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  1. Do you know his great-grandfather was a "bloody foreign " ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Kemal
  2. Last May in Portugal during four days only renewables were used to produce electricity. This is a first in a country that uses 70 percent of renewable sources annually. Sorry source only in portuguese http://shifter.pt/2016/05/durante-4-dias-portugal-so-consumiu-energia-renovavel/
  3. I'm happy to live in the country that was the first to abolish death penalty for political crimes and the third for common crimes. Our highest punition is 25 years even for murder. The system works , we have a low rate of violent crimes. Of course sometimes we have a crime so horrible that we feel the punition is not good enough but those are the exceptions. Only a violent society needs a violent punition. Or dictatorships. The way I see it death penalty is final and if the wrong person is killed there's no way to compensate. I'm against death penalty.
  4. Searching, talking to palaeontologists, seminars but just in my country. The answer normally is that they existed so no need to reply. Today is much easier but before internet I buyed a few hundred books about life , evolution. Sometimes waiting 2 months for importing.
  5. When I was in the army ( in Portugal was enforced conscription until the early eighties) a drill Sergeant in another platoon used to do that and worse things . One day appeared with a face like smashed potato. A few guys picked him with a sack from behind in a alley at night and gave him a treatment. After that he was the nicest drill sergeant. True story
  6. 200 tons of sand grain in a day release the same amount of energy as a 200 ton rock but the effect it's not the same. But I agree now that the space dust did not increased the mass in a significant way. But the problem remains.
  7. Maybe some of you were born after those missions or were to young at the time. I just want to share the feelings I had at the time. I was startled by the complexity and diversity of our solar system. All those worlds so different from each other inside in such a tiny little bit of the universe made me realise that Shakespeare saw it all hundreds of years before. " There are more things in heaven and earth horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy " In the Universe the complexy and beauty of all the things are beyond our most wild imagination just for the small sample in our little corner. After all those missions proved that all those scifi writers were right . Anything is possible.
  8. When science acknowledge the fact that all those bones were from enormous extinct animals everybody, at the time, saw there was a big problem about how it was possible those animals could even move. I finished my studies in early seventies and I remember quit well that was more or less an agreement that the sauropods lived in water like hippos . The dinosaur tracks found around the world proved that they were land animals. Since then nobody investigated in deep the biomechanics of those beasts. I'm just trying to figure out a solution. Saying that they existed so where's the problem or conditions on earth were the same as today it's just a way to run away from the problem. Worse yet is telling me that 100 tons off small specs of dust per year is the same as a rock of 100 tons. Does anybody saw how a albatross starts the flight ? A big pterodactyl had a wing span of almost ten meters . Like a F16 Running away from the facts is not a correct manner to discuss it. I still keep my idea, is not pseudoscience . Those are facts.
  9. There are many articles about the levels of Oxigen in the Jurassic atmosphere. The percentage was between 26 and 30 near the end. today is about 21 https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sauerstoffgehalt-1000mj.svg The level of CO2 was 7 times bigger than today wich increased the density. Maybe I choose the wrong word because I don't think in english but in portuguese. What I ment was more like elegant comparing to elephants. What I know for sure is that they walked on land not on water. Also there were many catastrophic events in the last 200 millions years . And if you count , let's say , 200 tons of cosmic dust per year slowly accumulated on earth that will change the mass without releasing lots of energy. I don't get it when you only criticise me and don't offer nothing in return. I saw a problem and want some ideas. If i think sauropods as large birds as you said that doesn't explain the huge size because the large bird that exists today is to small.
  10. Here is the best video against racism . Thank you Disney Humans, regardless of the "race" are beautiful. About those discussions about I.Q. did they ask the right questions ? How they measured it ? As a portuguese what I know about living in the desert or in Amazonia ? How can I and all of you survive there. It means we have a zero I.Q. when the tests ask questions about their way of living. When I was in the States I didn't understood tipping and baseball .
  11. I will try . Pangaea was located more around the equator than our continents today. Because the earth rotated faster the centrifugal force was bigger meaning less gravity maybe around 3 percent . Moon closer to Earth means also bigger tidal forces and a smaller lunar month The atmosphere was denser and increased the buoyancy of the animals reducing the weight. Also there was more oxigen than today so more energy for them. About the earth mass is a theory that it's not disapproved but I agree that it's controversial. But I remind you that in the past collisions with space dust were more frequent. But as I said when we look at those elegant an slender animals compared with today elephants we can see a big difference.
  12. That's how the Coral Castle was made with photos to prove it. http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/12-12-05/#feature
  13. I don't know why everybody is telling me that I think bumblebees can't fly. Off course BUMBLEBEES CAN FLY . I know that . Like Galileu " and yet they fly " The moon was closer to earth between 2 and 4 percent. The day was about 23 hours. About the earth size I think that 200 million years of dust, comets and meteors can increase the size. I reckon is a small amount but all those things added could make a change.
  14. Just to compare. A few years ago in the autobahn A2 in Switzerland 6 large boulders fall off from the Alps right in the middle of the road. Unfortunately two people died inside their car. The calculated weight was about 30 metric tons each so they sent two of large cranes they had in the country and told everybody that in two days the work was done. Just to remove the rocks they had to call bigger cranes from Germany and had to use explosives to break it in smaller parts. To remove everything it took 2 weeks. Modern engineering at is best. I just wonder why they did not use a few vegetable ropes and some round logs to take out the stones... It's so easy in all those movies about the pyramids... The link below is the video in the swiss tv in french. But you can see the size of the rocks. http://www.rts.ch/play/tv/19h30/video/un-eboulement-sur-lautoroute-a2-tue-deux-personnes-et-coupe-laxe-gothard?id=1568104
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