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  1. Absolutely. It's only a matter of how we digitally imitate the brain sufficiently. But let's not forget, that humans are not the only sentient beings on Earth. Less than human could be enough.
  2. I see it like this, although it is simplified and not technically totally accurate: There are 3 realms: Micro (QM), Normal (Earth) and Macro (Universe). They all have their own unique set of rules called: Quantum mechanics, Newtonian and Relativity. Obviously they can't be strictly separated like that. They do mix sometimes. But in the grand scheme they rule their domains.
  3. Thanks for the answers! A more speculative one: Could a head on hit cause FRB's ?
  4. Yes, but isn't that relative? From the EH perspective it probably happens in a jiffy, right?
  5. I have a new question that fits this thread, so instead of making a new thread, I thought you'd prefer me using this. If I am mistaken, let me know, and I'll make a new, Here goes: When a sun is absorbed into a black hole, where does all the heat go? Could Hawking radiation be that heat escaping?
  6. In this computer simulated model of our universe, the shape seems almost cubic
  7. No, that's called living. But I suppose living is time travelling too. Sorta.
  8. The teleportation we see on Star Trek is "dissolving matter and recreating it". I can't see how that could ever be ethically responsible in any way. But then again, in 500 years we are old school. Maybe! Travelling forward in time is easy peasy. All you need is a black hole. Travelling backwards violates every rule that exists, because it tries to separate time and space (you are part of space). No can't do. Forget it.
  9. Do you really need to make this about a mathematical property, when you know exactly what I mean?
  10. I've heard some arguments that duality (the collapse of the wave function itself) is caused by quantum decoherence. Do any of you agree with that? And if you do, can you explain how decoherence collapses the wave?
  11. AI is at the cradle stage currently. If its advancement keeps going, there is no limit to its intelligence. Unless of course intelligence has an upper limit in itself. Like C has. Is there an upper limit of intelligence?
  12. This is a place of science and facts. Not of numerologic speculations, which is based in superstition.
  13. Would it be technically possible to make a ternary (3 bit) computer? Instead of the basic "on or off" in our standard binary ones. I imagine this might be done by having one extra state added beside on and off. We could call it dormant or standby mode. Dormant/standby would then be neither fully on or fully off. Edit: I would also imagine that such a computer would be incapable of communicating with binary computers, and be of less use, due to its isolation. Edit #2: I see now that I have been searching with the wrong keywords, and that such computers have been made: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ternary_computer Sorry for the inconvenience. Mods may terminate this, if deemed redundant.
  14. I know the behavior of electricity, but the question was very specific, and I gave an equally specific answer. I'd rather elaborate gradually than give a long lecture.
  15. Understood. But we're debating, and debates - even scientific ones - are always colored by points of view.
  16. I just expressed my own personal - non evidence based - opinion. But please note that I am not a theist!
  17. No formal education, no. But I spend most of my sparetime studying many of the branches of science online.
  18. It's just standard biology and evolution. Nothing new or mind-blowing about it.
  19. Electricity does not care about the shape, only about the path of least resistance.
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