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  1. anyway ... I am leaving permamently.. someones uses apparently insulting word "arrogant" cannot be acepted!!!!... I am closing this account via closing the mail. I hate impolite ones! anyway ... you are not speaking honestly. you have understood everything and you are complaining incoherence just remember that almost all of my queries have been answered by yourself (!)
  2. I think I am not such pinerous that hide my achievements in my comments there. but in my opinion ,surely you have no empathy to understand me. look : "I still have no money " but I also have no published academic materials at NPG (meanwhile I would write only at NPG)" because of these lacknesses ,I normally feel me hurt when someones say something like blaming me via such following sentence "You do not use scientific methods" I say when I took an acceptance you will be paralyzed both for your critiques which are relevant to language and science. I perfectly accept critiques. but do not repeat please the same critique and try to make more objectively and also meaningful. and as result ,we are not willing to write there our all scientific materials... but surely this cannot mean that we were pinerous nor use methods which are not scientific. We never accept insultive expressions. look what "uncultured " means for further help about our initial discussion relevant to that rude member. it is also quite surprising while you are willing to help someones,he/she insults you and cause somethings which reminiscents like "punishment" UNACCEPTABLE.... could someone speak more intimately please,what they would me to do? if they would me to leave there ok. that is not so much difficult. SOME PRINCIPLES please do not be concise at anything except scientific laws. please do use polite tongue please do not think that you are the best or better than anyone remember please ,all we are here
  3. because Turkish is very very sensitive language.my native language is kurdish. but again turkish people say that My turkish was very very elite. they are right at a point. this language requires very very careful and high balance and also ability. generally arabic , france and persian people cannot reach the elite version before 10 years. because this language does not accept some pronunciation versions and also conflict with these filologies. the offensive thing is just repeating this. also they do not believe anything which I say. but aren't they are ridiculous to use such a big words like "your english is not poor,worse than that.We are feeling us tired. I have been feeling me quite nervous and. although I may use "naughty boy "version ,I did not do this anytime. so they are offensive and also IMPOLITE (but more non-objective (the origin of problem). to be honest,there exists stronger scientific contexts,but I cannot understand the reason why someones are repeating the same thing ("your english is not good"). Generally I hate to see repeated actions. probably this would be another relevance with this thread. --- they limit their view of science --- the result of I saw about this issue.
  4. really I hope I will never be in such failings like you did about politeness. this and string's words are the worst expressions in turkish. probably you do not believe about my english & turkish & native language I have decided a thing. I will try to write my comments short and comonly with passive voices. I think these last allegations are insultive. We have warned many many times. the reasons (computer falings,caused by economic matters) the explanations relevant to moral (ethics) the intellectuality anyway. at last ,I would strongly remind that *** blue89 **** does not need anyone to learn academic knowledge. you are free. but I am missing the time with repeating this time to time so commonly. I am going to apply patent institutes and I am sure I am able to write great articles. you and that rude one do not know what I have written in my paper. it was not easy. it was containing strict formulas.and as it expressed. to think that any mathematician would be unable to do hard science is ridiculous. continue your insultings or failings.
  5. I think. why not ? (this means you did not enjoy my faults.) if it so,unfortunately it seems I should have a break. because at first my computer is spoilt and I cannot buy the suitable one now until reach some achievements. and secondly,I have a bit careless.as a third reason I hate to take notification from moderators (you are moderator). I will never be happy with taking warnings. This was almost the worst thing that I had met there. anyway,I should interrupt or decrease my comments there. I am almost sure if he was near me. I would achieve to entertain (or make him smile) him haha ,I have very very entertaining / funny /energetic / friendly personality. intelligent/positive Anyway. I am going to prepare the documents for application of patent. have you any statistics of ratio how amount of applicants are being successfull??
  6. indeed this is right.but phi for all,this is already one of my very nice and familiar spelling faults :-) haha ha :-) look you also have done the same fault very nice While I am smiling for such cases of another members' (faults) ,everyone would only criticize me. that is strange really.
