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  1. So you all assume that if a person believes in God then they have to allow you all to walk all over them & abuse them without any resistance. And if they do resist then obviously their God is false. You are just ignorant imps. Little devils. LOl. Goodbye fools
  2. try taking your own advice for once & stay out of the religious section & do not be strongly offensive to people who are simply posting wonderful new information. Granted 'the information is way above your head & you have zero chance of ever comprehending it. Stay in the retards section where you belong little imp
  3. you are simply an ignorant person that is all.
  4. No it is really like a flower opening to the sun when all the other flowers are still in their bud stage. The flower can explain & explain to the other flowers that the sun does exist & is wonderful, but the other flowers just have their own imaginings & feelings of what the sun really is like '& will not fully know what the sun is until they too open themselves to the sun. God has shown me the future thousands of times & it alway comes true. Often it is things I would not in a thousand years imagine happening & yet they come true exactly as God showed me they would. I've been forced to accept that God truly is real & not a figment of my imagination. At the same time I can close my mind & ignore God & live my life as an atheist if I want to. It is my choice. I choose to acknowledge that God is 100% real & I live my life accordingly. Religious people have banned me from all their websites because I say I know God in person, & they only parrot books. & so I am a threat to their reality. I expect only rude hostile insults from all people. I do not believe people in general have the ability to be civil on the web. I only posted the wavelength information in the hope that a true scientist could use the information to conquer time & space for humanity. I could write about thousands of things God has demonstrated to me but I will never have proof. God has explained & shown many times that the earth is purposefully being held at a lower level of spiritual awareness 'so that it is forced to live independently from Gods constant help. That way people strive to overcome obstacles on their own & in the process they learn & grow
  5. God showed me that the universe we see is only a wavelength of energy that seems solid because we are on the same wavelength. But when God tunes his own wavelength up or down our own dimensions either shrink to zero or expand infinitely. This gives God the ability to shrink the universe to zero & travel to worlds light years away in only a few moments. God demonstrated this to me over & over & let me hold the elements he uses that change the wavelength of atoms that come near them. He built gates from the elements & when we pass through the gates we expand a hundred times or more & enter a parallel earth; & at other times we passed through gates which had the opposite effect. So God has an extra dimension to work with & simple elements to make it all happen. And that extra dimension allows God to step over all the dimensions that lock mankind in this 3 dimensional world. I've been with God thousands of times & he demonstrates the supreme science to me very often. I'm not religious & I see religions as corrupted information primarily. At the same time religions do point towards the notion that God does truly exist & so they are 100% correct in that belief. The angel of God always visited me since i was a tiny kid & taught me all about the outside reality god lives in. My family were all atheists & never mentioned God or went to church etc. So I can't get into religious discussions about which corrupted scriptures are correct & which corrupted scriptures are less than correct. I simply meet God in person & God shows me that Science is what He uses to control all time & space. God said that the earth is a school & all souls are planted into the earth at some stage to learn about good & evil. And then they are judged to see if they learned to be good or not. God explains that the only thing people own are the good deeds they do in their life. So if we do good deeds then they make us very rich. It is true & so we should always do good deeds & never evil. That is the basics of religion as God taught me personally. Primarily God teaches me science & how he can stop time by stepping out of the wavelength we are in. This allows the angels of god to move around us at the speed of light & yet they are only walking at an ordinary casual pace from each other's point of view. So that's about all I wanted to tell you. God has an extra dimension to work with & it gives God the power to step over all the dimensions that lock us in time & space. God is free from time & space & can manipulate everything held within them. I don't expect you to believe or understand, & I have difficulty explaining these things clearly.
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