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  1. sorry ,I will never do this!.. thats why I fear from plagiarism. in my opinion the best thing would be submission when it be ready. but ..I see you are warning me from the risk of taking rejection in this case ; okay yes this is not good thing and will not make me happy ,but: did you mean any sanction if I take rejection?? (e.g. being impossible anymore if nature rejects) and.. I am sure while studying at (pure) matheamictics is difficult (takes large amount of time) ,it does not provide mathematicians earning so much money ...(look this sentence contain highl
  2. ************** dear ajb ; I think you are missing something , look you are missing only this point ,or else as I expressed at facebook ,I surely believe that you studied hard at last at one of these education levels MSc & PhD ****************** but regrettebly and unfortunately ,writing difficult papers and writing useful papers are separate pure mathematics is generally useless at this century you can be sure ,I can predict both these two points and ... yes ,when I opened account at nature ,yes I saw this that there were no information of mathe
  3. thanks for this. okay this seems useful or logical factor at all (although I do not know the complete content of this term now) sorry,I think this is illogical reason. think these examples : I mean this should not be related whether you have published any paper at that journal or not. but in my opinion the content of its must be the most important (impact factor) I would emphais repeatedly that this is my own opinion ...please do not hesitate to criticize , I alrady trust this two scientists (Charon Y and ajb) that already they will not insult anyone. it is cl
  4. sorry,I don't know this,what did you mean via using this word.? here are two important points 1) charonY says 2) ajb says I think there are some strange facts ; at firs editors are spending their times ,I mean they already deserve that fee ,this is separate that I do not afford now this, but for instance when I sent my abstract to editor, she asked this is open access journal ,but we aks the author whether they are able to pay. if not ,we do not require ,but i,f they would we take payment. would you pay? I said unluckily I can not now, but if I be ric
  5. really,the exact query/hint was not this one, I wondered that how we would learn any journal's ranking by the parameters given at that website (SJR: look there were some parameters like this : H,Q (indexed)....etc) hımm did you mean that we may not say if any journal requires high payment for publishing ,then we will NOT be able to say at least this one would be better than any other journals (especially which is open access) really Although I have asked this, I think this question is own is not so logical. but we know that editors will be a bit tired only with assessm
  6. forgive me , I think they are right or you had asked your question not as sufficient as you would it to be understood. look what things I have understood ; I am looking your topic sentence : and I think probably it is not so related with (medical ) science (or other parts of science), it seems more related with belief. then ,of course you had given some instructions about morphology , this means yes this would be related with science (definitely!) but I am looking your question and ... I think this is very easy question to give answer. for instance at first we can n
  7. hi; I need some scientist's experiences ,my specific questions are below ; 1) do such journals care that from which (type of) journals our article's citation-references have been done (the equivalent question is whether will it be better us to cite and give references from just that journal we would submit our articles?) 2) how the ranks are being given according to this website : http://www.scimagojr.com/journalrank.php 3) does this mean that if one journal is "open access" ,then it will not be well known journal and I see we are able to make show all open access journals
  8. could you think this question in assumption that we made ready whole of paper ?? (paper's subject is same but abstract will be changed) (?) (do we have this permission (may we make any change on abstract)??)
  9. hi; I am unsure how/which kind query you have questioned.I think I have some extraordinary qualifications or ideas.and because of this ,you might find my suggestions a bit different (I do not know it clearly) my belief; if you want to create some scientific developments (especially whiches are related medical science- mathematics-physics-chemistry-biology..) -->> I suggest that you help someone who need help and injured ones,without waiting their wishes (please try to do this as a secret ,(not with clearance (of sight) in the public) such that you would be able to have
  10. "method" this word describes my project the best. but my all studies are interdisciplinary and some of them are article (not project,does not require observation & experiment) ----- but there has been a problem occured ,the government today have decided to apply some quite strict rules. unfortunately I have almost the worst conditions these days and just because of this ,at first I need to publish at least one article at which journal (and how) possible is. I need it. being indexed will be enough now. however it seems istanbul university cancelled my e-mail accountan
  11. ok ,but how will we be able to learn the most suitable journal for publishing. my research is interdisciplinary. (include at least 3 disciplines and these are compulsory) yes I have not had enough time yet ,but it is clear the pictures (3D) are in it really exciting/excellent.but I am unable to speak about content of papers yet. (in addition the exact different is not really related area of science ,because the first one (which I had sent abstract) was already and only medical science journal. but really ..there exist quite differences between Nature. but I would give emphasis
  12. hi, there have been some new questions; 1) the journal that I had sent them abstract for controoling convenience said they have had no enough protocol and they recommended me to contact with other journals (they said they could not publish project's outlines) , I am planning to send it tp nature ,in this case may I ask whether we are permitted to make any change on abstract (please assume the same thing relevant whole literature,if ...) 2) if Nature approve the convenience ,may I spend much time to prepare the whole literature ? (really I can pepare at short time ,though. but