  7. Well , I believe we may earn money via using our creativity. if we be able to provide a good samples of products which designed only by ourself. then we might earn much money by ourself. this is honest way to earn money. I believe I can do both of these things. but do not know how to persuade you :-) strange you are very flexible ,I love such ones but I feel me a bit surprising. I remember you had said that your age was almost equal to the position of my father or grandfather and in spite of this you are almost capable to compete with me in comparison to our energy :-) thats very very lovely. I appreciate it. I enjoyed it. I also disagree to this idea. because at a time I had seen a hodja at one university in istanbul. she had a PhD degree. her age was old. but she could not achieve writing an article. I understood that she also did not try to write. NPG? I believe this journal is strong and a bit intellectual (but intellectuality insufficient) nevertheless totally is the best. Someones cannot realise somethings these are different things 1) having PhD degree or higher such a title arising "professor" 2) having very very creative & social or sucessfull personality
  8. Dear Juno thanks very much for your comprehensive explanation. Really I am not complaining the economy for my private necessities. but I see it has been understood so. or they understand me that I expressed a demand of money there. this is both illogical and unethic. :-) okay. but could you guide me please. As it expressed I have no money. I only read articles whenever I have spare times. or related links (scientific). could you explain please, with which logic/meaningful idea I might talk a patent attorney while I already say I would not be able to pay him/her for his/her explanations/helps to me. However there exist very useful instructions I think that you might make you understand with these the reasons why make me possible to think so cool ---->> I have very very creative personality. so there already will be possible for many patent considerations. all of them would be different. ---->> I think I have cared to confidentiality enough. because more attention than this will already make someones feel strange. At a time When I expressed such things to ecancemedicalsciene journal's senior editor. she asked "why are you fearing so much to share it with me" I am not feeling me happy on this route if I make anyone feel sad or strange. and all discussions are for only one shared projects. (also,I did not shared main text elsewhere except nature photonics) Strange's advice seems the most meaningful to guide. Thank to strange. of course other scientists and candidates
  9. hi ,although that member insulted me at another forum many many times and continued there and also imatfaal warned him at this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/97918-nature-publishing-physics-project-outlines/page-6 ,he refutes it, among his comments at this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/100317-to-patent-and-some-extraordinary-approachesunfortunately-need-help/ I would inform that this rude member caused me to take warning point. I never used and I am not in the party of usage of these words (given below) across anyone ** idiot ** foolish ** stupid so it would be good to say that one moderator is not correct according to my ideas. thats why ,there exists some hazardous probabilities in Ethics and we consider such things may cause psychiatric matters later .some events might also be reported at psychiatric clinics. but the psychiatry these days already cannot solve everything and also some journals are apparently express indirectly their difficult situations like nature's translational psychiatry did. see please NPG's t-psychiatry journal's beginning sentence in attachment doc. how they begin their guideline.We give the emphasize to the mystery of psychiatric mattters and advise not to insult anyone. This might cause a real psychiatric matters for you if you insult anyone (especially if that one who hears insult is innocent. everyone always free whether he/she would believe me or not whenever he/she converse with me. but currently I d o n o t w a n t t o d e a l w i t h Dr.Krettin until he apologize to me. (he is very very rude ,I surely saw he used disgusting words at another platform and one evident given in that related links (above),I am complaining!) pssikiyatri.pdf
  10. I think you are just such ones who are using very very traditional ways to do science.look and see the relevance please (I generally use very very different approaches.) look; mike asks whether we are limiting our view of science via giving some instructions. (I also think given instructions are suffıicient to make at least short interpretations furthermore please do not miss that everything might have relevance at the top of science but I will provide clear relevance) look I believe somethings encourage and also give us potency to create new/novel approaches (like youth ,like beauty ,or like respect , like energy ,handsome appearance ..... at real we need novel approaches to reach different results.however ,that is quite clear that these are not the consistence of all ways how to reach novel approaches and so great results. in addition , only novelty is not sufficient really,it should be useful.
  11. 1) No. for instance in engineering this was very good step to create tuch technology. (touchpad, android etc.) these are bright. but surely big amount o scientists are unfortunately insufficient. 2) of course I respect your ideas and also with more attention. because I believe you provided me helpful instructions. So THANKS VERY MUCH Strange. ,YOUR LAST COMMENTS WERE QUITE HELPFUL many thanks... blue89
  12. Heyyy strange ,what about to make friendship with me on facebook. Please do not provide your age as a refugee's reason. I do not care nationality ,age ,gender and religion. ajb is not muslim. but he is quite honest and elegant in his words (very very polite). I think he is also hardworking. but really I could not make him persuade about an issue : he believes that how we work how we will be successfull. Responding.. A) okay I will apply to turkish patent institute. But are you sure at all probabilities about NDA? ,I have told almost entire of the first shape of document to studiot,but I trust him. he does not do such dishonest things. (to steal) furthermore, B)I will already use quite strict formulas,so I really do not predict that it would be possible to get stolen it with only sending abstract to any company.
