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  1. hi, ( I think)I have created a new style in (popular) music.and I believe my voice is special and great. but as you see all these are subjective. to be objective these needs to be certified (by any music publishing association) but I am unsure whether it would be possible to do it under one rule below (this is one of my principles) -->> I can not sign (giving signature) to any contracts of course ,this is relevant to payment. these days I have too strict economic problems . but I am sure that I have highly creative personality. really I am unsure whether using the music will ma
  2. dear Strange ; I recommend that you check the thread('s content) one more time please. I actually do not need information that had already been explained related websites.however it would be good to give emphasis the reason of my aim via trying to take patent from U.S. that's why I actually do not wish to remain somewhere which it would be quite difficult to explain only opinions ,I would feel deeply free to show my creative aspect of personality effectively. according to my existing knowledge,i think this would be the best to prefer being at U.S.A ,otherwise I already think that the
  3. hi dear scientists ; I would take patent(s) from this country's institute(s) if(/how) it is possible (/is). I request from the scientists whoes had (already) taken patent or who have been trying this to tell us steps ,requirements (not general requitrements implied ,general requirements have already been explained on their websites ) I can simply mean ; people who live the real events know more clearly everything related incident that he/she lived. therefore ,although the basic requirements have alredy been explained ,there would be probably existed else and different/(containinin
  4. blue89


    hi, I think there are some problems and these makes more difficult to find/explore something and also to use efficacies of them. for instance , we always may accept/(assume) studying at region which has no friction. but this is not so easy to create it. and in my opinion ; differences between the acceptance(assumption) and reality frequently cause troubles.I am sure this criterion will change the results too much effectively.
  5. hahaaaaaa MUSIC IS PLEASURE!..:) :) :)

  6. hi, I have written abstract of my interdisciplinary project and it had been sent. really although I do not know all the requirements to take patent for that journal, it is clear that this is scientific project and I already expressed in abstract that the intention of project would be taking better results than in process. I need & request these question's answer below ; -->> how many times the device (which is being used in treatment of cancer at radioteraphy part) , can be opened-closed/reopened ?? ( give please numeric answer as per second or per minute.-->> this qu
  7. sorry ,becaue of forum's features I can not edit after a determined time. OK. THE QUESTIONS -->> I think I have different skills in comparison other mathematician. when I am being alone I have ability studying hard & learn efectively ,but I do not know whether it would be worth , as you see the conditions is not so convenient. -->> not the fame really , OK there is no argument that this is good being famous. I think the source of being famous is explorng great ,or creating solution for difficult diseases & problems , OK I think it would be possible for me to solve. again
  8. --->> NOTE : this thread contain only asking guidance with giving supplement of defining personal skills. I have been studying for scientific projects for a a half of years. my the first project is almost ready. I am trying to take patent. I am mathematician.I think it would/may be probable/possible to solve such catastrophic diseases (such as :cancer,tetanus ,smallpox, ..etc) via supporting their treatments with cryptologic studies. but realy I am unsure whether it would be well worth or not ,here are my logical reasons to say this; *** currently I am MSc student at mathemati
  9. O.K. I accept this expresion that you have not had any problem with that theorem. I think I am expert of basic analysis. and just because of this,fundamental theorem is basic, I relied on again. O.K. ajb see you then.
  10. I think I have already explained relevant to statement given in bigger size. but please do not think that you are giving me unrest , I really do not feel matter anytime because of scientific conversations especially sometimes in mathematics there exist some details whiches seem unimportant ,but they are not unimportant.(if you have any doubts whethr fundamental theorem is correct or not, then I recommend that you check the related subjects repeatedly how required to best undertand) I also allege that in my opinion the details are the most important things in mathematics,I think we closely
  11. don't be confused please , it is not so difficult to understand fundamental theorem. (I looked one of your paper and I thought this was more difficult than fundamental , really ,I do not believe that something is difficult already,I only would express that it will not be so worth spending our long times ,but it is generally required.)then , make it simple please , I remember omething for the second part of fundamental ,and I remember my hodja given this is relevant to continuoum too. care please that if any function is continuous on closed interval , then it will be regularly continuous. lo
  12. didn't you ask this question below(??) for this question.riemann integral is strong definition. but may not be enough to understand everything about integral properly .. here is something about fundamental theorem and just as I predicted it mentions about being regular continuous. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/FundamentalTheoremsofCalculus.html
  13. !!: read please the guidance below ,riemann integral might/does not provide us understanding fundamental theorem.there are some another strong criteria available!. the message i sent you contain something about Lebesgue integral with relevancy of functional analysis.I recommend that you check surroundingly to all related statements [definitions ,theorems] for your question above.(there might be some other (additional) requirements e.g. : continuoum or regaular continuoum ( as you know continuoum and regular continuoum are not same! ,define separate things..(look please exxtra : lipschitz (Cri
  14. oh dear , apology ,I had understood incoorrectly , I have supposed that he implied studying partial and to continue so in progress&later would be better. probably one associate.proffessor at mimar sinan university caused thinking so. it seems this is not relevant to this thrad my idea I shared above. but again I will write it. *** * *** I think studying interdisciplinary would be very effective and may be useful. of course it would require studying much more than particular. but I am sure we would be able to produce useful and so we would be able to be efficacious to humanity.
  15. I quite againts this idea and also I am sure that this expression should be incorrect. look please golden rate may told something in general ,then I think it is highly clear that at the top of science almost every subjects will be related each with them.
  16. I cancelled that message. a new e mail reached from harvard gsas and it seems positive but I have quite bad conditions in turkey.and I apologise if I gave unrest to anyone.I will try to solve my troubles by my own. regards
  17. probably the system is the main impediment for being unsuccessfull in common..succintly: I hate the expressions which have no logical reasons.

