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  1. ok ,thank you very much.this made me relax :-) have you any idea for other questions? renew you page please when you contact with me..this is request.
  2. thanks very much. 1)** really there various journals are available I think ,I also agree that this is normal. bevcause it contain at least 3 or 4 disciplines at the same time. for instance ,I may send it a medical journal ,why not ,because the observations/experiments would be implemented at medicine. it may be sent to any applied mathematics journal ,because already I created/constructed it based on mathematics' theories it may be sent to a journal which concentrated on physical subjects ,because we will use physics disciplines it also may be sent any engineering journal, bec
  3. I think terrorists are not intelligent. something or someone that give harms to people cannot be logical. I already feel me intelligent ,but itsb main reason only because I believe and hope to create some scientific developments to be efficacious to humanity (all people). not anything else. this is definite contradiction with the goal mines ..
  4. a new question : if we send our paper's (only) abstract to editor for checking convenience to a journal, a))may we send the same abstract to another journal at the same time b) after we send abstract, in assumption of reporting inconvenient for that journal ; do we have to use same shape of abstract we had sent or may we change it? c) if we would like to submit wholely our paper , may we send it more than one journal at the same time , if the answer is yes ,then must we express it in cover letter ?
  5. not exactly , I only meant something that is the best ant the worst at the same time :) (but this own is extreme probability only)
  6. hi ; unfortunately my journal which I have been contacting for publishing a paper ,announced it too late. (of course this might not be their responsible ,but I mean that I have already learnt by them. related links are 1) https://proposalcentral.altum.com/docs/termsofservice.pdf 2) https://proposalcentral.altum.com/register.asp hereby I would inform, I would like to join such programmes but unfortunately it has been too late to apply this one (today is deadline (15th july) the time now in turkey is: 21.33 ) I request from other scientists to share some useful instructions, if they a
  7. be sure I can do or I have already done all them ..but were not useful... the thing that I have been learning day to day is what money is so effective at all. anyway ,please don't think like I have had an unhappy face. nnnever mind!.. :-) I know there exist many descriptions that are more valuable tha n money , don't think I have been collapsed ,haha my face is still very handsome :-) of course it would be good if I get a job ..
  8. really!.. I have been deeply surprised ,are you series?? everyone knows the opposite suggestion to your written one. we also being encouraged to use toothpastes whiches include fluoride as a speacial. I have been surprised. ok cheers meanwhile I am using colgate (misvak & sensitive)
  9. My teeth are highly sensitive.(but gums are more more sensitive) realised its reason is just brushing.. here is a new way to protect them more healthy that I thought. accordin to my opinion "we will not brush them so frequently like before.but we will use too much toothpaste ,but only toothpaste. we will take toothpaste ,and wait for around 5-6 minute up to 10 minute.we will not brush then." I think brushing our teeth injures our teeth(gums) ,especially whoes teeth are sensitive like mines.and so taht we would be able to protect our gums. I think if this is logical ,we may be able to
  10. hımm.. but I can/would like to send a record which is naturel voice only (no instrumental addition including). I already do not have you tube acount.
  11. hihi what a nice expression !.. :-) but yes ,being honest is the best. I intimately appreciate it.
  12. actually I have some sort of solutions,but unfortunately I can/would not to propose there. because normally I would protect at least some of them , not as ordinarily discussed , I only imply that need to offer some evidences to some associations in order to prove some of my allegements.I ask your understandings, I have stated that it was required having perspective sight and not traditional ways. the thing what I would/am able to suggest you is that we required to try something interdisciplinary.I do not mean clearly this is compulsory ,but I saw generally great scientists were not studyi
  13. :( this is exhaustive/boring section. I also have been surprised if only confirmation itself takes 3 to 6 months. I think this literature is not convenient without me examining. I am original author of its and it will not be so easy examining. ok. thanks to all replies as I said ,I think I should check other instructions by my own. this is probably the ending of my questions to this thread.