  13. May I ask what "a operate patent" means? furthermore,could you confirm please once,I should make application for a patent,then should contact companies. (is it correct?)
  14. anyway ,I think I already explained every detail about the previous issue. Meanwhile,Thanks very much Strange. (I am feeling thankfull about your explanations) 1) not the theory of course. That is the duty of Journals already ,not the patent institutes'. I meant ---->> usages of theory : like this ,one theory might be used for 28 devices. but should we provide for only specific one? which of these better to do? 2) the equivalent query: assume please there exist several different methods,but not exactly making changes on the same methods ,this will be already different one. in this case which of thats should I prefer --->> to present only one method in one file? --->> to present all methods in one file? NOTATION: although my manuscript was too long which I submitted to Nature Photonics,I had written that it was "brief form" in manuscript. becauese really it would bee too longer if I would present all details (.and there were several methods)
  15. We implied your forum or that forum which you are Moderator or manager or akin to this. probably was this one : http://thescienceforum.org/ Remember you had used many many DISGUSTING words across to me. And although I cared your words ,you had continued at this forum ,too,as it expressed and proved above (imatfaal warned/notified you but you again continued). but the worst thing ,you caused me to take warning point as it appears on my profile. Apologise please. I do not think these friends to insist at such bad ways to tell anything. (the bad way is about ethic ,not linguistic or hard scientific) remember ,you also alleged that blue cannot try hardscience. probably you were unaware that I was mathematician. that is quite ridiculous to think/predict that any strong mathematcian might not do the hard science if you apologise,I am quite gentle and careful at ethical issues. so we may continue. But at first you HAVE TO APOLOGISE. otherwise ,be informed please anyone who seriesly think that he has had ability to learn independently will not need your words and you. My friends are enough. I am delighted them. Strange(****) ,Klaynos ,ajb , studiot (****),Koti , imatfaal (****) ,swansont..etc. (****) : I believe these are strong...swansont is good friend but you caused me to take a warning point from him. Bravo Krettin! if you would like to converse with me,you have to apologise .... blue89
  16. Dr.Krettin your words do not seem meaningfull. I did not amuse anyone. Please also be informed that any humanist character cannot do this. you did do all thats. at your own forum and with your friend. That forum provides to erase comments. But we may show you also at this forum. Rmemember you have alleged something about Dunning Kruger across to me in this forum and imatfaal warned you. YOU HAVE TO APOLOGISE THAN ME IN ORDER TO CONTACT MORE REGULARLY. OTHERWISE I DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH SUCH RUDE ONES. ......::::::::::::::::::::ANNOUNCEMENT:::::::::::::::::::...... blue89 alleges that he has had many many normative ethical experiences. So do not want to touch such rude people And We regard general truths only,rather than gossips or some contexts which have big probabilities to be unreal. For instance at this hierarchy we Respect , Regard and give high balance to the first one. 1) Scientific Laws 2) Scientific Theorems 3) Scientific Lemmas 4) Scientific allegations blue89
  17. I believed that Strange is intelligent and friendly. But I am sure that you are exaggrating about language. Look,I don't say that it was advanced or elite. (to say "I am elite" does not mean "My english is also Elite" ) I only meant that it would be sufficiant for writing article to NPG (of course aaceptance implied). But all of your words mean that I will not achieve it by myself. and I only point out that this was wrong. your that recomendation is not meaningfull. because am using highly advanced TURKISH. This is not my own word,turkishes are ownself are saying. Probably it is particularly related culture.
  18. Dear Dr.Krettin please be informed that you have been "ignored" for the reasons given below 1) you are quite rude and have insufficient knowledge to differentiate such contexts which are related "Ethics" 2) Accept please that you had used many many DISGUSTING words across to me in your website. Your words are UNETHIC and UNACCEPTABLE. You had caused me to take inappropriate WARNING and I am unable to respond you until YOU APOLOGISE ME.This is mandatory. I do not care only degrees (that you have PhD) this is irrational. Strange is currently highly better and highly valuable and clearly more intelligent than you. We strongly would inform that our unique matter is relevant to economy,but we do not need any courses (MSc ,PhD) We will definitely try to provide you articles which are published in NPG or other strong journals. Thanks for your participation Dr.Krettin ,But we concluded that you had done quite unacceptable mistakes and you have to apologise than me. otherwise ,We request you not to be relevant to my comments nor personality. We shortly respect your ideas,but we do not want to deal with you. Regards
  19. should I read that link,strange?? . I think I will find familiar explanations. There exist more imporant queries. May I ask Which of these would be better 1)to define/provide a general usage of a theory. 2) to define/provide a particular usage of theory in file. furthermore also ,which of these would be better. if there exist more than several methods ,which of these should be chosen a) to write all existing related methods b) to write only one method and filing another one for other methods. I request you to mark/match each queries' choices with your answers Strange so as to ensure me more clearance to differentiate the implication.
