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  1. Hi, Can anybody find two numbers such that the difference between their squares is a cube and the difference between their cubes is a square ? :-)
  2. Hi, Can anyone use five 3s to get 31 ?
  3. If you want to learn quantum cryptography deeply you should first understand quantum physics.
  4. Cagitation can be dealt with by the Rayleigh-Plesset equation.
  5. I'm on a trip.....

  6. Hello everyone, Suppose there is an observer standing on a body A and there is another body B at a distance. Now this observer sees that B is coming closer towards him. From this observation, can he conclude that whether A is moving towards B or B is moving towards A ?
  7. I understand that in turbulent flow, the momentum is converted into thermal energy due to vigorous movements (at the Kolmogorov scale) . But this thermal energy can raise the fluid's temperature. The increase in temperature ( if sufficient) can make the fluid vaporize. So there happens to be a loss in volume of fluid. ( it can happen only if the bp of the fluid is quite low/ the atmospheric pressure is low) . So doesn't this change the physical systems of the fluid, especially at the microscopic scale?
  8. Do you know the intersecting chord and tangent properties of circle? Hint : ang. TAB is bisected by AC. And in a circle the angle between the tangent and a chord is equal to the angle at the remaining segment.
  9. Bryce never think that you are intellectually poor. Keep learning and strive forward.....
  10. It has 3 equations. The first equation is the two point form of line equation in 2D coordinate system.
  11. Kolmogorov suggests that the turbulence is caused due to movements of Eddie currents on a very small scale, the Kolmogorov scale. These eddies react vigorously to generate a chaotic flow. Am I correct?
  12. Hi Bryce, I personally highly appreciate your participation in the discussion. But I think your formula is different from the OP. The others may clarify it. And a warm WELCOME To SFN.
  13. Removal of pressure means antigravity! Do you understand that gravity is present only because of atmospheric pressure?
  14. Bryce, your reply shows the equation S=ut+1/2at^2 .
  15. I see. Thanks for your help sethoflagos. My last question - can the Navier-Stokes equation ( that describes the flow of a compressible fluid) be modified to get a general equation for the system of turbulence? Or, do we need to interpret turbulence as a flow that uses more energy than required by laminar flow for covering a given length of pipe ? (considering that we have turbulence within the pipe) Sorry if my questions are a bit impractical. I am a novice in this area.
  16. You all mean that laminar flow can be considered as rotational by defining vorticity. So, turbulence is something that is too chaotic to be described by Couette flow.
  17. :wacko:May be it comes from narcissism. People tend to think that they know everything and post it..... It may be wrong.
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiverse It's much like the multiverse concept.
  19. Hi mark, x=ln y/ln x only if y=x^x . Besides, if we want to find the value of x, then how can x be in right hand side?
  20. With that, I add that you should also learn the derivatives of trigonometric functions.
  21. This thread is like the story of 'The Bet' by Anton P. Chekov.
  22. I would like to know the mathematical methods you are talking about.
  23. Hi everybody, Turbulence is a still a complex unsolved topic in mathematics. According to Wikipedia, turbulence is one of those unexplained problems in physics, "Is it possible to make a theoretical model to describe the behavior of a turbulent flow — in particular, its internal structures?". Turbulence includes complex vortices of fluid flow. Analyzing it properly is still not possible. Is there a way out? Can we create a new theory of turbulence? Now, my real question is: Laminar flow is thought to be composed of multiple plates that flows along with a flow velocity v in the direction of flow. This hypothesis is of Couette flow. Since turbulence involves a lot of chaotic processes, can we regard it as the result of disintegration of the so-called parallel hypothesized plates in a laminar flow? Please excuse me if my topic of discussion seems impractical.
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