  14. okay. thanks for your post. really I have been almost giving up , but here is another important point : how long does it take to be replied for our file (if we assume that the file was submitted to them)? I would add something more, (this idea has been mentioned too much and for this reason) : I think this century is highly more modern. this means in my opinion having knowledge would be valuable. but it would be good to say that this knowledge should also be intellectual.I mean we have to find something clearly logical. to be realistic; I don't think/believe so much to the possibilit
  15. I think we might be able to find some new clues. but not via using the same methods like traditional. I believe ,the perspective approach would be required.
  16. good nights .. I can not upload attachments ,is there anyone who may help me?
  17. :-) ,probable this thread (only thread implied) would be one of the most lovely I have ever seen :-) haha look what an expression!. "official jokes" :-) I don't remember jus now. but the thing I can say is being lived in the past too many times yes ,I will write there when I live again , but be sure ,because I have very entertaining personality I promise I will live. haha my last expression also was comic
  18. 1) as expressed ,I will be waiting to congratulate you when you take this rank. I already think you are using generally symphatic style. 2) I have nou understood actual meaning you implied, with using this sentence but.. I have to quit now (I have taken an invitation for electric-electronic engineering faculty from ISTANBUL BILGI UNIVERSITY (MSc) ,this would be the following day(tomorrow) and I would/prepare something . thanks for nice conversation. meanwhile , I hope a meningfull success for tampitump :-)
  19. 1) I am sure ,I am already against plagiarism. if there exist some conflicts of/in undertanding , I offer reading the previous comment above.also read the step below to understand the thing that I were wondering was whether it would mean as a risk a) you had created a literature b) you had not no enough experience ,thus you had told to someone c) you do not know the exact information whether it has been plagiarised yet but look the last step d) around those times you prepared that literature and submitted to a journal then !!: if that journal detects that it had been published
  20. :) sorry for confusion, in this case may I ask why we know someone's academic title as "associate professor" (like you are ,aren't you?) then yes for the second one you are still quite right. my expression's result has not been changed.. :) I already expressed any university (generally) does not give it someone without any study. and I see the system is a bit different at european countries. probably Tampitum thought that degree had not defined his original/real profile or that degree had not expressed the quality of that programme. (this is only prediction)
  21. hi, I have not understood your intention (not your question(s) or expressions) (??) once you are mentioning relevant associate degree , look the steps in science 1) BSc degree is the first step an academy 2) MSc (thesis based ) is the second step 3) PhD degree is the third step and is generally every qualified university require you to study hard up to third one 4) associate degree : this one require upper academic studies in comparison PhD are you sure you have exact knowledge that may be relevant all theese numbered context. 1)if you implied that it should not de
  22. thanks dear strange ; really the first one seems logical. but in contrast ; the second one does not seem useful.probably there should be something more (useful) to check our literatures originality. to clarify it : I can give this example: "ok , our litearature expected to be a new and current and also expected to be great at science society. ok this is not problem now. but I request you to think that there is enough probaility that there may exist other scientists who think like us.I am sure that I think different (like everyone).but again this should be the true : "this probabilit
  23. thanks for your nice reply. yes ,of course I know which kind material (article) I need it , but the exact question was about asking the information in which journal we would find it. and normally I thought we need to look for searching them. I would attract notice that because I would continue studying only as interdisciplinary it is being able changable from which kind of journal to cite/give references. for instance I would create some new theories, but these are related with both mathematics and sociology. in this case ,I think I will be able to cite/gicve references from journals bot
  24. hello dear scientists; as I mentioned before times ,I have some interdisciplinary studies and some of them are article and as I understood; because of it might take longer time (taking patent) for scientific pojects ,I think it might be better to prepare the article ones. I am sure ,some of my article schemes should be unique and newest , but again some of them might be the articles that had been created and published in the past by other scientists. (how may we be confident that it had not been published in the past) ? this was the first question, secondly I would ask s
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