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  1. OK , Maybe this is a bad idea Some forums have options where users can select theme , but cannot find such an option in this forum Yea , Its just a bit too white
  2. Not too dark , But just a bit more darker color themes like the simple machine forum default ?
  3. Can you make that answer a bit into non English speaking user friendly ? Are you telling me that , i have not payed enough attention to the whole thread ?
  4. Science is the concerted human effort to understand, or to understand better, the history of the natural world and how the natural world works
  5. john lennon said god is a concept
  6. Today i learned that an avatar you like can save your life
  7. Things like apple falling down is due to gravity , Things like earth not falling down is due to gravity The only thing i understand about gravity is newtons law's Even though i have been staring into these , i have no idea what it is .
  8. I wish i had a better username , i was supposed to quit my smoking habit with this account , but that did not happen . It would happen before my 33rd birthday coming soon in june . Avatar is for atheism and world peace because i got sick of everything else , too much violence in the media
  9. Amazing , looks like some sort of brain activity to me
  10. Even though i am a bit religious , i was thinking about ditching my religion . Why ? Its a boring religion , that is why and every religious people i encounter from my own religion ***** ***** Once upon a time , i dug really hard into my religion hoping to find some connections to space , science , physics etc There are little little parts of all those in it , but never a complete picture , i wonder why all the religions are like that . Always little parts of it , but never a complete picture Therefore sometimes i feel like staying away from all the religions , But as soon as morning starts , the speakers in the temple , the mosques starts screaming . Leave us in peace , I personally love silence above all the things
  11. I dont think i have one of those , but i have one of these .
  12. Phi for All , Sorry first of all English is not my main language , i speak something else . Second is i don't want to make this look like a bad advertising effort for a religion . When in college i have learned about electricity , electromagnetism and all Nowadays i am trying to understand how a speaker works , maybe the speaker holds the next clue to understanding a strange phenomena like that What if during that time , god decided to speak like a "speaker "?
  13. i don't usually post mental stuffs that is not scientific in nature , but this feels like i have unlocked the holy quran and i see patterns in quran , from the beginning to the end . You know why ? because everything in quran sounds like a mosquito rhyming Maybe we all should go after the source of the ringing bell , there could be something scientific about it
  14. Is that the only thing you see in it ? i see patterns , did i just unlock the holy quran ?
  15. It took me 8 years to see the pattern and reach this conclusion though ,
  16. i can prove that there is 100% a god . All i need is just two simple pictures to explain it
  17. Thanks a lot swansont , I don't understand all the things you said , but i understand parts of it .
  18. Thanks for the explanation . I thought electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetism means it has the property or characteristics of electricity and magnetism , for that to happen i thought it must have at least an electron in it like a hydrogen atom . I don't completely understand the concept of masslessness of a point particle very well . I don't want to deviate too much from the topic Its ok .
  19. I am not a physicist , but isn't light an electro magnetic radiation traveling at very high speed like every other electro magnetic radiation ? Like helium coming out of the sun after fusion of hydrogen atoms ?
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