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The e-mail account which is related to this forum account is permanently closed now.

We actually feel quite sad for irrelevant explanations to us.

We will try to provide some strong evidents which someones cannot refute like they repeatedly did there.


We did not lie.


We strongly would point out that while we surely believe and express our genuine, that has no relevance with another ones.So ,of course we enjoy and encourage like those ones who compliment themself


This is the different thing.


Probably Albert Einstein was speaking correctly. I easily understand now that is quite more difficult to break someones' prejudice than breaking atom.


A notation : we concluded that harvard is using insufficient or one wrong principle in comparison to our principles. while harvard support mevlana (c.rumi) only, we do not accept entire of mevlana's principles. we prefer avicenna's or Nikola tesla's principles (but mevlana's unacceptable!

(read please mesnevi and avicenna's biography for further information) .


So, we would inform that we have no relevance with this university and currently we do not want to be affiliated with any university to take PhD course. We only mean that we do not need this. this is not a necessity or necessity of us only.otherwise we surely respect everyone. but we have to care principles.





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