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  1. hi , thanks for all of your nice posts ,but I were planning to send a letter by e-mail to some publishing assocciations. I thought they may help me if I send them a record. what are your opinions about this ,is this logical ? however ,ok we may explore something just in creating music related scinece too , remember please Leonardo Da Vinci's golden ratio. I am also planning to cite this subject in one of my article that I would make it publish.but unforunately/really this thread is more about economy.
  2. really ,I think you have provided a little information. and because of this I will try to write only general information in common. first of all I have alredy stated that I am analysist and and calculus is beginning of analysis (or a stage before beginning analysis) ,for instance these all these defines analysis generally stage to stage in relevancy (1) -->> solutions for parabola and second graded equations ,trigonomtry , logarithm , complex plane , derivation and integral for only functions have 1 variables (2) -->> calculus ( * ) (3) -->> limits and its v
  3. really I do not know your level, you had better shoıw it especially whats you know. I am mathematician (analysist) and I think especially some parts of physics are more difficult than subjects in content of mathematics. and it is clear that mathematics -physics have too much relation(s) each among subjects in their contents. and sometimes have similar or mutual rules/principles. probably I have extraordinary features, and I request you to let us learn your level. then it might be better to make some useful suggesttions.I also recommend that you add other related statements such as how m
  4. hi cute young :-) it is not important other's feelings on your appearanca at real. the most important thing is your health . it means ,if you do not have any complaint , it should not be problem. (note: my height is :170, weight is: ~ 60. in comparison with you,yes you seem a bit weak.) NOTE: I thought this forum is more about scientific conversations, then (I think) you had better go a doctor(to take assistance) rather than opening a thread there.) have a very healthy life
  5. NOTE: any question has not been detected!/found!.. hi, I am functional analysist. this theorie simply is being evaluated at functional analysis (rather than real analysis (measure theorie (!) , I would request you to remember that functional analysis own (especially sometimes) will contain (already) real analysis. in other words , already mathematics own has a very different language/spesification in comparison with other parts of scence. ok. (I would express (only) cantor theorie and how to find its proof. proof. binali musayev,nizami mustafayev ,murat alp; analysis
  6. good morning to a new bright day!..I woke up 2 hours ago. and in spite of every negative conditions, I have started studying hard.my constant opinion :" SCIENCE IS VALUABLE". :) , Haha ,get your entertain via listening music if/when you feel bored.

  7. I think I have already explained everything that this would not be intended being loose idea. to create something useful (to be respectiveI ,this will already be required. this is not discussion. but the quite important thing : I would give emphasis that experiment/observation would be compulsory to be able to speak how it was. (loose , useful , great,..etc). it seems I should reserach by my own. I will read related instructions on the net. thanks for our scientific conversation up to now.
  8. patents ,because ecancermedicalsceince journal's kind editor offered me .. but she added ; some journals may have some protocols to protect your ideas (copyright )( everyone is speaking that this would be more about patent..I am young scientist and still do not know every procedures in relation or currency)
  9. hi dear symphatic friend; do you believe that anyone might invent a new sample shape of "ultrasound machine" only by himself/herself own?? I think this will generally be impossible.this is interdisciplinary study and collaboration will be required (collaborate with at least a doctor + engineer/scientist(mathematician+physician+engineer (eee or like ce) or other related ones)) my principle the literature's own or numeric numbers are not so important exactly in my opinion, I think we need/should to explore something useful/efficacious to people. (universai/not partial) then we can o
  10. really I am interested in such subjects. (but all these are relevant SCIENCE (mathematics-physics) (not religion)).
  11. lets forget please everything for a while and compare these comments and then start smiling friendly 1) 2) 3) :-)
  12. haha haha haha haha :) :) haha ha ajb I love almost all your expressions haha ha
  13. ok. look please; I am expressing that I am respective or I would be respective & great scientist. this means it will not be important whom I am being speaking&contacting. in my opinion every people are important & estimable as equal as me. and this will not be changed in the future. this is principle. but I remember; although I am contacting successfully withj some good official associations (like harvard , some journals,and native english friends.) ,you have complaint three times from language. then I asked the first question. , you may see me I am speaking with ajb or ot
  14. 1) may I ask what is your nationality & how old are you, and also in which level now your studies are being spread over? (BSc ,MSc , PhD) 2) of course , but I would give emphasis that the project is interdisciplinary.
  15. I am sure everything is coming on together (interdisciplinary) each with them.(collaboration is required! *** interdisciplinary***) them ,I remember that patent institute implied that demonstration was required. but this term was used more relevant to "definition/description. then when I called to turkish patent instituıte on telephone ,they said me that they would assess all qualifications below. -->> whether it was unique or not -->> whether it was original or not -->> there must not be so similar other sample. it should belong to author/inventor. these are alr
  16. dear ajb. really sometimes commonly I think your expressions seem symphatic. but don't you see/realise that somethings are making improvement difficult due to meaningless reasons? think please ,thomas edison had not done only one experiment for his special invention. then ,I am sure to create something great ,experiments/observations would be required.
  17. yes of course ,(why not)but unfortunately this own depends on the results of experiments. experiments/observations are required. compulsory.
  18. really although mathematics' content is own approxiametly over %90 theoritic. I would and I give high possibility to create its applications. forgive for this expressions but ,I do not enjoy only theoritic studies. because I believe this will not provide us enough efficacies. follow please ,I would respond to strange. his comment seems important. think please ,here is a project ,and it's features are below. -->> it requires over at least two disciplines for implemention -->> it requires obeservation(s)/experimen(s) -->> it has been started with only hyphoth
  19. really I do not agree this idea. because when I thought/talked about contacting with harvard ,everyone said to me the same opinion. but this were not true. I have taken 3-4 letter totally from that schoold. the last one was 2 week ago. and it was telling me that office was not evaluating projects,too.and they reccommended me to contact based so particular considerations with other convenient office in the list they written in the content of that last e-mail,via choosing one of them. (the first one was harvard GSE , this was incorrectness of me , but GSE already reccommended me to contact with
  20. ok. really I also do not know what would be more specific. this was only prediction. but I realised that some bussiness assiciations and academics reporting some varying clues and most of them are being more effective after application. these all qualifications are known already. (it means these are general..)because all these are written in their website and yes ,turkish patent institute requires the same or approximately similar specifications.I am not demanding really to remain at turkey. simply all problems are politics. then I thought that it would be better taking patent from U.S. a
  21. ajb :-) you are completely right. but I do not know the reason ... I can not controll me smiling now :-) ok.I will try to try ,though. :-) thanks for your symphatic portrait.
  22. (forgive for asking but.. )do you believe that this would be seriesly useful way ?? really I don't believe check/look please did ,inna , claydee , rihanna ,faydee, nancy ajram , follow the same way you suggested ?? it would be highly comic but I can not reach these artists to ask :) (although I am quite handsome)
  23. haha hahaa :-) :-) my lovely friends have come. ajb your offer seems a bit comic. then strange ,I think you may be more elegant if you care it. but really both explanations are cute. (I am series ) haha ha ajb. :-) this expression is so cute that... I love. haha haha :-) intellectual way to tell. but dear ajb ,I am looking for& expect (information) associations has wide concept. thanks to ajb & strange for your opinions.
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