can you give example of some "scientific theory".
  6. 1.yes it does ST is just part of MT that should explain the origin of matter but you cant experementaly prove it that the ISSUSES .(+ST is not finished) 2.i dont care about honor or credit only information realy maters. 3. i think number of spacial dimension is determinated by a formula i want to know if that formul exist or NoSD is determined random .
  7. i think space is a energy form like matter or black holes , if black holes are colosal concentration of energy space is oposite.
  8. i copy them because that quote fits perfectly the ST isuses. its not dishonest i copy the facts not opinion. and you should not close the topic because i want to develop the subject : the nature of space dimension.
  9. i just googled ST isuses and copy then
  10. ST is using to explain nature of fundamental particles and multivers is the uselful as hedgehog in condom factory ''1)The biggest drawback of string theory is that even it cannot specify the exact reason for the bashing of strings or even membranes for that matter.2)also you cannot test string theory.3) you cannot explain dark matter or dark energy using string theory4)When the strings dont intertwine our universe holds good but this gives no space for pocket dimensions like general relativity (electrons go missing while jumping energy levels giving a theory of pocket dimensions), if the pocket dimensions do exist then the universe implodes which doesnt happen.5) Is reformulated a lot of times based on new theories and concepts and will still be reformulated.6) a huge fight on the number dimensional elements have been going on between 10 and 11 and still not given a solution''
  11. you dont get the point like AT ST explains the world structure very good but dosent have evidence they are basically the same there more way to explain universe but we should base one the way he stud
  12. no, but i can give you a analogy 2+2=1000-996=-8+12=...4 its mathematical corect but not result is important but the way of result. +and ST have issuse ... its like ephir theory from 1900
  13. i agree with GR but string theory its a absurd attempt to get ToE
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