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  1. anyway ... I am leaving permamently.. someones uses apparently insulting word "arrogant" cannot be acepted!!!!... I am closing this account via closing the mail. I hate impolite ones! anyway ... you are not speaking honestly. you have understood everything and you are complaining incoherence just remember that almost all of my queries have been answered by yourself (!)
  2. I think I am not such pinerous that hide my achievements in my comments there. but in my opinion ,surely you have no empathy to understand me. look : "I still have no money " but I also have no published academic materials at NPG (meanwhile I would write only at NPG)" because of these lacknesses ,I normally feel me hurt when someones say something like blaming me via such following sentence "You do not use scientific methods" I say when I took an acceptance you will be paralyzed both for your critiques which are relevant to language and science. I perfectly accept critiques. but do not
  3. because Turkish is very very sensitive language.my native language is kurdish. but again turkish people say that My turkish was very very elite. they are right at a point. this language requires very very careful and high balance and also ability. generally arabic , france and persian people cannot reach the elite version before 10 years. because this language does not accept some pronunciation versions and also conflict with these filologies. the offensive thing is just repeating this. also they do not believe anything which I say. but aren't they are ridiculous to use such a big words
  4. really I hope I will never be in such failings like you did about politeness. this and string's words are the worst expressions in turkish. probably you do not believe about my english & turkish & native language I have decided a thing. I will try to write my comments short and comonly with passive voices. I think these last allegations are insultive. We have warned many many times. the reasons (computer falings,caused by economic matters) the explanations relevant to moral (ethics) the intellectuality anyway. at last ,I would strongly remind that *** blue89 ****
  5. I think. why not ? (this means you did not enjoy my faults.) if it so,unfortunately it seems I should have a break. because at first my computer is spoilt and I cannot buy the suitable one now until reach some achievements. and secondly,I have a bit careless.as a third reason I hate to take notification from moderators (you are moderator). I will never be happy with taking warnings. This was almost the worst thing that I had met there. anyway,I should interrupt or decrease my comments there. I am almost sure if he was near me. I would achieve to entertain (or make him smile) him haha
  6. indeed this is right.but phi for all,this is already one of my very nice and familiar spelling faults :-) haha ha :-) look you also have done the same fault very nice While I am smiling for such cases of another members' (faults) ,everyone would only criticize me. that is strange really.
  7. Well , I believe we may earn money via using our creativity. if we be able to provide a good samples of products which designed only by ourself. then we might earn much money by ourself. this is honest way to earn money. I believe I can do both of these things. but do not know how to persuade you :-) strange you are very flexible ,I love such ones but I feel me a bit surprising. I remember you had said that your age was almost equal to the position of my father or grandfather and in spite of this you are almost capable to compete with me in comparison to our energy :-) thats very
  8. Dear Juno thanks very much for your comprehensive explanation. Really I am not complaining the economy for my private necessities. but I see it has been understood so. or they understand me that I expressed a demand of money there. this is both illogical and unethic. :-) okay. but could you guide me please. As it expressed I have no money. I only read articles whenever I have spare times. or related links (scientific). could you explain please, with which logic/meaningful idea I might talk a patent attorney while I already say I would not be able to pay him/her for his/her explanations/h
  9. hi ,although that member insulted me at another forum many many times and continued there and also imatfaal warned him at this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/97918-nature-publishing-physics-project-outlines/page-6 ,he refutes it, among his comments at this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/100317-to-patent-and-some-extraordinary-approachesunfortunately-need-help/ I would inform that this rude member caused me to take warning point. I never used and I am not in the party of usage of these words (given below) across anyone ** idiot ** foolish ** stupid so it would b
  10. I think you are just such ones who are using very very traditional ways to do science.look and see the relevance please (I generally use very very different approaches.) look; mike asks whether we are limiting our view of science via giving some instructions. (I also think given instructions are suffıicient to make at least short interpretations furthermore please do not miss that everything might have relevance at the top of science but I will provide clear relevance) look I believe somethings encourage and also give us potency to create new/novel approaches (like youth ,like beauty ,o
  11. 1) No. for instance in engineering this was very good step to create tuch technology. (touchpad, android etc.) these are bright. but surely big amount o scientists are unfortunately insufficient. 2) of course I respect your ideas and also with more attention. because I believe you provided me helpful instructions. So THANKS VERY MUCH Strange. ,YOUR LAST COMMENTS WERE QUITE HELPFUL many thanks... blue89
  12. Heyyy strange ,what about to make friendship with me on facebook. Please do not provide your age as a refugee's reason. I do not care nationality ,age ,gender and religion. ajb is not muslim. but he is quite honest and elegant in his words (very very polite). I think he is also hardworking. but really I could not make him persuade about an issue : he believes that how we work how we will be successfull. Responding.. A) okay I will apply to turkish patent institute. But are you sure at all probabilities about NDA? ,I have told almost entire of the first shape of document to stu
  13. May I ask what "a operate patent" means? furthermore,could you confirm please once,I should make application for a patent,then should contact companies. (is it correct?)
  14. anyway ,I think I already explained every detail about the previous issue. Meanwhile,Thanks very much Strange. (I am feeling thankfull about your explanations) 1) not the theory of course. That is the duty of Journals already ,not the patent institutes'. I meant ---->> usages of theory : like this ,one theory might be used for 28 devices. but should we provide for only specific one? which of these better to do? 2) the equivalent query: assume please there exist several different methods,but not exactly making changes on the same methods ,this will be already different one. in thi
  15. We implied your forum or that forum which you are Moderator or manager or akin to this. probably was this one : http://thescienceforum.org/ Remember you had used many many DISGUSTING words across to me. And although I cared your words ,you had continued at this forum ,too,as it expressed and proved above (imatfaal warned/notified you but you again continued). but the worst thing ,you caused me to take warning point as it appears on my profile. Apologise please. I do not think these friends to insist at such bad ways to tell anything. (the bad way is about ethic ,not linguistic or hard s
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