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  1. When a body experiences a force, it moves, i.e., it accelerates. According to Newton's First Law, a body in a uniform state of rest or motion continues to do so, until and unless an external force acts on it. From this we deduce, that motion or rest is independent of getting information about the reference frame. Any body will be in such a state until external force acts on it. However from a body's motion, we can get some information. Suppose a body is showing accelerated motion- in such a case we infer that some external force must have acted upon it.
  2. I want a Hand I want a hand that is not so deceptive as the weather; I want a hand that is not so light like a feather; I want a hand that is not as false as stairs of sand; I want a hand that is not violent like a terrorist band. I want a hand that is devoid of jealousy and cruelty; I want a hand that is the true sign of love for humanity; I want a hand that bears no greed; I want a hand that supports me in my times of need.
  3. Right Daecon. The missing numbers is 180 indeed. Although my logic was different. 1^3-1^2=0 2^3-2^2=4 3^3-3^2=18 4^3-4^2=48 5^3-5^2=100 6^3-6^2=180 It's interesting that a single problem can have multiple solutions......
  4. Hmmmmm.........Danijel I don't know the cases. For the OP, I suggest the following example. Once a guy told Thomas Alva Edison while he was busy making the electric bulb, " Thomas, you have discovered nothing so far. You have failed a thousand times. It's not possible." Edison replied, "What, I have found a thousand different ways in which an electric bulb cannot be made."
  5. Calculus is a broad field of mathematics. It originated from the efforts of Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Calculus basically studies how things in nature change and transform. To understand calculus, you must have a good knowledge of basic arithmetic along with vectors and coordinate geometry. Assuming that you know these concepts, I start with limits. Well, the basic concept behind limits is that there may be numbers that are very small but not zero. Or, numbers that are very very large but not infinity. In the language of calculus, we say that such numbers approaches the limit. Now what's derivative? Basically derivative of any function is equivalent to the slope obtained when the function is plotted on graph. Let f(x)=x^2+5, and y=f(x). Plotting a graph of x and y, you can easily find the slope as (y2-y1)/(x2-x1). In the context of calculus, we denote this as dy/dx=df(x)/dx. And that's the derivative of the function f(x).
  6. Simple answer: We don't know. Complex answer: We don't know what the truth is. Compound answer: We don't know and we can't answer.
  7. Today we are living in a world where the buzz of modernization has led us to breathe polluted air in. I have written a poem (I do not claim it excellent, but have tried my level best) to spread awareness about prevention of pollution and saving our planet. Save the Environment How do you feel when your things are damaged And your house is raided? Then, why don't you understand It's important to conserve the air, water and land. They are your property in every way - You use them everyday. If you waste a liter of water each day It will kill the fishes one day. If you throw a plastic bag carelessly It will destroy life too carelessly. If you liberate smoke and toxic gases into the air It will cause global warming. So take care. Conserve your planet and your environment; Play a part to protect the beauty of natural environment. Let us take a pledge together - A tree will be cut never; Let us plant trees more and more To save our life and the nature's core.
  8. Dinosaurs existed in the Mesozoic Era. In the Cretaceous Period, they were wiped out due to massive meteor showers. But, if time were given, they could have become civilized and would have developed their own language. Really, it's interesting - it's like a science fiction. Thumbs up .... I like this thread.
  9. Oh I laughed heartily after viewing the conversation between Strange and fred2014..... Nice, carry on.
  10. Hi Steven, you have repeated your topic of project several times as I see. Anyway, as far as I know excessive alcohol consumption causes liver cirrhosis.
  11. Mr. Yoshinori Ohsumi will receive the Nobel Prize in Medical Science 2016 for his great achievement of discovering and understanding the process of autophagy. Autophagy is the body's internal recycling process by which scrap cell parts are captured and the useful parts are utilized to generate energy. Ohsumi has been successful in explaining in detail how this process works. He reported that he was a bit shocked when he got the phone call from the Noble Prize Committee. Further reading : www.theguardian.com/science/2016/oct/03/yoshinori-ohsumi-wins-nobel-prize-in-medicine
  12. It might be helpful.... study.com/academy /lesson/atomic-structures-pauli-exclusion-principle-aufbau-principle-hunds-rule
  13. Well, there are such superhumans. Consider Michael Phelps,the Olympian champion and expert swimmer. His body configuration is also abnormal, causing him to swim 'like a fish'.
  14. Hello everyone, I have got here the following series - 0,4,18,48,100,? So what's the next number ?
  15. Thanks for all your help.
  16. Jesus. Who is Jesus ? GOD, that's according to Hinduism Generator, Operator and Destructor. In every religion around the world, we find God. But, who is God? Does he have a real existence? Perhaps, man from the first Palaeolithic Age thought nature as bleak and unknown - and early humans started formulating the theory of God. However, nobody (except the god-like people) has experienced Him. So is there any God at all? Perhaps no. Science is God. Science is what drives this universe. From scientific hypothesis and theories, we have come to know our generation, our operation and our destruction.
  17. IAMOSF- I'm A Member Of Science Forum
  18. Does there exists any two distinct numbers a and b, such that a^b=b^a ?
  19. :-)Hi, It is the habit of many people to use their leisure in writing poetry. Everyone is not a poet, but the feeling of writing poems can be experienced by anyone. So, let's start a new Poetry Section.......anyone can post his/her poems here.
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