  20. hımm ,okay. thanks very much Strange. I understand that you advise me to previously applying patent! (the first choice). Turkish patent institute says that they require only 40 turkish liras for turkish citizens. About china,you might be right. I do not know ,but it is quite clear that these days the kingdom is granted by Englishes. ... there exists an unclarified detail like "Embargo". I do not know all the details about anything. (for instance Nature requires us not to share with media about submitted mansucripts before acceptance and also a week emphasises after acceptance. what about patent institutes? The thing that I am sure about it is the creativity and so high possibility to provide them such materials . But I can't pay anything now. heyyy this makes me highly romantic. :-) I believe strange is intelligent. But of course this does not mean any intelligent one can do or know everything. this is just valid for me ,too. Klaynos you are very very lovely . but I would be sure about the duty's queue. as I understand Strange says that filing should be initial duty. in case of conflict I will care Strange's advices only. because he has experience and generally speaks rationally.
  21. okay. this is quite friendly . Thanks very much. I love you much more Strange. Okay. which of these should be true/correct or better to do at first. 1) filing to patent institute 2) contacting companies which of these should be previously/initially. As far as I know ,patent institutes require expensive consts. also ,one atorney from one trademark phoned me from china and said this. the conversation was enough long.But we could not conclude...(I have doubt about confidentiality) again ,I sent them the formal abstract,but they did not call again later. it seems they are dishonest.
  22. Anyway , I actually don't believe you strange that my english would be good anytime. :) you are quite lovely. flexible but not as strong as me :) even if you you think that you hate me (if you) ,I will say "I love everyone " ,and I m not regretful really to say this. look intimately is not inappropriate in that sentence because with that sentence I meant "I am not lying,I am honestly saying that I had never used google translate to comunicate with you and surely do not need ,too. haha ,your recommendation is ridiculous Dear Strange. if you are so courageous call me over the phone and see how quick and sufficiently coherent my speaking ability is. <Phone number removed by mod> ,I am elite engineer , quite handsome and very very intelligent.This is my belief. But although I am saying that I have had no bad intention ,I can't understand really you. Strange,open your eyes : I love you haha :) hey man ,be cool. Don't be concise and so angry :) I have highly cool personality.
  23. Klaynoooooooooos :) :) :) I could not see clearly what you do want me to do.but probably you are another one who is sympathic haha do you want te be my friend. sometimes your comments are quite lovely haha :)
  24. Dear ... I do not know the clear reply. but I have this idea. everyone says that I am handsome and cultured well. (in my real life) but as you see ,I have shown my stressed portrait many times in this forum. do you know the reason? While I believe that I have highly perspective approaches to do science,sometimes I fear to miss this ability if I miss my this nice apperance (quite anxious) And economic matters may cause this.But I believe I am studying hard.
  25. 1) I definitely do not want money from someones. We know the existence of some associations are supporting scientists. (I never took support and unfortunately it does not seem too logical because of the risk to influence my ability.) but again I asked ideas there. 2) I asked series opinions for the result of assessment given in the first page. but please control your situation whether you have submitted more than at least several whole submission and more than 10 presubmission to NPG. (at real any of these are not sufficient. we should submit more than 15 whole submission ) 3) I would point out ,I am more interested in inventions rather than writing scientific articles (I am creative) if anyone does not know this information : I would warn him at a point. Please do not believe that any mathematician would live difficulties to interpret hard formulas (hard science) like Dr.Krettin did. it is quite ridiculous The differences between Me and Dr.Krettin ** he is thinking him that he is intelligent.but he thinks that he is the most intelligent one. (his "Dunning Kruger" complex shows this.he loves to insult someones. (he did it)) ** I am thinking I am intelligent. But I don't say that the only intelligent one was my ownself. I generally love to compliment someones. you are free to believe or not.but I m series. And I would inform to someones that however we be effectively intelligent ,there will already be more intelligent one later. (Check please "Gardener's Model") Regards hypervalent .
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