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    Cape Town - The Devil's Playground.
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    Dancing, gaming, writing, magic, my business activities, linguistics.
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    Started debating on [December 12th 2006]. Taught myself about sciences slowly, self taught, realizing great successes in [January 2015].
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    Chairman of "Hydra.Ltd."

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  1. Success! These guys contacted me to do business with them, and, I speculated that, with minor research, there was much production of refrigeration, and a lot of importing of food in Japan. This meant the price would be down on the big heavy storage fridges, and, lots of demand for them from food imports, as they are close to Japan.

    Bought the whole market. Invested, seven million U.S. dollars, two hours later out with forty seven net, forty million profit.

    1. nevim


      Well done!

    2. DrP


      If you don't post me $100,000 as a free gift I won't believe you and will assume you are lying.  Seriously - I could retire on 100K. ;-)   I guess you won't miss that out of your 40M!  :D

      PM me and I'll give you an address to post the check to. :D

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