  13. NOTICE: I would inform that this thread has been cancelled. the exact problem was being unable to reach ssci indexed journals free. but istanbul universities eduroam has almost solved wholely. (it makes it possible to reach almost everytype of journals) best regards. blue
  14. dear estimable scientists ; as expressed at my profile I would publish one of my interdisciplinary article which is an example of new generation of interdisciplines. I am expert of basic analysis and my MSc subject is funtional analysis ,I need references which is generally / mainly relevant to key words : “nationalism” and "racism" I request you to give/write references (articles , please write links) for help ,and you may use the questions below through answer them. -->> if you are historigrapher or chronickler : “could you explain and give your ideas please (especia
  15. I can see only one critique (the last word (biggest one) but ..read please one by one you are missing something. 1) thanks for your sympathy again :) 2) thats correct , I already know this ,but I dont fear!..I will be courageous to apply (it will not be so difficult I think ,only a pointa as to may give a bit small attention is that nature will give attention to the language too (english level may be required as advanced,but harvard...I will be waiting harvards reply at the same time) 3) remember please all of my studies are already interdisciplinary 4,5) I think my personali
  16. ok. :-) but .. ok... I will try to publish at nature if any open access journal exist in it!.. I mean exactly my literature was great!.. I dont think nature refuse such liteaartures easily ,they will give attention to its content ..also they will mostly care this I think. because I am following both these two associations on facebook already. harvard & nature. intimately I am in belief they are looking for some products like mines , but of course if you advised studying more hard then --->> you are definitely right!..I can not be againts this critique..I wi
  17. ı CANNOT LEAVE.. this seems unacceptable at all statement for someone who are ...::: EXTRAORDINARY :::... especially who will say that he/she is intelligent. (honestly) I suggest that you check both my facebook profiles (about me) ,and my profile on this platphorm.(this is unacceptable Option to measure quality! in education & (SCIENCE))) really this is an advice, I reckoned you are giving ciritique.. but you have some right details again. I saw a PhD degree as requirement for some international scientific activities /programmes. but eventually I hope to show my ge
  18. really I have not understood clearly. but be sure please I will give no sensitively negative behaviour if you show me any logical reason.. ..if you have any critique ,please do not hesitate to express it and let me know. however I would remind as a last time , you are unable to see any of whole literatures ob facebook.. then I have to do this, or else how will I protect them... I need to publish any of them before. I have to go home ajb , it is late at turkey now. as results of thisday 1) very nice to meet with a sympathic scientist (you) 2) please give reason
  19. be relief I am intellectual ,and because of this you can be relief to express everything you would. already I think you are not impolite. (even,I also think you are sympathic) but to be intellectual and intelligent I need the reasons , and in addition , money (funds,payment) may not be the reason, I mean our economic status may not show our genuine or our understanding capacity ,or also knowledge.. but be relief, please do not hesitate to express if you have any logical reason to express I am not successfull enough. if you say something like publishing papers -->> they this
  20. :-) are you sure?? you are able to see on my facebook only very litle piece of my project now. but I would remind you that ...at first it was over than 22 page (only rudiment shape-->> which sent harvard gsas) and as a second point : do you know that I had been contacting with nature over than 7 times :-) really I have not contacted with editors yet. but I have taken assisstance howw to find suitable journal ,how to publish (payment,funding ..etc). really I am not willing to explain anything now ...but tehere exist too much interesting things available. 1) I giv
  21. yes that must be true ,you are right!.. but ,are you sure to say it for all journals? for instance , nature is one of intellectual ones. there will be other journals too. but of course we know nature is not only one journal. it contain probably over 100 journal in it.
  22. all the keywords are I am intersted with them according to my project(s) ,only one except : look the biggest one is that one. I think we will never be able to explore that. however although I would be interested in physics ,I dont wnt to be interested in metaphysics.
  23. dear friendly academician ajb :-) dont you see ,all the interdisciplines. but thanks, exactly you succeeded making me happy , now I may use my facebook account reliefly ... the questions reason was giving an offer to harvard gsas and a few other universities to visit my facebook profile. I said them this would make us reach some further infıormative instruction if they were willing to choose me as a research student at their universities. furthermore ,I said they would have some additional information about my social profile. thanks very much ajb ,I intimately have been deligh
  24. I have edited it again, could you look one more time the main text there were two additional questions ,too. (written in bold) okay ,I did do that the last one like your comment.
  25. ajb is quite right!.. really I have a project to catch some clues about t-time parameter whether we may make any change on it by observation. but , dont want to make any religious explanation about it like ajb. I do not say these are separate. but I say we still have no evidence at this century relevancy between these two subjects : 1)religion 2) science (especially mathematics-physics) .. the most clear thing that I may say ; we should/must be able to express or live our ideas relevant religion (if we do not give unrest to anyone). not else more..
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