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  1. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Croatia! I hope you win. It would be an amazing but thoroughly well deserved achievement for your nation! France look like a really tight unit with great counter attacking abilities so it will be a tough match, but I am rooting for you
  2. Trying to Create a Full University Schedule

    Erm, wouldn’t discussing this with a university representative be more productive than posting on an Internet forum?
  3. The earth is Flat

    What was it about Admiral Byrd’s treks that make you think the world is flat? I read an article a while ago about his flights over Antarctica but saw no mention of a flat Earth. I think we can safely conclude that the Earth is spherical just by the observations we have made of all the other planets in our system.
  4. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    +1 for being the better man! Respect to you Koti I’m sure you have read all posts in this thread so you will have seen that I agree with Koti on the invisible yeti metaphor. I stand by my point that it doesn’t work for visible yetis, as first postulated:)!
  5. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    That is some weak rhetoric right there. And no, your visible yeti analogy does not work and actually fails. If it were as bullet proof as you think, then you would have disproved the notion of a creator and the worldwide science community would hand you an award. You are welcome to your erroneous perception though.
  6. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Hey Koti, that is all fine ‘n dandy, but you added the ‘invisible’ quality that was not present in your original analogy, so it did not stretch. The addition of this quality certainly makes it a better comparison.
  7. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Ok, as you say, we can’t be sure of anything.
  8. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Again true! But that sword cuts both ways. And that is my close to my original point; we do not know. I am not advocating the idea that there are invisible yetis in my cupboard, but as you point out, if humans possess no means of detecting them, then it is impossible to say one way or the other. I certainly agree that we may as well continue about our business as if they don’t exist, as it has no bearing on our life. But I don’t think we can assert that we are sure they don’t exist.
  9. So who's going to win the world cup?

    *mimics mouth movements from poorly dubbed Kung Fu film* ”I’ve seen all your moves; your form is empty” *strokes imaginary beard*
  10. So who's going to win the world cup?

    A clean sheet is so satisfying; NONE SHALL PASS!!
  11. So who's going to win the world cup?

    That was my position when I played:) This is the sort of thing I have only seen in under 8’s football.
  12. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    I will check tomorrow! At the very least, I hope there are no evil monkeys in there:)!
  13. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    The difference is I can open my cupboard and observe the entirety of it and see there is no Yeti. None of us can observe the entirety of the universe, and therefore claims about anything outside of the universe by religious nuts or their scientific equivalent are entire baseless. On this basis, I don’t think the analogies presented here stretch as far as you want them to be valid. In my respectful opinion. It is fair game to speculate, investigate and propose, but no one can actually attest. That was my simple yet true point.
  14. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Very true! One can use this ‘rule’ if one wants, but respectfully I wouldn’t agee that you are correct in making this assumption, or that this assumption has any kind of base in reality.
  15. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    The problem with the example of knowing how a computer or an airplane works is that they are nearly closed systems where we know the extents of pretty much every factor involved. While it is noble to use then as an analogy, I think they fall way short of comparing them to a universe of which we know very little. We cannot possible know every facet of the universe so assert that there is (or that there is not) a God is a matter of personal preference and nothing more. It cannot be known either way, period.