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  1. Finally! Been waiting a long time for evidence like this.
  2. Time is not just time. It is spacetime. If you change time backwards, you also change space backwards. And your brain is part of space. So, when you arrive back in time, you will have no clue what happened, because your brain does not remember the future!
  3. This is what happens when you try to talk about simple practical things to nerds!
  4. Maybe an electric fence, some boobie traps and some hounds too? Just to be sure!
  5. Just bought a new router, and learned how to boost the WiFi signal. Thought I'd share it. Indoor WiFi uses a weak radio signal (I knew that), so to get the best usage, you need to know where to put the router, and how to adjust your antenna(s). The antenna(s) broadcast in the opposite angle of themselves. If they point upwards (vertical), they transmit horizontal. Like this: So to cover the most of your house, you'll need two antennas forming an "L" shape, like this: The best place to put the router is in the middle of the house, elevated with air around it - never hidden away, and preferably not close to any electric devises, like a monitor/screen. Your security settings can also influence the WiFi performance. The most optimal setting to use is: WPA2 - AES If you choose other settings, it will slow down your speed significantly. Hope this was useful to some of you. PS. Remember that all new routers have the same default login and password, so remember to change it, or anyone can hack your network and abuse it!
  6. Sorry, I got lost in technical terms and loanwords. Can anyone translate it to "normal" english, or will I have to break it down word by word on my own?
  7. Homophobia, or any phobia towards a persons sexual orientation (not preference!!), is a lack of understanding and appreciation of what sexual orientation is. Sexual orientation is never something that you, as an individual, choose. So when you find yourself attracted to someone, not standard or appropriate, you have to deal, not only with your own confusion, but with the intolerance of your peers. The biggest misconception there is about alternative sexual attractions, is that it's a choice. IT'S NOT A CHOICE! It never was!
  8. The only science that may support a (non divine) creator, or some degree of intelligent design, is digital physics. Creationism and intelligent design is frowned upon by most scientists, but that is because they suggest evidence of a god. With digital physics, God is removed from the equation.
  9. Vegetables are a necessary evil, to get your vitamins and keeping the bowel running smooth. If I could live a healthy life on meat alone, I'd do it. But I do appreciate every single vegan and vegetarian out there. They make my environmental footprint less damaging. Or at least that's what I tell myself
  10. It is something I have always wondered about, since I was a child. What is there beyond spacetime? Back then I imagined a wall of rock, but I was only a kid, inspired by 70's sci-fi, so there you go... But what happens if a hypothetical spacecraft goes to the outer limits of space? Does it just stop or bounce back, because it is a part of spacetime and can't go beyond? Or does it continue into an endless empty void? Obviously nobody knows. But what does the theories predict?
  11. I could tell by the quotes that it was pseudoscience at best.
  12. Any unwanted noise can cause stress and eventually bad health. If your neighbor plays loud music at times when it disturbs you, it will stress you and be bad for you. While at the same time, your neighbor is enjoying him/herself. They even use hard rock music in torture. The music itself is not the problem. The problem is if you are forced to listen to it when you don't want to.
  13. I thought that matter and antimatter annihilated each other on contact. So are the rules different with sub-particle quarks? Like tiny singularities?
  14. Don't worry. The ability to "cross associate between different subjects" is actually a sign of high intelligence (I don't know if that is correct english...)
  15. You didn't really address my question. Here is the old theory https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-does-time-seem-to-speed-up-with-age/
  16. So, does this mean that the previous theory has been replaced? Or are there now two competing theories?
  17. Aren't you sometimes tired of... eating and shitting? Of getting older? Of headaches, nausea and bad sleep? What if you could get a mechanical body, that could last forever. One that could imitate sex, eating and even using drugs. Would you say yes or no? And why?
  18. I think that statement is a bit ahead of its time...
  19. Excellent point! But isn't it a projection from a 3D (+t) reality? If you pull the computer's plug it disappears.
  20. Please don't say that! Meat is one of the few good things in this life! Without it, we might as well all be cows!
  21. This is how I imagine a (lower and) higher dimension: 2D (+ time) is out of the question. They do not have atoms and molecules to make them exits, or light to make their world visible. 4D (+ time) would probably be like our 3D, but without geometric laws of volume as we know them. One could imagine carrying your house in your backpack. Like a snail. But the house would be live size once you pull it out.
  22. We just need to stop using fossil fuel and plastic. It sounds like mission impossible, but the good news is that East Asia, who has the majority of people globally, also are the brightest ones among us. That gives hope that they will cease pollution before it's too late. We, in the west, have already begun the journey, despite our slightly lesser intelligence.
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