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  1. Me: Anonymous Guy: Me: Anonymous Guy: Me: Anonymous Guy: The guy just does not get it.
  2. So you would agree with me when I said To someone who said this to me:
  3. When is it that an embryo is properly developed? And when it is properly developed is it then correct to call it a baby?
  4. Despite claims, that's not evidence. That's some words you can write on a piece of paper -- meanwhile, the Higg's Boson wasn't proven until someone found it. Or, you don't understand the physics you're trying to describe. Some pathetic attempt at trying to poke holes in Penrose & Lennox and my responses. To all of you on here, it isn't a failure to understand basic probability. You're all failing to understand the gravity of the probability. Ironically, it is you that exhibits ignorance by criticizing the argument as being ignorant
  5. There are methods to treat the validity of the theory that a God exists and created this universe. One such method is the use of mathematics. Oxford University Professor of Mathematics John Lennox quotes renowned Oxford University mathematical physicist Roger Penrose: Lennox goes on to cite Penrose’s answer: As Penrose puts it, that is a “number which it would be impossible to write out in the usual decimal way, because even if you were able to put a zero on every particle in the universe, there would not even be enough particles to do the job.” And the only alternat
  6. So if science is 'demonstrable', can you prove and test before me transpeciation/macroevolution?
  7. I'm so sorry for all of you people. I am praying for each one of you that the Lord would reveal His Truth to you. There is a God who created you and has an inifite love and joy beyond what we can imagine. I have that joy... Nothing would make me happier than for you to experience it too. I cannot prove the existence of God to you. I cannot prove Him to anyone. Only God Himself can prove Himself to you - that is how someone believes in His existence and trusts in Him. It is a basic fundamental idea - we haven't seen God, so we need faith to believe in Him. We haven't seen the creation of
  8. Before I go because I have had enough with this. Let me ask you - did you witness the singularity become the observable universe? No one was around to witness such events. Faith is the belief in something you cannot see or prove. **** Even a court of law, decisions are made based on evidence - but even with whatever evidence - unless the crime was observed can you say with 100% certainty and no doubt whatsoever that it did in fact (or not) happen? Can you claim something to be completely true even if you have no way of going back in time to see it happen? What does this requ
  9. We've actually tested the Big Bang?? They've created galaxies and nebulae inside of science laboratories? Has science allowed us to witness the creation of a star before our eyes? Has science allowed us to watch the formation of another galaxy? You're trying to claim absolute truth on something that occurred so far in the past. No one observed it, no one recorded it - so even if you conduct millions of experiments and attempt to try to figure it out - you have to admit we'll never know. We cannot know 100% - it requires a degree of "f
  10. What do you mean? I can't bring myself to believe it came from nothing by pure chance. It's you who believes it came about by pure chance. Why would you believe everything came from a singularity that existed in a "nothingness" yet you can't believe that a supreme God was in full control and created all? What is the difference between the singularity and God to you people?
  11. Secular scientists need faith to believe how it began. Us creationists need faith to believe how it began. No one was there, so whether you believe in the Bible or the "Big Bang", it is impossible to know or prove. Both require faith - one is scientific faith and the other is spiritual faith. ********** Whether I believe in God or I believe in science, what's the difference? Both require FAITH - science helps to explain what COULD HAVE happened, but no one was around to witness such events. The Bible helps to explain what happened (to me, not to you of course) - but it also re
  12. I know all about your Big Bang theories, your evolutionary concepts, your philosophies how a God couldn't possibly exist, your statistics showing how everything came to be by pure chance, etc. And if the universe did not come about by pure chance - what did happen? Perhaps a better question would be 'who' did it? *********** I just choose to refuse to accept this information. I NEED FAITH. Faith is the only way I can believe it to be true. Nothing can change my worldview and my faith I have in Jesus Christ. The faith you possess to believe how processes like evolution and t
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