  18. in relevancy of your mathematical allegement ,I implied that this was principle at mathematics ,using determined methods to prove something. for instance proving by creating contradiction , proving by log.induction , ..etc. but I am quite sure that giving example is not proof. it is true that mathematics is entertaining science ,but it requires to study hard. (I think) if someone is willing to learn and believe that he/she has creative and intelligent personality ,I highly recommend that going on studying mathematics. !!: (note: contradiction with your allegement exists : let give v
  19. @fatih I aprreciate your interest ,but I am smiling :-) because you have not proved the allegement you have given. this is principle at math departments and also this principle is certified/valid in other disciplines of science. I will simply express that ; "it is not proof giving example." :-)
  20. blue89


    hi, now I continue on functional analysis. but of course it is related to topology. I do not think that this department is as difficult as it is being spoken. I am trying to modelize something to have modernized shape. @geordief your explanations includes very much key words to do or express something. but actually I do not want to give any information before my studies (project&articles) be published. because I do not think that there were so comprehensive or different studies available. and of course, (with high probability in meaning) we are not allowed to give anyone information withou
  21. ok. thats very good.and thanks for your suggesttions.I need to serach convenient journals now. thanks.
  22. uuu ajb wellcome , although generally you are writing in official type/style ,your comments are sweet/friendly (thanks).it is very nice to see you again. and in this case I would ask you ; -->> how can we be able to discriminate which of them require payment? (did you see , the nature's requirement is very expensive (is'nt it)?) -->> did you imply that statement above for sci/ssci indexed journals? thanks.
  23. ha haha haha haha :-) :-) I have not read the text given yet. but I would explain my idea only according to thread "I absolutley do ot believe " haha haha haha now , I concentrate on my research but... if anyone asks , I think I will try with my too much funny personality :-) meanwhile this thread will have been the cutest /the most pretty I have ever seen and/or I will have ever seen :-) and of course ,I am sure ,I will be communicating entertaining funnily writing to this thread this subject is very very pretty/entertaining.
  24. wellcome dear Arete , we have talked a bit about you with studiot , he tried to help me and he mentioned something shortly relevant to your research area . that was not much information , but I remember he expressed you have information about radioactive lightening in use of medicine. if you give permission , I will try to continue my questions whiches are relevant to radioactive waves in private (but the questions will be interdisciplinary of physics-biology). unfortunately, I have no experience in publishing our literatures. here are some important questions. and I hope you to be able t
  25. dear Strange ; not being impolite it has been probable that you had seen some faults in my previous post (which had been erased).but I actually do not agree you, I suggest you to be more positive (like this ; thinking the existence of good people , not thinking bad people (especially whoes casuse problems) ,thinking winning exams , not failing exams. . etc.) I think I might be a bit careless , but if you meant all content of my conversation was empty of meaning, (I am sure ,this allegement should be impossible!) I wonder now where my friend is (@studiot) I really yearned hi
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