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  1. Typo likelihoods?

    No thanks. Although programming is something that sounds interesting, one would need to dedicate a LOT of time to it. I can only dedicate so much to things I like, and there are many, many things worth dedicating to. Programming is not on top of my list.
  2. Typo likelihoods?

    Thanks. Yes, there really is a shortage. I've had zero luck with google searches and I mean zero. I would if I knew how to. On the other hand, asking a bunch of people (say, on a reddit) to type words fast would only get me so far and would in no way be representative of an actual statistic. Also, a lot of people use mobile phones for browsing and typing. This would need to be considered as well.
  3. Typo likelihoods?

    Thank you. I did not even consider this. I was only looking into keyboard key proximity, direction and previous key position etc. Also, I imagine the answer might different if one types on the phone. Anyone else got any knowledge to share?
  4. Typo likelihoods?

    I am trying to get information (statistical preferably) on how typo likelihoods work. Do you know what would be the most likely typos of a random word? Do you know how sequence and the position of the previous character would affect these? What about typos on mobiles? I have done a search on google but I can't find anything relevant. Does anyone here know any info? Has anyone researched it a bit? Thanks.
  5. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    I think it would be optimal if you could only give upvotes and downvotes in science sections. Many people have built up a rep (be it positive or negative) in the politics or religion sections. This completely defeats the purpose of the rep system. I don't know if that's possible to make, though. This would also help get rid of the ''win by rep'' debates and would decrease the effects of ''ganging up on someone'' which is also most prominent in politics sections.
  6. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    I agree that negative rep shouldn't be removed. It's a good indicator of who posts good stuff and who posts trash. I've always thought that the rep system is very newbie-friendly in that it is a good indication of legitimate science vs pseudo-science. If you are a newbie, you will generally not have enough knowledge to tell what is right, so the upvote and downvote system is often a very accurate way to tell. So I think it's almost necessary for this forum. You might argue that: but for example, we have Janus who doesn't have the badge, yet I consider him (subjectively) to be the best poster here. One look at his rep to post ratio and it all makes sense when you read his posts. On the other hand, I think that neg rep is handy to recognize the crackpots. Yes, it taints their reputation but it is hardly unwarranted when you see they are sitting at -50 with 200 posts by only posting unsupported trash. So I disagree with Raider as well.
  7. Ganglion cyst recovery?

    Damn. I still can't believe you guys don't have free healthcare. I think if I lived in America, I would self-treat pretty much everything. Does that apply to lifting weights? Or just normal hand movements. Because it never hurts when I'm doing normal activities like using a mouse or keyboard.
  8. Ganglion cyst recovery?

    Yes, I've heard there are two methods to resolve this: Pulling it with the syringe and cutting it out with a scalpel. The former is much more convenient but the sac stays in there and there's a good chance it will come back. Never heard about dissolving the sac. That sounds legitimate. The latter puts your hand out of hard use for some time but it doesn't come back after that. I hope the former can be done effectively.
  9. Ganglion cyst recovery?

    Yes, I know about hitting it with a book (people used to do that for hundreds of years - hence the alternative name ''bible bump'') but the issue is that it doesn't get rid of the ''bag'' so it just returns. I know because I've slept on it a few times. It disappeared and came back in a week or two (mine is on the wrist, I don't rest my head on my toes lol) I would just like to know to what extent I'm going to be able to use my hand and how long.
  10. Ganglion cyst recovery?

    Has anyone had one removed? How long am I not going to be able to use my arm for demanding physical activites? I've heard at least a month. Is that like the 3 weeks you're not supposed to smoke for after wisdom teeth removal or are you actually unable to use your arm for that long? I realize I'm not supposed to ask for medical advice, I just a bit of personal experience.
  11. Telepathy and Brain Waves

    Since there has never been evidence of telepathy, it does not have a scientific side. Anyone can write a book and web article. Have you heard of David Icke? Woah. I once woke up and thought ''how nice would it be if ebay delivered my package today'' and what do you know, they actually did. I must be some sort of telepathic god. Claiming it's anything other than a coincidence is ridiculous without any evidence. That's not how it works. It is either true or it isn't. If you are trying to find out how it's true, you need to find and present evidence and not wild guesswork like in the OP.
  12. science is subfield of philosophy

    But there are, nevertheless, valid and invalid theories. It is a valid observation that when an object is dropped, it will fall downwards towards the earth. The evidence that this happens is such and such and is empirical. There is no such thing in philosophy. There are more and less valid observations in philosophy, but there is no evidence of that to the degree that science has.
  13. science is subfield of philosophy

    No I don't. But you still cannot prove it. Valid is subjective in philosophy (however right it may seem), and valid is completely objective in science.
  14. science is subfield of philosophy

    No. But you cannot prove that your opinion is more valid, unlike science.
  15. science is subfield of philosophy

    No, not at all. I might have expressed myself wrong. I see your point. The stuff that is either true or isn't and can be proven but isn't yet, isn't philosophy. It's the things which cannot be proven or aren't ''true or false'', like the holographic universe, determinism and the vague metaphysics stuff.